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.XML File Extension

2 file types use the .xml file extension.

File Type 1XML File

DeveloperWorld Wide Web Consortium
3.7 (490 Votes)
CategoryData Files

What is an XML file?

An XML file is an XML (Extensible Markup Language) data file. It contains a formatted dataset that is intended to be processed by a website, web application, or software program. XML files can be thought of as text-based databases.

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Screenshot of a .xml file in Microsoft XML Notepad
XML file open in Microsoft XML Notepad

Extensible Markup Language, or XML, is a markup language developers use to structure data. XML files contain datasets structured using XML.

Unlike HTML, XML allows developers to structure data using custom tags. This flexibility makes XML ideal for cataloging information about nearly any set of related items. For example, a developer creating a catalog of automobiles may include the following entry in their XML file:

  <horsepower>670 to 1,020</horsepower>

Because websites and applications can easily process XML, and humans can easily understand the data XML files contain, XML has become a standard way of transferring data over the Internet and between programs. XML is also used to structure the data contained within other types of files, such as Microsoft Office Open XML Documents (.DOCX, .PPTX, .XLSX), LibreOffice OpenDocuments (.ODT, .ODP, .ODS), .XHTML files, and .SVG files.

How do I open an XML file?

You can open an XML file in any text editor or web browser. However, those who intend to edit an XML file should open it in an XML editor. XML editors provide helpful syntax-highlighting, editing, and validation tools that make working with XML files easier.

Some popular XML editors include:

Open and view .XML files with File Viewer Plus.

Programs that open XML files

Updated 3/13/2021

File Type 2Cinelerra Video Project

DeveloperHeroine Virtual
3.3 (121 Votes)
CategoryVideo Files

.XML File Association 2

Video project created and used by Cinelerra, a video editing software package for Linux; contains project data, which includes an edit decision list that records any edits made to the project; also stores project settings; does not contain media, instead it stores a path to each media file.

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NOTE: There used to be two versions of Cinelerra, Heroine Virtual (HV) and Community Version (CV), and XML projects created by one version cannot be opened by the other version. However, Cinelerra is now offered as a single release.

Programs that open XML files

Updated 4/6/2015

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