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Developer Files

The Developer Files category contains files related to software development. These include programming project files, source code files, code libraries, header files, and class files. Compiled objects and components are also included in this category.

Common developer file extensions include .C, .CS, .M, and .JAVA.

File Extension File Type Popularity
.PYPython Script
.LUALua Source File
.SWIFTSwift Source Code File
.DTDDocument Type Definition File
.JAVAJava Source Code File
.SLNVisual Studio Solution File
.SHBash Shell Script
.FLAAdobe Animate Animation
.HC/C++/Objective-C Header File
.CC/C++ Source Code File
.XCODEPROJXcode Project
.VCXPROJVisual C++ Project
.PLPerl Script
.CLASSJava Class File
.MObjective-C Implementation File
.CPPC++ Source Code File
.VBVisual Basic Project Item File
.CSVisual C# Source Code File
.PBXPROJXcode Project Data File
.DPRDelphi Project
.RRez Source Code File
.PCHPrecompiled Header File
.CPXcode C++ Source File
.MMObjective-C++ Source File
.PBXUSERXcode Project User Data File
.MMATLAB Source Code File
.GFARGreenfoot Archive
.VVerilog Source Code File
.NIBInterface Builder User Interface File
.XQXQuery File
.YMLYAML Document
.VTMVisual Tool Markup Language Document
.PSM1Windows PowerShell Script Module File
.RBRuby Source Code
.GEMRubyGems Package
.EXPSymbols Export File
.CSPROJVisual Studio C# Project
.FTLFreeMarker Template File
.RESC++ Complied Resource Script
.DCPROJDashcode Project
.ASActionScript File
.HPPC++ Header File
.PBJPixel Bender Bytecode File
.GMKGame Maker Project File
.PODPerl POD File
.GROUPPROJDelphi Project Group File
.DPROJDelphi Project
.PROTOProtocol Buffer File
.MARKDOWNMarkdown Documentation File
.ERBRuby ERB Script
.GSGoogle Apps Script
.AS3PROJFlashDevelop ActionScript 3 Project File
.JSPFJava Server Page Fragment
.PASDelphi Unit Source File
.DEXDalvik Executable File
.VBPROJVisual Studio Visual Basic Project
.BBPROJECTDBBEdit Project Document
.MSHCMicrosoft Help Container File
.IMLIntelliJ IDEA Module
.VCPROJVisual C++ Project File
.VDPROJVisual Studio Setup and Deployment Project
.MDMarkdown Documentation File
.WIXPROJWiX Project File
.SRCSource Code
.FSPROJVisual F# Project File
.TRXVisual Studio Test Results File
.ISEInstallShield Express Project File
.PLAYGROUNDXcode Playground File
.RBWRuby Script
.PASPascal Source File
.RESX.NET Managed Resources File
.RKTRacket Source Code File
.REXXRexx Source File
.ASCActionScript Communication File
.FSXVisual F# Script File
.SDEFAppleScript Dictionary Document
.OCXActiveX Control
.FSVisual F# Source File
.XSDXML Schema Definition
.PROQt Project File
.SBPROJOpenGL Shader Builder Project
.SYMSymbols File
.NSHNSIS Header File
.MCPCodeWarrior Project
.RAVRave Reports Project File
.XCARCHIVEXcode Archive
.WORKSPACECode::Blocks Workspace File
.CLWVisual C++ ClassWizard File
.ASMVisual Studio Assembler Source Code File
.AUTOPLAYAutoPlay Media Studio Project File
.IDTWindows Installer Database Text Archive File
.CUCUDA Source Code File
.IDLInterface Definition Language File
.INLC++ Inline File
.IPCHIntellisense Precompiled Header File
.AS2PROJFlashDevelop ActionScript 2 Project File
.TLDTag Library Descriptor File
.WSPSharePoint Solution Package
.VMVelocity Template
.PCPWindows Installer Patch Creation Properties File
.TLHTypelib Generated C/C++ Header File
.XCSNAPSHOTSXcode Snapshot
.PPCMobile Data Studio Project File
.VSPVisual Studio Performance Report File
.W32Win32 Makefile
.FSIVisual F# Signature File
.FSSCRIPTVisual F# Script
.FTNFortran Source Code File
.GM81Game Maker 8.1 Project File
.PRIWindows Compiled Resources File
.VSPSVisual Studio Serialized Performance Report
.VSPXVisual Studio Performance Report Data File
.DBPRODarkBASIC Professional Project File
.DBADarkBASIC Source Code File
.PBGPixel Bender Graph File
.MRTStimulsoft Report File
.TLITypelib Generated C/C++ Inline File
.WDGTPROJDashcode Widget Project
.XCWORKSPACEXcode Workspace File
.OCTESTXcode Objective-C Unit Test Bundle
.CXXC++ Source Code File
.PBKPixel Bender Kernel File
.VCPeMbedded Visual C++ Project File
.VDPVisual Studio Deployment Project
.DBPROJVisual Studio Database Project File
.RODLRemObjects Definition Language File
.CBPCode::Blocks Project File
.EXWEuphoria Source code File
.BSCVisual Studio Source Browser Information File
.NCBVisual C++ IntelliSense Database
.PBXBTREEXcode Auto-Complete File
.VCoq Source Code File
.SCCSourceSafe Source Code Control File
.IPRIntelliJ IDEA Project File
.WDGTAdobe Captivate Widget File
.EDMXADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer File
.LISPLisp Source Code File
.YPRBYOB Project File
.DBMLVisual Studio OR Design File
.BRXBREW Application Resource File
.FXPLAdobe Flash FXP Library
.PRIQt Project Include File
.IVisual Studio Intermediate File
.CSNAdobe Code Snippet Document
.PDEProcessing Development Environment Source Code File
.SSIAdobe Dreamweaver Server Side Include File
.MLML Source Code File
.VTMLVisual Tool Markup Language File
.RPYPython Script
.ABCActionScript Byte Code File
.VTVAdobe Dreamweaver Validator Configuration File
.NQCNot Quite C Source Code File
.UMLUML Data Object Model
.APSVisual C++ Resource File
.HXXC++ Source Code Header File
.RESOURCESVisual Studio Resource File
.NEDOMNeT++ Network Description File
.LXSPROJLiquid XML Studio Project File
.RDLCVisual Studio Client Report Definition File
.ARSCAndroid Package Resource File
.DSGMDS Game Maker Project
.ILKIncremental Linking File
.TMPROJTextMate Project File
.BBPROJECTBBEdit Project File
.XOMLWindows Workflow File
.XQMXQuery Module
.EDMLAdobe Extension Data Markup Language Document
.VSMACROSVisual Studio Binary Macro Project
.TTVisual Studio Text Template
.TESTRUNCONFIGVisual Studio Test Run Configuration File
.ADDINVisual Studio Add-in Definition File
.YYacc Source File
.LLex Source File
.TESTSETTINGSVisual Studio Test Settings File
.VSMDIVisual Studio Test Metadata File
.NBCNext Byte Codes Source Code File
.VSMPROJVisual Studio Text Macro Project
.XQUERYXQuery Source Code File
.XQLXML Query Language File
.TMLANGUAGETextMate Language Grammar File
.SLTNGStarLogo TNG Project File
.WXSWiX Source File
.WIXOBJWiX Object File
.WIXOUTWiX XML Output File
.WIXPDBWiX Debug File
.WIXMSTWiX Transform File
.NVVNVIDIA Vertex Shader File
.GREENFOOTGreenfoot Project Archive
.LTBLithTech Binary File
.TWIGTwig Template
.HBSHandlebars Template
.PKGDEFVisual Studio Shell File
.PKGUNDEFVisual Studio Shell File
.SB2Scratch 2.0 Project File
.LIVECODELiveCode Stack File
.WXIWiX Include File
.WXLWiX Localization File
.JCPJCreator Project File
.MSLMapping Specification Language File
.NEKONeko Source Code File
.NKNUKE Script
.YAMLYAML Document
.P3DPanda3D Multifile
.WIXLIBWiX Library File
.GROOVYGroovy Source Code File
.SRC.RPMRed Hat Package Manager Source File
.ASVFAsphyre Sphinx Archive File
.DEVICEIDSDevice Identification FIle
.CTXTBlueJ Context File
.BLUEJBlueJ Package File
.FXMLFXML Source Code File
.LUCIDSNIPPETLucid Snippet File
.FORTHForth Language File
.4THForth Language File
.AIDLAndroid Interface Definition Language File
.LUCCompiled Lua Source File
.KVKivy Language File
.REXRexx Source File
.PAWPaw Document
.BUILDSETTINGTwixl Publisher Builder Build Setting
.SCALAScala Source Code File
.TSTypeScript File
.OATAndroid Optimized Application File
.MQ5MQL5 Source Code File
.VSHOST.EXEVisual Studio Hosting Process File
.DARTDart Source Code File
.GWDGear Watchface Design File
.TPKGear Watchface Design Build File
.DIAGSESSIONDiagnostics Session File
.AIAMIT App Inventor Source Code File
.V12.SUOVisual Studio 2013 Solution User Options File
.PATCHPatch File
.DIFFPatch File
.GCHPrecompiled Header File
.GITATTRIBUTESGit Attributes File
.HAMLHaml Source Code File
.GMXGameMaker File
.NWNode-Webkit App Package
.PSCPapyrus Script
.XOJO_MENUXojo Menu File
.XOJO_BINARY_PROJECTXojo Binary Project File
.XOJO_PROJECTXojo Project File
.XCCONFIGXcode Configuration Settings File
.IWBIWBasic Source Code File
.ICONSETMac OS X Icon Set Folder
.V11.SUOVisual Studio 2012 Solution User Options File
.MPWSMathPiper Worksheet
.ERLErlang Source Code File
.GITIGNOREGit Ignore File
.SCRIPTTERMINOLOGYAppleScript Script Terminology File
.SCRIPTSUITEAppleScript Script Suite File
.CLIPSCoda Clips File
.AP_ADT Android Developer Package
.GAMEPROJGameSalad Project File
.GSZIPGameSalad Marketplace Asset File
.RESJSONWindows JavaScript Resources File
.ENTITLEMENTSMac App Sandboxing Entitlements File
.WDWWinDev Window File
.WPWWinDev Mobile Window File
.WDPWindev Project File
.FXCPROJFX Composer Project File
.PIKAPika Software Builder Project File
.SPECRPM Specification File
.NUSPECNuGet Specification File
.NUPKGNuGet Package
.FXLFaceFX Language File
.CCGAMEXNA Creators Club Game Package
.INOArduino Sketch File
.TNSTI-Nspire Document
.CXPCX-Programmer Project File
.XPPX++ Source Code File
.RC2Visual Studio Resources File
.STORYBOARDInterface Builder Storyboard Document
.BDSPROJBorland Developer Studio Project
.NFMDelphi .NET Form File
.FBZ7Compressed FinalBuilder 7 Project
.DCUILDelphi .NET Compiled Unit File
.DPKWDelphi Package
.PYXPyrex Source Code File
.PXDPyrex Definition File
.NLSNetLogo Source File
.DBACryENGINE Animation Database File
.MDZIPMagicDraw Project Archive
.LSPROJVisual Studio LightSwitch Project
.SQLPROJVisual Studio SQL Server Project
.WIQVisual Studio Work Item Query File
.XAMLXVisual Studio Workflow Service File
.DGMLVisual Studio Directed Graph Document
.DGSLVisual Shader Graph File
.REFRESHVisual Studio Refresh File
.APPXWindows 8 App Package
.APPXUPLOADWindows 8 App Upload Package
.VSZVisual Studio Wizard File
.ODLObject Description Language File
.GEMSPECGem Specification File
.DM1ER/Studio Data Model File
.DMDSQL Developer Data Modeler File
.XCDATAMODELDXcode Core Data Model File
.XCAPPDATAXcode App Data File
.CAFCryENGINE Character Animation File
.CDFCryENGINE Character Definition File
.MSHAMicrosoft Help Asset File
.MSHIMicrosoft Help Index File
.SSSilverStripe Source Code File
.CVSRCCVS Command File
.CAPXConstruct Compressed Project File
.CAPROJConstruct Project File
.CCPCodeCharge Studio Page File
.CCSCodeCharge Studio Project File
.GSPROJGameSalad Windows Project File
.SMALIAndroid Smali Assembly Language File
.CSXVisual C# Script
.CSPCaché Server Page
.ANEAdobe AIR Native Extension
.SLOGOStarLogo Project File
.PYDPython Dynamic Module
.FGLFifth Generation Language Source File
.DD Source Code File
.UIUser Interface File
.DSPVisual C++ 6 Project
.MSSMicroprocessor Software Specification File
.FORFortran 77 Source File
.F90Fortran 90 Source Code File
.KDEVPRJKDevelop Project File
.M4Macro Processor Library
.AWKAWK Script
.KDEVELOPKDevelop Project Data File
.CTLVisual Basic UserControl Object File
.GEDGame Editor Project File
.TARGETSMSBuild Targets File
.RCResource Script
.LGOLogo Instructions File
.GMDGame Maker Program Code
.RBCRembo-C Script
.FXCFilePackager Configuration
.FSPROJFireStarter Project File
.EQLEmbedded SQL File
.PPascal Source Code
.SSCSourceSafe Status File
.SOShared Library
.OCompiled Object File
.AStatic Library
.ADSAda Specification File
.RSRCMacintosh Resource File
.FPMFPS Creator Map File
.VGCViziGen Code Generation Template
.A2WAlice World
.TUTuring Source File
.CONFIGConfiguration File
.TURTuring Program Source File
.SWDFlash Debug File
.BBASIC Source File
.APARSView Development Project Archive
.CODCompiled Source Code
.CPCaptivate Source File
.MERRSView Development Runtime File
.IWSIntelliJ IDEA Web Page
.XTXdebug Trace File
.SWCFlex Components Archive
.LBIDreamweaver Library Item
.TTuring Source Code File
.PYWPython GUI Source File
.JPXJBuilder Project
.JPRJBuilder Project
.GS3GameStarter File
.VHDVHDL Source File
.TDSTurbo Debugger Symbols File
.FBPwxFormBuilder Project
.SUOVisual Studio Solution User Options File
.IDBVisual Studio Intermediate Debug File
.PBPureBasic Source File
.BETBETA Source File
.VCVerge Code File
.MFJava Manifest File
.4DB4th Dimension Database Structure File
.MAGIKMagik Source Code File
.SASSAS Program File
.DPLDelphi Package Library
.DOBVisual Basic UserDocument
.DOXVisual Basic Binary UserDocument
.DCUDelphi Compiled Unit
.FRXVisual Basic Binary Form File
.CLSProgram Class File
.VBZVisual Basic Project Template
.PMPerl Module
.RNCRELAX NG Compact Syntax File
.RBPReal Studio Project File
.LBSOmnis Library
.BPGBorland Project Group
.DF1Omnis Native Datafile
.AU3AutoIt v3 Script
.VBGVisual Basic Project Group File
.JICJTAG Indirect Configuration File
.VDMVDM Specification File
.BPLBorland Package Library
.LPROJLocalized Project Folder
.FRAMEWORKMac OS X Application Framework
.GORMGorm Interface Resource File
.DPKDelphi Package
.DCPDelphi Compiled Package
.RESWindows Resource File
.HSHaskell Script
.LHSLiterate Haskell Script
.HASHaskell Script
.LITLiterate Haskell Script
.DFMDelphi Form
.DEFModule-Definition File
.EXEuphoria Source Code
.DECDeclaration File
.PRGVisual FoxPro Program File
.PJXFoxPro Project
.TPUTurbo Pascal Unit
.MPRFoxPro Generated Menu Program
.TKTk Script
.MODFortran Module File
.BS2BASIC Stamp 2 Code File
.PLProlog Source Code File
.ACDRSLogix 5000 Program
.TCLTcl Script
.PLCPL/B Source File
.OCACustom Control Library Type File
.LDSBinutils LD Linker Script
.GM6Game Maker 6 Project File
.SNIPPETVisual Studio IntelliSense Code Snippet
.PTLRational Rose Petal File
.SCSuperCollider Source Code File
.SUDSuper Project Analyzer File
.SUPSuper Project Definition File
.CSIContentServ Include File
.SSource Code File
.OMOOMake Object File
.PDMVB Project Information File
.QPRFoxPro Generated Query Program
.S19Motorola S19 File Record
.BBBlitz Source Code File
.YMPYaST Metapackage File
.SVN-BASESubversion Base File
.ISTInstallShield Project Template File
.MOMManaged Object Model
.ISMInstallShield Project File
.OWLOWL Source Code File
.PL1PL/I Source Code
.PLIPL/I Source Code File
.HPFHigh Performance Fortran File
.XAPXACT Project
.IPRInstallShield Professional Project File
.SBScratch Project File
.RR Script File
.WDLWorld Definition Language Script
.BASBASIC Source Code File
.RESWWindows Resources File
.BCPBorland C++ Makefile
.CCC++ Source Code File
.RISERISE Editor Model File
.HALHansaWorld Application Language File
.CLite-C Script
.MXMLFlex MXML Component
.CTPCakePHP Template
.ALBAlpha Five Library
.VBPVisual Basic Project File
.WSCWindows Script Component
.ASMAssembly Language Source Code File
.AGIAsterisk Gateway Interface File
.ARTPROJArtifacts Project
.FFortran Source Code
.DBODarkBASIC Object
.ASIAlpha Five Variable File
.RREBOL Script
.INCInclude File
.NXCNot eXactly C Source Code File
.SMAAMX Mod Plugin Source File
.LNTPC-lint/FlexeLint Configuration File
.VBXVisual Basic Custom Control
.WOpenEdge Architect Source Code File
.RSSSymbian Application Resource File
.PWNPawn Source Code File
.PHPerl Header File
.XIBInterface Builder File
.VSPSCCVisual Studio Project Source Control File
.VSSSCCVisual Studio Solution Source Control File
.CDVisual Studio Class Diagram
.MYAPPVisual Studio Application XML File
.AM5AutoPlay Media Studio 5 Project File
.PLEMessenger Plus! Live Encrypted Log File
.HHC++ Header File
.AM4AutoPlay Media Studio 4 Project File
.COBCOBOL Source Code File
.MVMivaScript File
.PRGRAPID Program File
.CSIEdLog Program Data File
.CFCColdFusion Component File
.CBLCOBOL Source Code File

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