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Audio Files

The Audio Files category includes compressed and uncompressed audio formats, which contain waveform data that can be played with audio playback software. This category also includes MIDI files, musical scores, and audio project files, which typically do not contain audio data.

Common audio file extensions include .WAV, .AIF, .MP3, and .MID.

File Extension File Type Popularity
.SDTElectronic Arts Sound Data File
.STAPSoundtrack Pro Audio Project File
.MP3MP3 Audio File
.FLPFL Studio Project
.NBSMinecraft Note Block Studio File
.4MP4-MP3 Database File
.AIMPPLAIMP Playlist File
.PCGKorg Instrument Bank File
.5XELine 6 POD HD500X Edit Preset File
.NKMKontakt Multi Instrument File
.WOWGrave Composer Music Module
.REXReCycle Loop File
.MUIMyriad User Instrument File
.FLACFree Lossless Audio Codec File
.DMDRM Delivery Message
.SFKSound Forge Pro Audio Peak File
.USTUTAU Sequence Text File
.LLeft Audio Channel File
.XFSeRacer Sound File
.NKIKONTAKT Instrument File
.TOCPSP Audio File
.BUNCakewalk Bundle File
.SF2SoundFont 2 Sound Bank
.M3UMedia Playlist File
.APLMonkey's Audio Track Information File
.SDATNintendo DS Sound Data File
.UNIMikMod UniMOD Module
.SDSMIDI Sample Dump Standard File
.ZPAVielklang Audio Metadata File
.F4AAdobe Flash Protected Audio File
.OVWLogic Pro Overview File
.TRAKTraktor Content Pack File
.ROLAd Lib Synthesized Instrument
.MDRModPlug Compressed Module
.SYWYamaha SY99/SY85 Audio File
.GSFGame Boy Advance Sound File
.MMLPMusic Macro Language Project
.WUSWUTG Tagged Audio File
.WPROJWwise Project File
.PHYPhyMod Physical Modeling Data
.OMGOpenMG Audio File
.SNGXChordWizard Song
.VYFSamsung Digital Voice Recorder File
.RMJReal Media Jukebox Audio File
.CWTCakewalk SONAR Template
.MTMMultiTracker Module
.VSQVOCALOID2 Project File
.H5SLine 6 POD HD500 Edit Setlist File
.VPWVoxPro Wave File
.ALSAbleton Live Set File
.CGRPPro Tools Clip Group File
.GSMGlobal System for Mobile Audio File
.AMXDAbleton Max Patch File
.FEVFMOD Audio Events File
.M4RiPhone Ringtone File
.IGPIgor Published Music Notation File
.ITLSiTunes Live Stream URL
.MMPZLMMS Project File
.RCYReCycle 1.x Document
.BIDULEBidule Layout File
.DSMDigital Sound Module
.AFCMass Effect 2 Audio File
.DTMDigiTrakker Module
.EFSEnsoniq SQ-80 File
.DMSESound Editor Project File
.DMSAMusic Disc Creator Project File
.CWBCakewalk Bundle
.PEKAdobe Peak Waveform File
.SLPSpectraLayers Pro Project
.CAFFCore Audio File
.VGMVideo Game Music File
.MTIMadTracker Instrument
.DFFDSD Audio File
.GP5Guitar Pro 5 Tablature File
.ASDAbleton Live Sample Analysis File
.VDJVirtualDJ Audio Sample File
.WFPWaveFront Program File
.MKAMatroska Audio File
.PLYFinale Playback File
.AUPAudacity Project File
.VLCVLC Playlist
.FLMFL Studio Mobile Song File
.ANGAnghami Audio File
.TGTuxGuitar Document
.SAFSecure Audio File
.WAVWAVE Audio File
.ABMMusic Album
.MINIGSFGame Boy Advance Song File
.OMFOpen Media Framework File
.STYBand-in-a-Box Styles File
.W01Yamaha SY Series Wave File
.SNGKorg Trinity Song File
.AKPAkai Sampler File
.OGGOgg Vorbis Audio File
.M4AMPEG-4 Audio File
.SFPACKPacked SoundFont File
.DFCDefractor Instrument
.ALCAbleton Live Clip File
.RIPHit'n'Mix Audio Mashup File
.SFLSound Forge Pro Sound Data File
.AUDVideo Game Compressed Audio File
.ACTADPCM Compressed Audio File
.CKBCricket Audio Bank File
.ACD-ZIPSony ACID Project With Embedded Media File
.PCASTiTunes Podcast File
.G726G.726 Audio File
.KT3Battery 3 Drum Kit File
.PLASansa Playlist File
.COPYSony Ericsson Protected Content File
.EMXeMusic Download File
.SGPMP3 Audio Mixer Sound Group Project
.MUXTrackmania Music File
.MSCZMuseScore Compressed Score File
.AC3Audio Codec 3 File
.DSFDelusion Digital Sound File
.RX2REX2 Audio File
.PTXPro Tools Session File
.M3U8UTF-8 M3U Playlist File
.GPKWaveLab Audio Peak File
.KMPKorg Trinity/Triton Keymap File
.UWUnsigned Word Audio File
.CDOCrescendo Music Notation File
.FRGSound Forge Pro Project File
.PANDORAPandora Android App Executable
.NRTNokia Ringtone
.QCPPureVoice Audio File
.FTMFamiTracker Module
.Q1Winamp Equalizer Presets File
.OMXOtsAV Media Library Information File
.SESXAdobe Audition Session File
.OGAOgg Vorbis Audio File
.SSEQNintendo DS Sound Sequence File
.RNSReason Song File
.RGRPPro Tools Region Group File
.LOGICLogic Pro Project File
.UAXUnreal Audio Package
.OMASony OpenMG Music File
.RAMReal Audio Metadata File
.EMDABT Extended Module
.WAXWindows Media Audio Redirect
.ACMInterplay Audio File
.DSLMMS DrumSynth File
.WAVEWAVE Sound File
.SIBSibelius Score
.SDESPS Sampled Data File
.3GA3GPP Audio File
.WMAWindows Media Audio File
.OBWSuperior Drummer Sounds File
.MODAmiga Music Module File
.SDSound Designer Audio File
.ISMAIIS Smooth Streaming Audio File
.PTSPro Tools Session
.F32Raw 32-Bit Audio File
.MPUMPEG Layer 3 Audio File
.NCWNative Compressed Wave File
.DCFDRM Content Format File
.PKFAudition Peak File
.PTXTPro Tools Session Template
.BANDGarageBand Project File
.S3IScream Tracker 3 Instrument
.SBISound Blaster Instrument
.BWWBagpipe Player File
.S3MScreamTracker 3 Module
.RMXRealJukebox Format
.VAGPlayStation Compressed Sound File
.DCTDictation Audio File
.CDRRaw Audio CD Data
.AIFAudio Interchange File Format
.AACAdvanced Audio Coding File
.RSONXT Brick Audio File
.SYXMIDI System Exclusive Message
.MTFMulti Tracker File
.MTPMadTracker 2 Pattern
.WPKNero Wave Editor File
.AMRAdaptive Multi-Rate Codec File
.ACDACID Project File
.OPUSOpus Audio File
.CDDACD Digital Audio File
.WRKCakewalk Music Project
.AT3ATRAC3 Audio File
.669UNIS Composer 669 Module
.B4SWinamp Playlist File
.INSAdlib Tracker Instrument File
.MUSFinale Notation File
.STMScream Tracker 2 Module
.AOBDVD-Audio Audio Object File
.ICSIC Recorder Sound File
.MO3MO3 Audio File
.AA3ATRAC Audio File
.DRANuance Dragon Voice Recording File
.VQFTwinVQ Audio File
.MXLCompressed MusicXML File
.SVDRoland Patch File
.GBSGameBoy Sound File
.IFFInterchange File Format
.CDACD Audio Track Shortcut
.BNKAdlib Instrument Bank
.CWPCakewalk SONAR Project
.WFBWaveFront Sound Bank
.DTSHDDTS-HD Master Audio File
.CAFCore Audio File
.VC3VSampler Soundbank File
.H5BLine 6 POD HD500 Edit Bundle
.AGMDTS Multi-channel Pro Packer File
.LOGICXLogic Pro Project
.H0Movie Edit Pro Waveform Information File
.CONFORMConformalizer Change List File
.GPBANKGuitar Pro Sound Bank File
.RTATrueRTA Project File
.MX5TEMPLATEMixcraft 5 Audio Project Template
.BDDCARA Sound Radiation Data File
.PTMPolyTracker Module
.SSNDSynclavier Sound File
.SBGSBaGen Binaural Beat File
.MX4Mixcraft 4 Audio Project
.SXTPropellerhead Reason NN-XT Patch File
.NKXKontakt Monolith Container File
.AMFAdvanced Module File
.PTTPro Tools Session Template
.WFMPro Tools Wave Cache File
.ACPaacPlus Audio File
.VPLKaraoke Player Playlist
.MX3Mixcraft 3 Audio Project
.PPCXAdobe Presenter Presentation Audio File
.NMLTraktor Collection File
.WVCWavPack Correction File
.PSMProtracker Studio Module
.RTIReal Tracker Instrument
.MBRZune Smooth Streaming File
.LOFAudacity File List
.XSPFXSPF Playlist File
.SNGMIDI Song File
.MPAMPEG-2 Audio File
.M4BMPEG-4 Audiobook File
.AIFFAudio Interchange File Format
.MOGGMultitrack Ogg File
.AGRAbleton Groove File
.ODMOverDrive Media File
.A2MAdlib Tracker II File
.MEDAmiga MED Sound File
.ITIImpulse Tracker Instrument
.MUSMinecraft Music File
.WEMWwise Encoded Media File
.BWGBrainWave Generator Audio File
.CIDBiTunes CD Information File
.WTPTWireTap Studio Packaged Track
.MMMMusic Maker Arrangement File
.GPXGuitar Pro 6 Document
.RARealAudio File
.SNSSNS Video Game Audio File
.WPPWavePad Project File
.VIPMAGIX Samplitude Music Studio Project
.SMFStandard MIDI File
.NWCNoteWorthy Composer File
.AAAudible Audio Book File
.WVEWaveEditor Project File
.XRNSRenoise Song File
.GSFLIBGame Boy Advance Song Library
.YOOKOOYookoo Player Playlist File
.SYHSynchomatic Instrument
.SOUSBStudio II Sound File
.OKTOktalyzer Module
.PKAudition Peak File
.ABCABC Music Notation
.FPAFinale Performance Assessment File
.SHNShorten Compressed Audio File
.UAU Audio File
.NRANero Audio Compilation
.XAThe Sims Audio File
.CTSCrazyTalk Script File
.MUSXFinale Notation File
.VOXDialogic Voice Audio File
.DSSDigital Speech Standard File
.DIGSound Designer Audio File
.W64Sony Wave64 Audio File
.TAKTom's Lossless Audio Kompressor File
.MPGAMPEG-1 Layer 3 Audio File
.CPRCubase Project
.LWVLinguistically Enhanced Sound File
.IGRIgor Engraver File
.FTMXFinale Template File
.ARIAChipsounds Sound File
.DVFSony Digital Voice File
.TAKMusic Maker Take File
.UWFUltraTracker Wave File
.SWAShockwave Audio
.NPLCubase Library File
.MPDPMixPad Project File
.MX5Mixcraft 5 Audio Project
.KRZKurzweil K2000 File
.VPMGarmin Voice File
.ZVDZyXEL Voice File
.RSNReason Project File
.MYRMyriad Music File
.NVFCreative Labs NVF Audio File
.CFAAdobe Conformed Audio File
.VPRVOCALOID5 Project File
.VMDCovox Raw Sample
.WVWavPack Audio File
.KARKaraoke MIDI File
.NKCKontakt Library Data File
.5XBLine 6 POD HD500X Edit Bundle
.ACD-BAKMAGIX ACID Project Backup File
.DTSDTS Encoded Audio File
.SEQPowerTracks Pro Audio Project File
.DCMDCM Audio Module
.BRSTMBRSTM Audio Stream File
.DRGI-Doser Audio Drug File
.MXMFMobile XMF Ringtone File
.HCAHigh Compression Audio File
.SLXSpectraLayers Pro Project
.CDLXAudition CD Layout File
.MDCMidiCo Karaoke Audio File
.VAPDialogic Indexed Voice Audio File
.SYNSimSynth Document
.AMZAmazon MP3 Downloader File
.TTATrue Audio File
.RCDKaiOS Audio
.SAPAtari SAP Music File
.AUAudio File
.DS2Olympus DSS Pro Audio File
.HSBHALion Sound Bank File
.BWFBroadcast Wave File
.MSMPL_BANKKorg microSAMPLER Bank Data File
.FTMFinale Template File
.M5PMachFive Preset File
.VOXALVoxal Project File
.MA1Monarch Audio File
.KOZAudiokoz Music File
.KOZBell Music File
.CSHCubase Waveform File
.SPPACKSPPack Sound Sample
.EFVEnsoniq VFX-SD File
.GBPROJGarageBand Project
.K26Kurzweil K2600 File
.MT2MadTracker 2 Module
.FDPFMOD Project File
.SC2Sample Cell II Instrument Definition
.ESPSESPS Sampled Data File
.G721G.721 Audio File
.GIGTascam GigaSampler File
.FZVCasio FZ-1 Voice Dump
.FZFCasio FZ-1 Full Dump
.F3RFarandoyle Blocked Module File
.F2RFarandole Linear Module File
.JAMLine 6 Device Recording
.M4PiTunes Music Store Audio File
.DLSDownloadable Sounds File
.MINIUSFNintendo 64 Song File
.H4BLine 6 POD HD400 Edit Bundle
.HBELine 6 POD HD Edit Preset File
.CWSChordWizard Song
.XMUExpressive Music Container File
.PCAPerfect Clarity Audio File
.BNLTalking Reading Pen Audio File
.PEAKSteinberg Peak File
.PSFPortable Sound File
.RPLDolby Cinema Print Master File
.SMPSampleVision Audio Sample Format
.SMASmartMusic Accompaniment File
.EFKEnsoniq KT File
.SFZSFZ Sample Definition File
.XMFasttracker 2 Extended Module
.ABAmbling BookPlayer MP3 File
.KSCKorg Trinity/Triton Script File
.PNAPhatNoise Audio File
.NSANullsoft Streaming Audio File
.EFQEnsoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS-32 File
.SSMSound Clip Archive
.SONGAudioSauna Song File
.LSOLogic Audio Project
.SSEQSynclavier Sequence File
.SMPSmartMusic Performance File
.AAXAudible Enhanced Audiobook File
.VBGrand Theft Auto Audio File
.RAWRaw Audio Data
.APEMonkey's Audio Lossless Audio File
.KSFKorg Trinity/Triton Sample File
.MTSMadTracker 2 Sample File
.RFLReason ReFill Sound Bank
.OTSOtsAV Album File
.MMPMixMeister Playlist
.A2BAdlib Tracker II Instrument Bank
.MMFSynthetic Music Mobile Application File
.PTFPro Tools 7 Session File
.ADTADTS Audio File
.NMSVNative Instruments Massive Sound File
.AVASTSOUNDSAvast Soundpack File
.MPCMusepack Compressed Audio File
.RNGNokia Composer Ringtone
.PACSBStudio II Song File
.PNOWindows 8 Piano Song
.USFNintendo 64 Music File
.AIFCCompressed Audio Interchange File
.SBKE-MU SoundFont Sound Bank
.VRFVentrilo Audio Recording
.OVEOverture Musical Score
.XMFExtensible Music File
.8SVXAmiga 8-Bit Sound File
.R1MRealOne Streaming Media File
.VOCCreative Labs Audio File
.ITSImpulse Tracker Sample
.PRGWAVmaker Patch File
.SMPXSmartMusic Accompaniment File
.5XSLine 6 POD HD500X Edit Setlist File
.EXPRESSIONMAPCubase Expression Map File
.DMCDPCM Sample File
.PSYPsycle Song File
.DEWFSoundEdit Recorded Instrument
.OVWCubase WAVE Overview File
.RBSMP3 Ringtone File
.LALossless Audio File
.VTXVTX Chiptune File
.EMPeMusic Music Download File
.NOTENotessimo Composition
.ADGAbleton Device Group
.MP2MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio File
.SNDSound File
.STXScream Tracker Music Interface Kit File
.KPLKazaa Playlist File
.RVXReal Protected Video File
.S3ZCompressed Scream Tracker 3 Module
.ULTUltraTracker Module
.NKBKontakt Audio Bank
.USFLIBNintendo 64 Song Library
.A2IAdlib Tracker II Instrument File
.PHOMBROLA Phonetic Data File
.BAPBlaze Audio Wave Information File
.MGVYamaha MegaVoice File
.SPRGSynclavier Program File
.FSCFL Studio Score File
.VGZVideo Game Music Compressed File
.ZPLZune Playlist
.PPCAdobe Presenter Audio File
.ADVAbleton Device Preset File
.KFNKaraFun Karaoke File
.F64Raw 64-Bit Audio File
.G723G.723 Audio File
.MUXMyriad Stand-Alone Music Score
.SFAP0Sound Forge Pro Audio Proxy File
.ADTSAudio Data Transport Stream File
.PSF1PlayStation Sound Format File
.H5ELine 6 POD HD500 Edit Preset File
.SD2FSound Designer 2 File
.ALLCubasis Project File
.RBSRebirth Song File
.SNDAkai MPC Sample
.WFDWaveFront Drum Kit File
.DWDDiamondWare Digital Audio File
.SFSSFX Sample File
.OFROptimFROG Audio File
.AMSVelvet Studio Module
.ARIAXChipsounds XML Sound File
.WTPLWireTap Studio Library
.PSF2PlayStation Sound Format File
.MINIPSF2Miniature PlayStation Sound Format File
.JSPFJSON Playlist File
.DF2Defractor 2 Instrument
.VMOSiemens Voice Memo File
.DMFDelusion Digital Music File
.IAAINTUS Audio Archive
.NKSKontakt Monolith Container
.PVCPanasonic VM1 Voice File
.BANKFMOD Audio Bank File
.SVX8SVX Sound File
.RAXReal Music Store Audio File
.EXSEXS Instrument
.CPTDTS Compact Audio File
.SESAudition Session File
.NARRATIVENarrator Document
.WWUWwise Work Unit
.RTSReal Tracker Sample
.XSPKodi Smart Playlist File
.MTEMadTracker 2 Envelope
.FSMFarandole Composer WaveSample File
.TD0Akai Teledisk Sound Library
.EFAEnsoniq ASR File
.SCS11Show Cue System Cue File
.CKFCasio Keyboard File
.AYAY Chiptune File
.PTCOPPxTone Audio File
.SD2Sound Designer II File
.AMSExtreme Tracker Module
.CELAudition Loop
.HDPMAGIX Hard Disk Project Audio File
.MINIPSFMiniature PlayStation Sound Format File
.SNDMacintosh Sound Resource
.TXWYamaha TX16W Audio File
.VMFCovox Speech Thing Sample
.PBFPinnacle Sample Bank
.VMFVocaltec Media File

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