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What is a DCM file?

A DCM file is an image file saved in the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) image format. It stores a medical image, such as a CT scan or ultrasound, and may also include patient information to pair the image with the patient.

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Screenshot of a .dcm file in MicroDicom viewer 3.8
DCM file open in MicroDicom viewer 3.8

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) created the DICOM format. NEMA released the initial standard in 1983 and revised it several times in the 1990s and 2000s.

The format has become a standard for storing, transmitting, viewing, processing, and printing medical images, such as MRIs, CT scans, and ultrasound images. In addition, doctors often share images with other medical professionals and their patients via CDs or email.

NOTE: DCM files may also be saved as .DICOM files.

How to open a DCM file

You can open DCM files with a variety of applications, such as MicroDicom viewer (Windows), ezDICOM (Windows), and MeVisLab (multiplatform). You can also upload DCM files to View My Scans in a web browser and view the images.

How to convert a DCM file

Various applications, including XnViewMP and Adobe Photoshop, can convert DCM files to other image formats.

For example, XnViewMP can convert DCM files to many formats, including the following file types:

  • .JPG, .JPEG - JPEG Image
  • .JP2 - JPEG 2000 Core Image
  • .PNG - Portable Network Graphic
  • .BMP - Bitmap Image
  • .GIF - Graphical Interchange Format
  • .PDF - Portable Document Format
  • .TGA, .TARGA - Targa Graphic
  • .TIF, .TIFF - Tagged Image File Format
  • .WEBP - WebP Image
  • .PSD - Adobe Photoshop Document
  • .DDS - Direct Draw Surface Image
  • .EMF - Enhanced Windows Metafile
  • .PS - PostScript File
  • .HEIC - High Efficiency Image Format
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Programs that open DCM files

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DiskCatalogMaker Catalog

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A DCM file may also be a file catalog created by Fujiwara DiskCatalogMaker, a Mac file cataloging and organization program. It contains a database that lists files' names, locations, and other attributes. You can open a DCM file in DiskCatalogMaker to search the database it contains.

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Screenshot of a .dcm file in Fujiwara DiskCatalogMaker
DCM file open in Fujiwara DiskCatalogMaker

DiskCatalogMaker allows Mac users to catalog the files stored on their hard drives, discs, and other storage media. They can then view, search through, and print these catalogs to find where certain files are stored.

Most commonly, DiskCatalogMaker catalogs are saved as .DCMF and .DCMD files. However, some catalogs are saved in the DCM format.

Common DCM Filenames

Catalog.dcm - The default name DiskCatalogManager assigns to the first DCM file you create.

How to open a DCM file

You can open a DCM file in Fujiwara DiskCatalogMaker (Mac). Select File → Open... from the program's menu bar, then open your DCM file.

How to convert a DCM file

You can use Fujiwara DiskCatalogMaker to convert DCM files to the .DCMF and .DCMD formats. You can also use Fujiwara DiskCatalogMaker to export a DCM file's contents as a .CSV (Comma-separated Values) or .TXT (Plain Text) file.

Programs that open DCM files

DCM Audio Module

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A DCM file may also be an audio file saved in the DCM audio format. It may be referred to as a DCM audio module.

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Most DCM files contain music. The DCM format is not common, so most media players cannot open DCM files.

How to open a DCM file

You can open and play a DCM file in FMJ-Software Awave Studio (Windows). To do so, select File → Open file... from the program's menu bar. Then, navigate to and open your DCM file.

How to convert a DCM file

You can use FMJ-Software Awave Studio (Windows) to convert DCM files to other audio formats, such as:

  • .AAC - Advanced Audio Coding
  • .AIFF - Audio Interchange File Format
  • .FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec
  • .M4A - MPEG-4 Audio
  • .MP3 - MP3 Audio
  • .OGG - Ogg Vorbis Audio
  • .OPUS - Opus Audio
  • .SND - Sound File
  • .WAV - WAVE Audio
  • .WMA - Windows Media Audio

To do so, right-click the waveform associated with your DCM file and select Save selected waveform as....

Programs that open DCM files


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