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.EXS File Extension

File Type 1Blades of Exile Scenario

DeveloperSpiderweb Software
3.3 (6 Votes)
CategoryGame Files

What is an EXS file?

Scenario created for Blades of Exile, an older role-playing game for Mac and Windows systems; contains a map and mission data for a specific level; may be included with the game or created using a Blades of Exile Scenario workshop utility.

More Information

NOTE: Blades of Exile was originally developed by Spiderweb Software in 1997. The source code was made freely available in 2007.

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Programs that open EXS files

Updated 11/11/2009

File Type 2EXS Instrument

2.0 (6 Votes)
CategoryAudio Files

.EXS File Association 2

An EXS file is an instrument used by Logic Pro, a digital audio workstation (DAW). It contains an instrument, which includes information referenced by Logic to play an audio sample according to its type, such as a piano, guitar, or drums.

More Information

EXS files are used by EXS24, a sampler library that comes included with Logic Pro X. The library contains a large collection of samples such as strings, brass, synth textures, and pianos. EXS24 can be used to arrange sounds you recorded yourself or that were already recorded to be played back from a MIDI track within Logic or from your MIDI keyboard.

EXS files are located in the "Sampler Instruments" and the "EXS Factory Samples" folders in the "Logic" folder on your hard drive. A "Samples" folder is also located in the "Logic" folder and it contains audio files, such as .WAV or .AIF files, that are referenced by Logic when playing the associated EXS file. You can add EXS instruments to these folders, which will then appear in the instruments menu in Logic. If Logic is open when you add the instrument you need to refresh the menu in order for the instrument to appear.

Programs that open EXS files

Updated 11/21/2016

File Type 3Elixir Source Code File

DeveloperThe Elixir Team
2.0 (1 Vote)
CategoryDeveloper Files

.EXS File Association 3

An EXS file is a source code file written in the Elixir programming language. It contains code that a software application uses to perform Elixir-related functions. EXS files can be opened in any text or source code editor.

More Information

Elixir is a functional, concurrent programming language based on the Erlang programming language. Developers use Elixir to create scalable, distributed, and fault-tolerant applications. Discord, FarmBot, and Brex all use Elixir in their applications.

When a developer uses Elixir to develop an application, they save the application's Elixir-related code in .ex and EXS files. By default, Elixir creates a series of EXS files when a developer invokes the mix new command to create a new Elixir application. These EXS files include a project configuration file, named mix.exs, and formatting and application test files.

Common EXS Filenames

mix.exs - An Elixir application's project configuration file.

appname_text.exs - A test script used to test an Elixir application.

How do I open an EXS file?

You can open and edit EXS files in any text or source code editor, including:

  • GitHub Atom (cross-platform)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code (cross-platform)
  • GNU Emacs (cross-platform)

In order to compile or run the Elixir code an EXS file contains, you must install Elixir (cross-platform).

Programs that open EXS files

Updated 4/13/2021

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