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Today • January 16


Chrome Partially Downloaded File

A CRDOWNLOAD file is a partially downloaded file created by the Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Chromium web browsers. It stores the contents of a file as it is being received by the browser and uses the .crdownload extension to mark the download as incomplete until it is finished, at which point the .crdownload extension is removed.

January 15


Adobe Photoshop Document

A PSD file is an image file created by Adobe Photoshop, a professional image-editing program used to enhance digital photos and create web graphics. It is the native format used to save files in Photoshop.

January 14


Sidecar Image Edit File

An AAE file is a record of the edits a user has made to an image in the iOS version of Apple Photos. It is used to non-destructively transfer edits from iOS to macOS, so a user can revert their image to its original form if needed.

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