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File Viewer Plus - View and convert more than 300 file types on your Windows PC

File Viewer Plus

for Windows

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Unknown files on your Windows PC?  Try File Viewer Plus.

File Viewer Plus is a universal file opener for Windows that allows you to view, edit, save, and convert files. It natively supports over 300 different file formats and can display the contents of any file.

FVP 2 Screenshot - Image Editor FVP 2 Screenshot - Save PDF

Supported operating systems

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP


  • Open over 300 different file types!
  • Edit and save documents and image files
  • Play dozens of multimedia formats
  • Batch convert all types of files
  • View the contents of any file

File Viewer Plus is an easy-to-use file viewer, but also includes many advanced features. For example, you can convert documents, images, and media files to dozens of different formats. You can edit and save images using the advanced image editor. For each file you open, File Viewer Plus will display hidden file information and metadata in the Info panel. In the rare case that File Viewer Plus does not natively support a certain file format, you can still view the file contents using Text view or Hex view.

For more information about File Viewer Plus, including features, supported file formats, and the complete user manual, visit the official File Viewer Plus website.

Current version: 2.2.2 - Released June 27, 2018

Free Download

This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1.