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.MSS File Extension

File Type 1Microprocessor Software Specification File

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CategoryDeveloper Files

What is an MSS file?

File used by Xilinx Platform Studio (XPS), a program used to design software for microprocessors; specifies the input/output devices, interrupt handler routines, and other software features for a microprocessor.

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MSS files define the software that can be used with a microchip designed with Xilinx Platform Studio (XPS). They are used as input into the Library Generator, which creates a software library for an embedded processor instance.

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Programs that open MSS files

Updated 4/28/2010

File Type 2MyScreenSaver Builder File

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CategoryData Files

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Car data file created by MyScreenSaver Builder, a program used to make screen savers and browse and share car information; stores car images and data in a proprietary format; may include car information such as the make, model, year, price, and dimensions.

More Information

MSS files are used to package images into categorized collections for viewing, distribution, and screen saver generation. MyScreenSaver Builder can import both .GIF and .JPG image formats into MSS files.

MSS files may be viewed with the MSS Viewer, a tool included with MyScreenSaver Builder used to browse the pictures and information in MSS packages.

Programs that open MSS files

Updated 4/28/2010

File Type 3CartoCSS Map Stylesheet

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CategoryText Files

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An MSS file is a stylesheet used by CartoCSS-based mapping programs, such as Mapbox, OpenStreetMap, TileMill, and Mapnik. It contains map styling information written in the CartoCSS styling language. MSS files determine how content appears on a map (e.g. what roads should be shown, what colors those roads should appear in, how wide the roads should appear, etc.).

More Information

Screenshot of a .mss file in Github Atom

MSS file open in Github Atom

CartoCSS is a CSS-based styling language that developers use to create open source street maps. Map developers can either write their maps directly in CartoCSS, using the CartoCSS code installation package and the development environment of their choice, or they can create CartoCSS-based maps using a map design application like Kosmtik, Mapbox Studio Classic, or TileMill.

As they create a map, developers must choose how roads, text, and other items appear on it. Developers use MSS files to specify, among other things, what roads should appear on their map, what color and width those roads should appear in, what symbols to use for certain types of landmarks, and how text should appear on their map.

In 2016, the Mapbox team announced they were replacing the CartoCSS styling language with the Mapbox GL Style Specification, a JSON-based styling language. Mapbox's newer map creation applications use Mapbox GL stylesheets, which are saved with the .JSON extension. However, the mapping community continues to maintain CartoCSS and many of the map creation programs that use it.

How do I open an MSS file?

You should open an MSS file in a Carto-CSS based map creation program, such as Mapbox Studio Classic, TileMill, or Kosmtik. These programs contain helpful features that will help you understand the styling information contained within the file. However, because MSS files are plain text documents, you can also open and edit an MSS file in any text editor if needed.

Programs that open MSS files

Updated 9/15/2020

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