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983 file types found with "xml" in the Description field.

Extension File Type Popularity
.DOCMicrosoft Word Document (Legacy)
.INIWindows Initialization File
.PPTMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation (Legacy)
.XLSMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet (Legacy)
.VBVisual Basic Project Item File
.JSPJakarta Server Page
.CFMColdFusion Markup File
.SVGScalable Vector Graphic
.KMLKeyhole Markup Language File
.ODTOpenDocument Text Document
.CONFIGConfiguration File
.XHTMLExtensible Hypertext Markup Language File
.ODSOpenDocument Spreadsheet
.DOCXMicrosoft Word Document
.PPTXMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation
.XLSXMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet
.GPXGPS Exchange File
.DAEDigital Asset Exchange File
.XPSXML Paper Specification File
.JSONJavaScript Object Notation File
.APKAndroid Package File
.EPUBOpen eBook
.ODBOpenDocument Database
.VCXPROJVisual C++ Project
.OSMOpenStreetMap Map
.VSDXMicrosoft Visio Drawing
.AAESidecar Image Edit File
.DOTMicrosoft Word Document Template (Legacy)
.PPSMicrosoft PowerPoint Slide Show (Legacy)
.VSDMicrosoft Visio Drawing (Legacy)
.WSWindows Script
.WSFWindows Script File
.FB2FictionBook 2.0 File
.PLISTProperty List
.ODPOpenDocument Presentation
.JSPXXML Jakarta Server Page
.SQZSqueeze Project File
.DTDDocument Type Definition File
.PRXWindows Media Profile File
.XSLXML Stylesheet
.XSLTExtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations File
.XSDXML Schema Definition
.ATOMAtom Syndication Format File
.RSSRich Site Summary
.NZBNewzBin Usenet Index File
.TMXTranslation Memory Exchange File
.DOTXMicrosoft Word Template
.XLTXMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet Template
.XLSBMicrosoft Excel Binary Spreadsheet
.PPTMMicrosoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation
.PPSXMicrosoft PowerPoint Slide Show
.JNLPJava Web Start File
.INXAdobe InDesign Interchange File
.OPMLOutline Processor Markup Language File
.WSDLWeb Services Description Language File
.PACKAGEElectronic Arts Game Package File
.IMLIntelliJ IDEA Module
.GMLGeography Markup Language File
.VDXMicrosoft Visio XML Drawing
.VBPROJVisual Studio Visual Basic.NET Project
.VXMLVoiceXML File
.FXGFlash XML Graphics File
.SVGZCompressed SVG File
.MWMaple Worksheet
.CSPROJVisual Studio C# Project
.JRPRINTJasperReports Print File
.OEACCOUNTWindows Mail Account File
.WFCWindows Wireless Network Settings File
.RELSOpen Office XML Relationships File
.MWXMapGuide Author Map Window XML File
.MWFMapGuide Author Map Window File
.STEDreamweaver Site Settings File
.AMZAmazon MP3 Downloader File
.TRXVisual Studio Test Results File
.APPLICATIONClickOnce Deployment Manifest File
.OBIOutlook RSS Subscription File
.FDXFinal Draft Document
.UTZUIQ Theme Package
.MXLCompressed MusicXML File
.RESX.NET Managed Resources File
.FSPROJVisual F# Project File
.PCASTiTunes Podcast File
.DSTAutoCAD Sheet Set
.SDEFAppleScript Dictionary Document
.QRCQt Resource Collection File
.XHTMExtensible Hypertext Markup Language Document
.XFDFAdobe Acrobat XFDF File
.PS1XMLWindows PowerShell Display Configuration File
.ROXRoxio Project File
.CAMPROJCamtasia Studio Project
.AEPXAfter Effects XML Project
.XPJRoboHelp HTML Project File
.TWBTableau Workbook File
.VMCWindows Virtual Machine Configuration File
.AS3PROJFlashDevelop ActionScript 3 Project File
.SKMSketchUp Material File
.XQXQuery File
.ORIGOriginal File
.VBOXOracle VM VirtualBox Settings File
.CDXChemDraw Exchange File
.ENEXEvernote Archive
.OSDXSearch Connector Description File
.SESXAudition Session
.ISMIIS Smooth Streaming Manifest File
.PROTOProtocol Buffer File
.DPROJDelphi Project
.GROUPPROJDelphi Project Group File
.EDIElectronic Data Interchange File
.SLXMathWorks Simulink Model File
.PJMxPlan Model
.CAPTCapito Data File
.GDTgretl Datafile
.SCDOCSpaceClaim Document
.PZFXGraphPad Prism XML Project
.AMFAdditive Manufacturing File
.MSIXMSIX Installer Package
.SDOCXSamsung Notes Note
.GPGuitar Pro 7 Document
.A6PROJArtisan 6 Project
.XLTMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet Template (Legacy)
.SGMLStandard Generalized Markup Language File
.POTMicrosoft PowerPoint Template (Legacy)
.MSCMicrosoft Management Console Snap-in Control File
.WSCWindows Script Component
.ODGOpenDocument Graphic File
.OTPOpenDocument Presentation Template
.OTHOpenDocument HTML Template
.OTSOpenDocument Spreadsheet Template
.SXWStarOffice Writer Document
.ENTExternal Entity
.XDPXML Data Package
.WPLWindows Media Player Playlist
.MANIFESTWindows Application Manifest File
.ABCABC Music Notation
.HDLHotDocs Library File
.BANDGarageBand Project
.XMLPERLeCroy Binary Waveform File
.DRDRM Rights Object
.DRCDRM Rights Object
.XULXML User Interface Language File
.XPDXML Pipeline Document
.WALWinamp Modern Skin
.DOCMMicrosoft Word Macro-enabled Document
.XLSMMicrosoft Excel Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet
.PPSMMicrosoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Show
.POTXMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation Template
.XDLXML Schema File
.XFNVentura Printer Font
.XWPXMLwriter Project
.RNCRELAX NG Compact Syntax File
.WWUWwise Work Unit
.WPROJWwise Project File
.PLNFlight Simulator Flight Plan
.XOLPowerDesigner Object Language File
.AEPAfter Effects Project
.IGCAnime List Builder Input File
.HXSHelp 2 Compiled Help File
.XFOXSL-FO Formatted Form
.ZFOXSL-FO Online Form
.FLAMEFractal Flames File
.CTTMessenger Contact List
.XMBAge of Empires Game Data File
.SKXXLANG Schedule File
.BRDEAGLE Circuit Board
.SCHEAGLE Schematics File
.GGGoogle Desktop Gadget File
.JWSJava Workspace Settings File
.MFOPerl ModInfo Descriptor File
.ITLiTunes Library File
.ABCDAudioVisual Book Data File
.TPMTrusted Platform Module Password File
.VMFValve Map File
.DDCXDivX Descriptor 2 File
.DISCODISCO Discovery Document
.XLFXLIFF Document
.UIUser Interface File
.KDEVPRJKDevelop Project File
.AUPAudacity Project File
.HIDSony Ericsson Remote Configuration
.XLNKXML Shortcut File
.I5ZIUCLID 5 Import/Export File
.ULFUniversal List File
.ITXFileNet eForms Designer Template
.HHTHelp and Support Center HHT File
.SLPSisulizer Project File
.XSPFXML Shareable Playlist File
.U3IU3 Application Information File
.GSDGeneral Station Description File
.LXFLEGO Digital Designer Model File
.LXFMLLEGO Digital Designer XML File
.TSZTrillian Skin
.HSJava HelpSet File
.AFPLOCApple Filing Protocol Location
.SWCFlex Components Archive
.MSDVDWindows DVD Maker Project File
.MSUWindows Vista Update Package
.ZMLZooming Markup Language File
.BAScifer External Header Archive
.SESAudition Session (Legacy)
.VRDVisio Report Definition File
.VSXVisio Stencil XML File
.VTXVisio Template XML File
.MYAPPVisual Studio Application XML File
.GGBGeoGebra Worksheet
.TTXTrados TagEditor File
.TCXTraining Center XML File
.XSAge of Empires 3 Map AI Generator
.XMCDMathcad Worksheet File
.XMCDZMathcad Compressed Worksheet File
.KPFKomodo Project File
.CELTXCeltx Project File
.XRNSRenoise Song File
.QSFQualtrics Survey File
.MNOMacromedia Design Note
.PROPDESCProperty Description
.MXMLFlex MXML Component
.MWSMaple Classic Worksheet
.DWFXDesign Web Format XPS File
.RP9RetroPlatform Disk Image Archive
.JRXMLJasperReports Layout File
.JASPERJasperReports Data File
.LRSLibrie Reader Source File
.QRPQuickReport File
.PDXProduct Data eXchange File
.ALXBlackBerry Application Loader XML File
.LMXLandmark Exchange File
.TVVITitanTV Television Listing File
.TVPITitanTV Television Listing File
.IMTMy Time Data File
.NCORAdobe Encore Project File
.CAMPWCS Color Appearance Model Profile File
.STPAnalysis Studio Project Information File
.ZULZK User Interface File
.MCLWindows Media Center Link File
.GRVOffice Groove File
.CPXOracle ADF Binding Context File
.ISMInstallShield Project File
.TOCWorld of Warcraft Add-on Table of Contents File
.RISERISE Editor Model File
.VMLVector Markup Language File
.3DXMLDassault Systemes 3D XML File
.FTEdgecam Feature Template
.XV3Lattice XVL Geometry File Configuration File
.DXPCDBurnerXP Data Compilation File
.ITTIconTweaker Theme File
.XFLAnimate Uncompressed Animation
.MIOMioEngine Application File
.INDSAdobe InDesign Snippet File
.ICMLInCopy Document
.PDFIGPDF Index Generator Project File
.ODCOffice Data Connection File
.UDCXUniversal Data Connection File
.CUIXAutoCAD Custom User Interface File
.OPFOpen Packaging Format File
.NCXEPUB Navigation Control XML File
.MXADMandelbrot Explorer All Data File
.INXInkscape Extension Descriptor File
.CONTOURContour Screenplay File
.MGOMacGourmet Recipe File
.WJEWinJournal Entry
.DBPROJVisual Studio Database Project File
.PROPSVisual Studio Project Property File
.VSPROPSVisual Studio Project Property File
.RDLCVisual Studio Client Report Definition File
.ADDINVisual Studio Add-in Definition File
.VSSETTINGSVisual Studio Settings File
.DBMLVisual Studio OR Design File
.WIDGETMicrosoft Windows Mobile Widget
.TSQt Translation Source File
.SC2DATABlizzard StarCraft 2 Data File
.XPRSyncRO Soft oXygen XML Editor Project
.BTSEARCHBitTorrent Search Engine File
.COMPOSITEFONTWindows Composite Font File
.S2MLStarCraft 2 Map Localization File
.MARSHALMarshal Data Migration Model File
.RMPRealPlayer Metadata Package File
.ACCDTMicrosoft Access Database Template
.EAZArcGIS Explorer Add-in File
.ECLManagement-Ware Mass Mailing News E-Campaign List
.GPSGOM Player Skin File
.VLTVLC Media Player Skin File
.SC2BANKStarCraft 2 Bank File
.CSNAdobe Code Snippet Document
.VTVAdobe Dreamweaver Validator Configuration File
.JDFAdobe Acrobat Job Definition File
.PSC1Windows PowerShell Console File
.FLBFileMaker Pro Label File
.FTHFileMaker Theme File
.MRML3D Slicer Scene Description File
.XMMAPMindManager XML Map
.SEARCH-MSWindows Saved Search File
.WVEWaveEditor Project File
.BRAINPersonalBrain Mind Map File
.BFGBig Fish Games Application File
.SLAScribus Document
.SLA.GZScribus Compressed Document
.IPRIntelliJ IDEA Project File
.CMLChemical Markup Language File
.AETXAfter Effects XML Project Template
.MSRCINCIDENTWindows Remote Assistance Invitation File
.GPXGuitar Pro 6 Document
.EDRWXXPS Drawing Document
.DVDSDVDStyler Project File
.VMCXVirtual Machine Shell Information File
.UMLUML Data Object Model
.CDPZConceptDraw PROJECT Document
.DIADia Diagram File
.MFLMozilla FastLoad File
.NBMNetBeans Module
.XAF3ds Max XML Animation File
.AS2PROJFlashDevelop ActionScript 2 Project File
.ACPAlfresco Content Package
.RMLRedline Markup Language File
.XQUERYXQuery Source Code File
.XQLXML Query Language File
.XQMXQuery Module
.XMIXML Metadata Interchange File
.LXSPROJLiquid XML Studio Project File
.IPJInventor Project
.DBRDeepBurner Disc Project
.P2GPower2Go Project File
.BBPROJECTBBEdit Project File
.TMLANGUAGETextMate Language Grammar File
.STLEuropean Broadcasting Union Subtitles File
.CBPCode::Blocks Project File
.SPBFlight Simulator Mission File
.PRFPSETPremiere Pro Filter Preset File
.MDCMerkaartor Document
.OSCOpenStreetMap Change File
.CDXMLChemDraw XML File
.NDLLotus Notes Doclink File
.CRFCal3D Binary Materials File
.XRFCal3D XML Materials File
.CMFCal3D Binary Mesh File
.CAFCal3D Binary Animation File
.A2THEMEAston 2 Theme File
.RADVRAD Lights File
.TLDTag Library Descriptor File
.XBELXBEL Bookmarks File
.DXLDomino XML Language File
.HONMODHON Modification Manager File
.AUTOPLAYAutoPlay Media Studio Project File
.DITADITA Document
.DITAVALDITA Conditions File
.SCRIVScrivener Document
.SCRIVXScrivener XML Document
.MAILTOLOCMail Internet Location File
.DUCKCyberduck Bookmark
.WLXMapSource Web Link File
.ANXHotDocs Answer File
.SPFXSqueeze Presets File
.HALHotDocs Answer Library
.SMTSamsung Theme File
.QMGSamsung Theme Graphics File
.STPROJSamsung Theme Document
.GRFCloverDX Data Transformation Graph
.VNCLOCScreen Sharing VNC Internet Location
.PBGPixel Bender Graph File
.ZPLZune Playlist
.HMXZHelp & Manual Compressed Project
.HMXPHelp & Manual XML Project
.CPRWindows Phone Display Settings File
.ATSAdvanced ETL Transformation Script
.GSTENCILOmniGraffle Stencil
.RCFSonicWALL VPN Configuration File
.VMXFVMware Team Member File
.NESSUSNessus Network Security Scanner File
.MGMFMindGenius Map File
.MGMXMindGenius XML Map File
.RODLRemObjects Definition Language File
.DASCHEMARemObjects Data Abstract Schema File
.DACONNECTIONSRemObjects Data Abstract Connections File
.E57LIDAR Point Cloud Data File
.XEJExpression Encoder Job File
.XELExpression Encoder Live Encoding File
.PRO4PLProPresenter Playlist File
.ISMCSmooth Streaming Client Manifest File
.ATHAlienware AlienFX Theme File
.FOMODFallout Mod Archive
.PHLKindle Popular Highlights File
.VEPAVS Video Editor Project File
.XMINDXMind Workbook File
.DMMXiMindQ XML Map Bundle
.UBOXUniverse Sandbox Data File
.FZPFritzing XML Part Description
.KMYKMyMoney Data File
.DACPACSQL Server Data Tier Application Package
.UOTUniform Office Document
.UOPUniform Office Presentation
.UOSUniform Office Spreadsheet
.IRCPSpeedGrade IRIDAS Composite File
.LOOKSpeedGrade Look File
.NUSPECNuGet Specification File
.RVLmuvee Reveal X Project File
.MGKImageMagick Configuration File
.J3OjMonkeyEngine 3D Scene
.IGMIndigo Renderer Material File
.IGSIndigo Renderer Scene File
.VCDValve Choreography Data File
.MSHAMicrosoft Help Asset File
.USFUniversal Subtitles Format File
.TTXTMPEG-4 Timed Text Subtitles File
.XRFFExtensible Attribute-Relation File Format
.SSSilverStripe Source Code File
.BPDXBusiness Plan Pro Document
.FODSOpenDocument Flat XML Spreadsheet
.FODTOpenDocument Flat XML Document
.FODPOpenDocument Flat XML Presentation
.CAPXConstruct Compressed Project File
.CAPROJConstruct Project File
.CCPCodeCharge Studio Page File
.CCSCodeCharge Studio Project File
.SDLXLIFFSDL Trados XLIFF Localization File
.CKBCricket Audio Bank File
.SCS11Show Cue System Cue File
.PLANNERGnome Planner File
.TIECrossTie Installer File
.PSWXPassword Depot Portable File
.XAMLXVisual Studio Workflow Service File
.DGMLVisual Studio Directed Graph Document
.SLDStyled Layer Descriptor File
.HSCAspen HYSYS Simulation File
.XSCVisual Studio Dataset Internal Info File
.DRAWINGArtboard Drawing
.SDLScene Description Language File
.LXFLEN Exchange Format File
.CAPXCapella CapXML Score
.MSLMagick Scripting Language File
.BMCBolide Movie Creator Project File
.NMLTraktor Collection File
.KDENLIVEKdenlive Project
.PRO5PLProPresenter Playlist File
.ASVFAsphyre Sphinx Archive File
.IPSPOTiPhoto Spot File
.FXMLFXML Source Code File
.LAYOUTLayOut Document
.WXLWiX Localization File
.WXSWiX Source File
.WIXOUTWiX XML Output File
.WIXLIBWiX Library File
.WIXMSTWiX Transform File
.TWIGTwig Template
.P7XPacked Digital Signature File
.SMXSmartMusic XML File
.ICMTInCopy Template
.SETTINGCONTENT-MSWindows Settings File
.IRRIrrlicht 3D Scene
.IRRMESHIrrlicht Static Mesh File
.UNITYPROJUnity 3D Project
.EXPORTEDUIMicrosoft Office Exported UI Customization File
.OFFICEUIMicrosoft Office UI Customization File
.QATMicrosoft Office Quick Access Toolbar File
.XARExtensible Archive Format File
.XBRLXBRL Document
.OIVOpenIV Mod Package File
.XOJO_MENUXojo Menu File
.XOJO_BINARY_PROJECTXojo Binary Project File
.XOJO_PROJECTXojo Project File
.SDBSparkleDB Database File
.DVTCOLORTHEMEXcode Color Theme File
.GNUMERICGnumeric Spreadsheet
.GNMGnumeric Spreadsheet
.IWAiWork Archive File
.FCPXMLFinal Cut Pro XML File
.XMLCinelerra Video Project
.ODTTFObfuscated OpenType Font
.OWXOutWit Hub Automator File
.SPECCYSpeccy Snapshot
.GPSCANGrandPerspective Scan File
.WIEWordPress Widget Export File
.ROZaSc TimeTables Schedule File
.ACAC3D 3D Definition File
.CIRCLogisim Circuit File
.THINGMakerBot Thing File
.NL2SCRIPTNoLimits 2 Script File
.DTSCONFIGSSIS Package Configuration File
.JSPFJSON Playlist File
.DIAGSESSIONDiagnostics Session File
.STIXStructured Threat Information eXpression File
.VOCAPhotoVOCA Communication Board File
.DDOCDigiDoc Signature File
.BDOCBinary DigiDoc Signature File
.CDOCEncrypted DigiDoc File
.PBIXPower BI Desktop File
.BOOKBookSmart Book File
.TTMDTrail Tracker Trail Map
.NUPROJNuGet Build Project
.SJPGSealed JPG File
.SDLPROJSDL Trados Studio Project
.XLELevelogger Software XML Data File
.CEBXApabi XML eBook File
.TCXTestComplete Script Extension Package
.ATOMSVCAtom Service Document
.NATVISNatvis VC++ Debugger Visualization File
.TDSAdobe LiveCyle Designer Template
.VPKPlayStation Vita Application Package
.RPXReport XML File
.PYPROJVisual Studio Python Project
.APPXMANIFESTWindows 10 App Manifest
.KPLKrita Color Palette
.ESIEtherCAT Slave Information
.PIMXAdobe Package Installation Management File
.MSTXTMessage Studio Text File
.UZEDZipped Unicode GEDCOM Genealogy File
.MEMOSamsung Memo
.JSXReact JavaScript File
.TSXReact TypeScript File
.NARNokia Image Archive
.VITALVital Synthesizer Preset
.AUP3Audacity 3 Project File
.PROJVisual Studio Project File
.MPDMPEG-DASH Media Presentation Description
.BIFVentana Whole Slide Image
.IDEAIntelliJ IDEA Settings Directory
.EASMXeDrawings Assembly XPS File
.BFBirdfont Project File
.LSLLiveSplit Layout
.LSSLiveSplit Splits
.BXTBalabolka Text Document
.IRPInfraRecorder Project
.GHGrasshopper Binary Definition
.GHXGrasshopper XML Definition
.SHAPESPixelmator Pro Shapes
.KV3KeyValues3 Game Data File
.MOVPKGHigh-resolution Lossless Media File
.TTMLTimed Text Markup Language Subtitles File
.MMLMathematical Markup Language File
.PHYPHOXphyphox Experiment
.SAZFiddler Session Archive
.JETThe Jackbox Party Pack Settings
.DATGeometry Dash Saved Data
.TNZOpenToonz Scene
.WF4Wordfast Project
.FPRGFlowgorithm Program
.YMTRAGE Metadata File
.VIBVSphere Installation Bundle
.BLOCKSMakeCode Project Blocks Description
.BPMNBusiness Process Model and Notation
.WSBWindows Sandbox Configuration
.MLTBXMATLAB Toolbox Package
.SYNTHESIASynthesia Metadata
.JOZJava OpenStreetMap Session
.JOSJava OpenStreetMap Session Definition
.BDOBinding Data Object
.BDOJJSON Binding Data Object
.MZMLMass Spectrometer Output File
.A6PAGEArtisan 6 Page
.PRESENTPresent Express Slideshow
.VIDEOMELDVideoMeld Project
.OTFOpenDocument Formula Template
.J2KJPEG 2000 Image
.ORXRadiantOne VDS Database Schema
.OTGOpenDocument Graphic Template
.ODCOpenDocument Chart File
.OTCOpenDocument Chart Template
.ODIOpenDocument Image
.OTIOpenDocument Image Template
.FFDFlat File Descriptor
.JPDJava Process Definition
.DOJava Servlet
.OPFFlipAlbum File
.WIDGETYahoo! Widget
.VCPROJVisual Studio C++ Project (Legacy)
.SNIPPETVisual Studio IntelliSense Code Snippet
.MDXRational XDE Model File
.PVSParallels Desktop Configuration File
.QRMQworum Message File
.SCMSchema File
.GXLGraph Exchange Language File
.OPFFlipViewer FlipBook File
.MTXMetaStream Scene File
.MTZCompressed MetaStream Scene File
.PVMPhoto Video Manifest File
.CDFContent Definition File
.OWMOutWit XML Mashup File
.BAFLBurnAware File List
.TMTeXmacs Document
.GLADEGlade Project File
.DSDDiet Studio Data File
.PNSPopnoggin Subject File
.XSTWebSphere Query Template
.TYPEIT4METypeIt4Me Clippings File
.XDRXML-Data Reduced File
.IXdtSearch Index File
.T3DTicTacTi Advertisement Definition File
.POMMaven Build File
.RNXRealPlayer Settings File
.AXPCDBurnerXP Audio Compilation File
.EXOPCExoPC Application
.IDMLAdobe InDesign Markup Language File
.MXCSMandelbrot Explorer Color Scheme File
.MXFRMandelbrot Explorer Fractal Region File
.FRRMandelbrot Explorer Fractal Region Settings File
.FILTERSVisual C++ Project Filters File
.ORDEREDTESTVisual Studio Ordered Test File
.GBAPGLBasic Project File
.SC2LOCALEBlizzard StarCraft 2 Localization File
.S2QLStarCraft 2 Unit Localization File
.AWSAutoCAD Work Space File
.MFTKaspersky File Table
.DSXDiet Studio XML File
.KVTMLKWordQuiz File
.INDKAdobe Shortcut Set File
.XFDFormFlow 99 Form Data File
.INKInkML Image
.WORKSPACEAdobe Bridge Workspace File
.AMLMicrosoft Assistance Markup Language File
.OSAXAppleScript Scripting Addition
.BZABWCompressed AbiWord Document
.ZABWCompressed AbiWord Document
.CDXConceptDraw DIAGRAM XML Document
.XSXVisual Studio XML Schema Layout File
.CFGMAME Configuration File
.XTGExtensible TreeGraph File
.ROXIORoxio Project Module Information File
.APDEclipse Plugin Descriptor File
.AETAfter Effects Project Template
.IVCInteliSea Vessel Configuration File
.RESMONCFGResource Monitor Configuration File
.XBLExtensible Binding Language File
.CCPRIB Import Converter Profile
.WZCONFIGWinZip Configuration File
.CDPConceptDraw PROJECT File
.NMPNewsMaker Project File
.BOOKBudget In Brief Book File
.AXEAnnotated XML Example File
.XMM3ds Max XML Animation Map File
.PMLPyre Properties File
.SEAMSeam Framework Java Servlet File
.XQYXQuery Source File
.B4SWinamp Playlist File
.LXSOPTLiquid XML Studio Project Options File
.CIRCUITKTechlab Circuit Design File
.TMPROJTextMate Project File
.TMPROJECTTextMate Project
.TMTHEMETextMate Theme File
.WORKSPACECode::Blocks Workspace File
.PPPocket Physics Sketch File
.QARQlikView Extension
.XSSXML Style Sheet
.SFSSFX Sample File
.ARIAXChipsounds XML Sound File
.OSBOpenStreetMap Binary Map File
.CSFCal3D Binary Skeleton File
.XSFCal3D XML Skeleton File
.XAFCal3D XML Animation File
.XVCTVISE XML Project File
.PEFPEF Braille Book File
.CYBERDUCKPROFILECyberduck Connection Profile
.STARTUPINFOE-Prime 2.0 Startup Info File
.ANSHotDocs Binary Answer File
.DAMDAME Project
.GPRXGeoxa Project File
.T2KTeach2000 Document
.TBPAutodesk Topobase File
.IFCZIPCompessed IFC File
.IFCXMLIndustry Foundation Classes XML File
.CPRAdobe Captivate Preferences File
.CPFCab Provisioning Format File
.FTNFlowton Diagram File
.DESCBattlefield 2 Map Description File
.GLOXMicrosoft Office SmartArt Graphics Layout File
.GCSXMicrosoft Office SmartArt Color File
.GQSXMicrosoft Office SmartArt Styles File
.OXYGENEOxygene Project File
.DACONFIGRemObjects Data Abstract Configuration File
.GEXFGraph Exchange XML Format File
.XGMLGraph Modeling Language XML File
.DSXDAZ Studio XML File
.DBMDAZ Brick Material File
.RWSNIPPETRapidWeaver Snippet File
.HXAMicrosoft Help 2 Attribute Definition File
.HXCMicrosoft Help 2 Collection Definition
.UOFUniform Office Document
.DPVSiemens NX Drafting Standard File
.JCLICJClic Project File
.A1WISHAudials Wishlist File
.RTWSHRadiotracker Wishlist File
.RTSTNAudials Station File
.NVINVIDIA Driver File
.FLAM3Fractal Flames File
.CDXMLCmdlet Definition XML File
.BUILDPATHEclipse Build Path File
.PROJECTEclipse Project Settings File
.C3ZOpenQwaq 3D Model File
.LGCWordPerfect DTD Compiler Logic File
.MMCOLLECTIONMail Manager Collection File
.CBACryENGINE Resource Compiler Settings File
.AZZXUncompressed AZZ Cardfile Data File
.XLIFFXLIFF Localization File
.QUOXQuestion Object File Format
.GADGEPRJGadge It Project
.FEATURESharePoint Feature File
.XSPKodi Smart Playlist File
.BASEXBaseX Data File
.WLLMicrosoft Word Add-in File
.LEFLEN Exchange Format File
.APXLKeynote Presentation Data File
.ASDBAsphyre Sphinx Archive File
.PRNXXtraReports PrintingSystem Document
.VSIXMANIFESTVisual Studio Extension Manifest
.VSCTVisual Studio Command Table
.ALPAnyLogic Project File
.CBXMLCodeBox Library
.ABTAnnotated Braille Text File
.BMLBraille 2000 Braille File
.RBMReal Studio Menu File
.XOJO_BINARY_MENUXojo Binary Menu File
.XOJO_BINARY_WINDOWXojo Binary Window File
.XOJO_WINDOWXojo Window File
.XOJO_XML_TOOLBARXojo Toolbar File
.XOJO_BINARY_TOOLBARXojo Binary Toolbar File
.XOJO_TOOLBARXojo Toolbar File
.EAKindle End Actions File
.EALKindle End Actions File
.PB2MAPPlazma Burst 2 Custom Map file
.CDTXConceptDraw DIAGRAM XML Template
.CDLXConceptDraw DIAGRAM XML Library
.WACInkling Sketch XML File
.SUBLIME-SNIPPETSublime Text Snippet File
.ANXAnnodex Exchange Format File
.FZBFritzing Bin File
.FZPZFritzing Part File
.FZBZFritzing Bundled Bin File
.CX5Clone Manager XML File
.KUIPKingsoft Office Personalization File
.JNPJava Web Start File
.CPHDCloudChan Pre-processed Hypertext Document
.QBXMLQuickBooks XML Format File
.DEVICEMETADATA-MSDevice Metadata Package
.PBITPower BI Desktop Template
.CETRAINERCheat Engine Trainer File
.BMMLBalsamiq Mockups Markup Language File
.SXMLSealed XML File
.WTMLWorldWide Telescope Data File
.PXMLPandora XML File
.COVERAGEVisual Studio Code Coverage Report
.TEETeeChart Template
.P4DPix4D Project
.ADIAmateur Data Interchange Format
.ADIFAmateur Data Interchange Format
.INLXAdobe InDesign Interchange Library
.FDXFood Data Exchange File
.AURAurora Timetable File
.SDLTPLSDL Trados Studio Project Template
.VZMVerizon Messages Backup
.UXFUML eXchange Format
.RBXLXRoblox XML Place File
.PIDSSnap-on Scan Data File
.RWSRimWorld Game Save File
.MLXMATLAB Live Code File
.BSXPBimSens Project Configuration
.BSXCBimSens Component Configuration
.TQSTrivia Quiz Shell Program File
.RHRScript Rehearser Script File
.TTDTinytag Explorer Data File
.AMGPAntiMicro Profile
.VPPVisionPro Job File
.CTBCherrytree SQLite Document
.CTXCherrytree Password-protected SQLite Document
.CTDCherrytree XML Document
.CTZCherrytree Password-protected XML Document
.BPLXBore Plan XML File
.SBCSpace Engineers Data File
.TIMELINETimeline Data File
.MXLIFFMemsource XLIFF Localization File
.TBXTermBase eXchange File
.FLWKivio Flow Chart
.SHPROJVisual Studio Code Sharing App Project
.AIMLArtificial Intelligence Markup Language File
.CMLOGC Web Map Context Document
.ATSOFTSLetEncrypt Encrypted File
.BSGBesiege Machine File
.AMLAutomation Markup Language File
.ATLASAtlas Generator File
.CRPLCreeper World 3 Script File
.SCMLSpriter Configuration XML File
.BITSBOARDZip-Compressed Bitsboard Board
.SFDMagicScore Maestro Score File
.XSBXML Schema Binary File
.KFLOutlook Known Feed List
.XML.KFLMicrosoft Outlook Known Feed List
.LANGGtkSourceView Language Definition File
.JWPUBJehovah's Witnesses Publication
.LBRNLightBurn Project
.MBAMartus Bulletin Archive
.MBAMyBoard Activity File
.HFPHitFilm Project
.MLTShotcut Project
.APEXAndroid Pony Express Package File
.OMLOutSystems Modeling Language File
.SUMOCFGSUMO Configuration File
.BKYMIT App Inventor Blocks XML File
.VWIMicrosoft Visio Workflow Interchange File
.SLCSokoban Level Collection File
.MDGDigital Geometric Model File
.QGSQGIS Project File
.ZEDZipped GEDCOM Genealogy File
.XSIGXAdES XML Signature File
.HKXHavok Packed File
.MSSMuseScore Style Definition
.STATELuminar Edit Log File
.MZ2MasterCook Recipe
.EBPExpress Burn Project
.S4DScratch for Discord Project
.EBACMDEBA Command Center Data File
.PTNXEasyBeadPatterns Pattern
.MDXMDX Source Code File
.DATNintendo Wii DAT File
.HELPCFGAdobe Community Help Configuration File
.OZOCODEOzobot Program
.PMXMLPrimavera XML Project File
.MMPMovieMator Video Editor Pro Project
.VPDOCVoodooPad Document
.LFSoftwareKey System License File
.PCLXPencil2D Project
.SCNLeica Whole Slide Image
.GGPOtterUI Project File
.NDBMyDraw Binary Drawing
.NDXMyDraw XML Drawing
.NDTXMyDraw XML Drawing Template
.NLXMyDraw XML Library
.TMXTiled 2D Tile Map
.NLBMyDraw Binary Library
.ESDEasy Street Draw Casebook File
.EBAPLUGINEBA Command Center Plug-in
.SPMSuperTuxKart 3D Model
.CAPCapella Score
.BSVImBatch Task List
.VBTVidBatch Task List
.EXMLNo Man's Sky Decompiled Settings File
.MBINNo Man's Sky Compiled Settings File
.HXPROJHaxe Project File
.HXMLHaxe Project File
.WXBwatchX Blocks Development Project
.EXMLSmart Switch Backup Encrypted XML File
.GTZIPGT Designer Zip File
.GTXMLGT Designer Zip File
.QGZZipped QGIS Project
.SMSpaceMonger Scan File
.CONTRAPTIONBad Piggies Contraption
.NBMAPNintendoWare Bezel Engine Map
.PRSLPremiere Pro Title Style Library
.SHEDLawnchair 2 Home Screen Backup
.BKSmart Switch Backup
.MINDERMinder Mind Map
.NMMMSamsung Memo Backup File
.OFBOxygen Forensics Extractor Backup
.KCFSony Ericsson HID Keypad Configuration
.XMMATMindManager XML Map Template
.ASEPRITE-DATAAseprite Theme Auxillary File
.KITSPKIT Scenarist Project
.UVPROJXKeil µVision 5 Project
.XSTAGEHarmony Scene
.SDKUSudoku Solver Puzzle
.ZZQZyzzyva Quiz
.ZZSZyzzyva Search
.FNTBitmap Font Generator Font Descriptor
.PHPRPHPRunner Project File
.XMDECKMindManager XML Slide Deck
.LWCXLegacy Charting Chart
.MLOMonect PC Remote Layout
.TUPTupiTube Animation Project
.RMLRimWorld Modlist
.CATROBATPocket Code Programming Project
.XHBHomeBank Budget Document
.PCFGPentablet Configuration File
.XSQxLights Sequence
.AQXAlpineQuest XML Map Configuration
.TFLFileLink Test Shortcut
.KSVLAYOUTAdobe Keyboard Shortcut Specification
.NFWDynamic Modbus Slave Simulator Configuration
.SGTShareGate Template
.XMLCTherapeutic Complex Data File
.TSXTiled Tileset
.XYTVivaVideo Effect
.MRCMIUI Theme Content Package
.NFOKodi Media Metadata
.VOICECONTROLCOMMANDSiOS Voice Control Commands File
.ZHELPZiphelp Package
.XML-PREVVM VirtualBox Settings Backup
.WLMXWindows Live Movie Maker Effect
.UDFUYAP Document Format
.ARTPAGEArtisan 5 Page
.PAGEArtisan Page Template
.CELESTECeleste Game Data File
.FLPFlash Project
.KONYahoo! Widget XML File
.XEFeManager Form Data
.XESeManager Skin Definition
.XEZeManager Template Package
.CYSClustify Summary File
.RRRRhapzodé Resource Repository
.RBRosebud Profile
.ODFOpen Document File
.GRLWindows Update Status File
.NTSLotus Notes Traveler Server Config File
.ARTArtifacts Artifact File
.YML2YML Script
.XMPZMiradi XML Project File
.DPSDivX Player 2 Skin File
.WPOTechnopress Waypoint 2D File
.X4KXML4King Configuration File
.ENWEndNote Import File
.SYSTEMVega Strike Virtual System File
.MISSIONVega Strike Mission File
.MARSAdobe MARS File
.ANNOTAdobe Digital Editions Annotations File
.STYNewsMaker Story File
.REFERENCEBudget In Brief Reference File
.JTXXPS Document
.CFXRCocoa Sfxr File
.JIGSAWJigsaw Explorer Save File
.PDZProntoDoc for Word Structured Text Document Template
.DOCXMLMicrosoft Word XML Document
.CRYSISJMSFCrysis Saved Game
.STCSiemens Theme File
.CSLCineStyle Color Lookup File
.XCSLCineStyle Color Correction File
.XP2XPilot NG
.OPTIONSSE-SOFT Configuration File
.PDFXMLAdobe PDFXML Document
.FLASHFrictional Games Flashback File
.SKEINSkein XML File
.CDSXConceptDraw DIAGRAM XML SlideShow
.CAMERRORCamtasia Studio Error File
.LXKLexicon Link-up File
.GLIFGlyph Interchange Format File
.OISOrigin Analyses Theme File
.ODTOrigin Dialog Theme
.OFPOrigin Function Plot Theme File
.MSH1XMLMonad Display Configuration File
.METAExient Metadata File
.APPCONTENT-MSApplication Content File
.ALFUnity License Request File
.TMFTiVo Video Recording Archive
.QLVQGIS layerVersion Save File
.GMMNintendo Game Message
.QSMDqStopMotion Animation Project
.BFMAWii U Game Manual
.BRLANBinary Revolution Layout Animation
.TSDTamino Schema
.XMBSuper Smash Bros. XML Binary File
.YCDRockstar Games Clip Dictionary
.XMMASMindManager XML Map Theme File
.XTBXML Text Binary File
.CCBCocosBuilder Scene
.CATALOGVLC Media Player Skin Catalog Home