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.ODT File Extension

File Type 1OpenDocument Text Document

DeveloperApache Software Foundation
3.5 (250 Votes)
CategoryText Files

What is an ODT file?

An ODT file is a text document created by various word processing programs, such as the Writer program included in Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice. It contains formatted text and may also include images, drawn objects, and tables. ODT files are similar to .DOCX files.

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Screenshot of a .odt file in Apache OpenOffice Writer 4.1.3
ODT file open in Apache OpenOffice Writer 4.1.3

Apache OpenOffice is a free, open source alternative to Microsoft Office. To save money yet still produce Office-compatible documents, some students and professionals use OpenOffice in place of Microsoft Office.

Writer is OpenOffice's equivalent to Microsoft Word. It allows users to write and format personal and business documents, such as resumes, letters, essays, and research papers. Writer saves users' documents in ODT files, which are similar to Word's DOCX files.

ODT files are formatted using the OASIS XML-based OpenDocument standard. This standard is used by OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and other variants, all of which save documents as ODT files.

NOTE: Apache OpenOffice was formerly known as OpenOffice.org.

How do I open an ODT file?

You can open an ODT file in a variety of word processors, including:

In all of those programs, you can also convert your ODT file to a DOCX file. Note that you may lose some formatting when you open an ODT file in a program other than OpenOffice or LibreOffice or convert an ODT file to another format.

Open and view .ODT files with File Viewer Plus.

Programs that open ODT files

Updated 2/17/2021

File Type 2Origin Dialog Theme File

2.7 (21 Votes)
CategorySettings Files

.ODT File Association 2

An ODT file is a theme file used by Origin, a data analysis and graphing application used by various scientists and engineers. It contains settings in XML format that customize the appearance of one or more dialog windows that appear in Origin.

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ODT theme files are not meant to be opened by a user. Instead, the file stores settings that are referenced by Origin to make up the appearance of dialog windows in the software.

NOTE: ODT files are typically located in the "Dialog" folder of the C:\Program Files\OriginLab\Origin<version>\Themes installation.

Programs that open ODT files

Updated 3/14/2019

File Type 3OOMMF Data Table File

DeveloperNational Institute of Standards and Technology
3.2 (11 Votes)
CategoryData Files

.ODT File Association 3

An ODT file contains data in ASCII text and is created by OOMMF (Object Oriented Micromagnetic Framework), which is a project developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). It contains comments and micromagnetic data organized in tables, with each non-data line beginning with #.

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You can open ODT files in OOMMF, which displays the data in the tables. You can also use a text editor to open and edit the file since it is saved in plain text.

Programs that open ODT files

Updated 5/2/2019

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