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File Extensions

  1. What is a file extension?
  2. Can I change a file's extension?
  3. Can more than one program use the same file extension?
  4. How do I show file extensions in Windows XP?
  5. How can I change what program opens a certain file in Windows?
  6. How do I show or hide file extensions on a Mac?
  7. How can I change what program opens a certain file on a Mac?
  8. How do I open a file with no extension on my Mac?
  9. Why do some file types use both three and four letter extensions?
  10. Can I legally register a file extension?
  11. How do I choose the default programs that open files in Windows 7?
  12. How do I change file associations in Windows 7?
  13. How do I show or hide file extensions in Windows 7?
  14. How do I batch rename file extensions in Windows?
  15. What are read-only files and what are they used for?
  16. How do I show or hide file extensions in Windows 8?
  17. How do I change file associations in Windows 10?

General File Related Questions

  1. What are temporary (.TMP) files and how do I delete them?
  2. How to I delete Temporary Internet Files in Windows?
  3. What are Windows Thumb.db files?
  4. What are the new document formats used in Microsoft Office 2007?
  5. What are RAW images and the different raw image file formats?
  6. Why is a WINMAIL.DAT file attached to some of my e-mail messages?
  7. What is the purpose of the VIDEO_TS folder on my DVD?
  8. How come I can open some AVI files, but not others?
  9. What audio file format is used for CD audio files?
  10. What is the difference between .BAT and .EXE files?
  11. What is the difference between binary and text files?
  12. How can I check if a file has a virus?
  13. What are the new Google Docs file types used by Google Drive?
  14. What is a Windows shortcut file?
  15. How do I find the original file that a Windows shortcut points to?
  16. What are the different OpenDocument file types?
  17. How can I show hidden files in Windows?
  18. How do I rename multiple files at once in Windows?
  19. Why did my Windows desktop icons change?
  20. How do I install an APK file on my Android device?
  21. Where does Android store apps on my device?
  22. What are the 10 most dangerous Windows file types?
  23. What are the best antivirus programs?
  24. Which tax file formats are used by different tax programs?

Mac / Windows Compatibility

  1. Can I run Windows programs (.EXE files) on a Macintosh?
  2. Are Macintosh and Windows fonts compatible?

Programs for Opening Files

  1. What are some common text editors?
  2. What are some common image viewers?
  3. What are some common audio players?
  4. What are some common video players?
  5. What are some common web browsers?


  1. How do I bookmark FileInfo.com?
  2. How do I link to FileInfo.com?
  3. How do I add a File Extension Search Box to my website?
  4. Can I get a file extension dashboard widget for my Mac?
  5. What is the file type Popularity rating?
  6. Does FileInfo.com offer a Google Chrome extension?

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