What is discontinued software?

Discontinued software is no longer developed or maintained by the original publisher. In many cases, the developer ceases to provide support for the software.

Common reasons for software to be discontinued are:

  1. The software has been replaced by another program.
  2. The software is no longer relevant.
  3. The software publisher no longer exists.

Can I download discontinued software?

In some cases, developers provide access to discontinued software for months or even years after a program has been discontinued. These downloads are offered as a convenience and may include a note about how the software is no longer supported.

In other cases, discontinued programs are no longer available from the developer's website. When this happens, the only way to download a discontinued program is to locate it on a third-party software website. You may need to search the web for the software to find an available download.

Only download software programs from trusted websites. It is also wise to install an antivirus program to ensure your downloads are malware-free.

Can I use discontinued software?

Yes. In most cases, you can use a software program after it has been discontinued. However, there is no guarantee the program will run on your system or how reliable it will be.

Therefore, you should consider upgrading to a newer program when possible. Since discontinued programs do not receive security updates and bug fixes, they are more likely to have problems than actively developed programs. It is best to migrate to an alternative program before you are forced to switch.

NOTE: If you need to open a file created by a discontinued program that is no longer available, a universal file viewer may help. Examples include: