Settings Files

Settings files store settings for the operating system and applications. These files are not meant to be opened by the user, but are modified by the corresponding application when the program preferences are changed. Settings files may also be called preference files or configuraton files.

Common settings file extensions include .INI, .CFG, and .PRF.

Extension File Type Popularity
.GODOTGodot Engine Project
.UDCXUniversal Data Connection File
.VIMVim Settings File
.PMPAutoCAD Plot Model Parameter File
.GXTGrand Theft Auto Text File
.DSDAutoCAD Drawing Set Description File
.THEMicrosoft Plus! Theme File
.AUXLaTeX Auxiliary File
.STBAutoCAD Plot Style Table File
.PC3AutoCAD Plotter Configuration File
.MYCOLORSStardock MyColors Theme File
.SETSettings File
.XMSMusic Studio Project
.FLWFusion Flow File
.RPROJR Project
.OSSMicrosoft Outlook Saved Search File
.EQPMathType Preferences
.DBGVisual FoxPro Debugger Configuration File
.VITALVital Synthesizer Preset
.SKZSuperKaramba Theme
.VITALBANKVital Synthesizer Soundbank
.ALXBlackBerry Application Loader XML File
.FVPFile Viewer Plus Batch Presets File
.MMRCMADRIX MIDI Remote Configuration
.TSCPROJTechSmith Camtasia Project File
.STYLESketchUp Style
.CNFMySQL Configuration File
.SBVYouTube Captions File
.THEMEPACKWindows 7 Theme Pack
.PKGSymbian Package File
.NSXAppStudio Project
.IRSAdobe Save For Web Settings
.ATNPhotoshop Actions File
.OFFICEUIMicrosoft Office UI Customization File
.SETTINGSVisual Studio Settings File
.CFGCelestia Configuration File
.CFGCitrix Server Connection File
.SIFWindows Setup Information File
.AVSAVS Preset File
.BS7Windows 7 Boot Updater Skin
.LRTEMPLATEAdobe Lightroom Template
.MCLWindows Media Center Link File
.LH3DLive Home 3D Project
.A7PAuthorware 7 Project
.SEDIExpress Self Extraction Directive File
.ISSInno Setup Script
.RMSKINRainmeter Skin File
.CFGConfiguration File
.L4DCinema 4D Layout File
.TSITraktor Settings File
.WCZChameleon Clock Wallpaper File
.PRMParameter File
.BLOBValve Steam Archive
.FFXAfter Effects Preset File
.XTPAutoCAD Exported Tool Palettes File
.MSTWindows Installer Setup Transform File
.A2THEMEAston 2 Theme File
.CEXSolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vault Export File
.RPS3ds Max Render Preset Settings
.OBTOpenbox Theme File
.ISPIIS Internet Service Provider Settings
.FXPFX Preset File
.VSSETTINGSVisual Studio Settings File
.OVPNOpenVPN Configuration File
.PROPDESCProperty Description
.TPFSPSS Text Wizard Document
.PRFPSETPremiere Pro Filter Preset File
.SKINInstallShield Skin File
.ACOAdobe Photoshop Color Swatch File
.EXAMPLEExample Configuration File
.RDPRemote Desktop Configuration File
.ASLPhotoshop Style
.MDSTestComplete Project File
.CUIXAutoCAD Custom User Interface File
.CFGLightWave Configuration File
.SXIEShareX Image Effect File
.ICSTInCopy Document Preset File
.VQCVirtual CD Quick Copy File
.ATZAston Compiled Theme
.IHWIN-HEH Timeline Workspace
.M2SMaxthon 2 Browser Skin File
.ICMImage Color Matching Profile
.MSNHost Blocking File
.DOLPHINVIEWDolphin Folder View Settings File
.MOTRApple Motion Transition Project Template
.DCSTAdobe InDesign Document Presets File
.UCTUC Browser Theme File
.KPLKrita Color Palette
.3DL3D Lookup Table File
.HD3DHome Design 3D Project
.ZONOmniPage Zone Template File
.DOKDesktopOK Icons Layout File
.UISWindowBlinds User Interface Specification
.XUIXbox 360 User Interface File
.ADPPAdobe Device Profile Package
.NP4NetPoint 4 Schedule File
.CNFTelnet Configuration File
.WMSWindows Media Skin
.ASEFAdobe Swatch Exchange File
.LRSMCOLAdobe Lightroom Smart Collection Settings File
.FETCHMIRRORFetch Mirror Document
.MNUAutoCAD Interface Layout File
.LVALogitech Video Effects Avatar File
.C2RWindows Media Center Click-To-Record File
.QTPQuickTime Preferences File
.TLOSPSS TableLooks File
.IIPInstall Creator Pro Project File
.QVPPQlikView Extension Properties Page File
.CAMPWCS Color Appearance Model Profile File
.AIPAdvanced Installer Project
.VCPREFNorton Antivirus Preferences File
.RNXRealPlayer Settings File
.OSDXSearch Connector Description File
.ICDInstallable Client Driver File
.TSKPocket PC Skin
.ISSInstallShield Silent Response File
.COSTYLECapture One Style File
.BCPBlackMagic Custom Palette
.WMEWindows Media Encoder Session File
.COPRESETCapture One Preset File
.DICPROOFMicrosoft Dictionary Proofing File
.PENPaint Shop Pro Pen Preset File
.DINFODivX Temporary Video Info File
.PROPERTIESJava Properties File
.CONFGeneric Configuration File
.GIDWindows Help Global Index File
.BTSEARCHBitTorrent Search Engine File
.BINBlackBerry IT Policy File
.MSTCorel Presentations Master Template File
.CONFUnix Configuration File
.BOOTInstallShield Boot File
.SFOCuteFTP Search File
.SOLFlash Local Shared Object File
.INFSetup Information File
.XTREMEWinstep Xtreme Theme Pack
.PIPOffice Personalized Settings File
.ZAPZero Administration Package File
.CUIAutodesk Custom Workspace File
.DS_STOREMac OS X Folder Settings File
.ODCOffice Data Connection File
.EHIHTTP Injector Config File
.ONETOC2Microsoft OneNote Table of Contents File
.DOWNLOADHOSTMSN Download Settings File
.EFTXOffice 2007 Theme Effect File
.CLGWindows Catalog File
.QSSQt Style Sheet
.XDRXML-Data Reduced File
.RLLMicrosoft Resource Library
.TRXPASSOLO Translation List File
.RCFSonicWALL VPN Configuration File
.XPADDERCONTROLLERXpadder Controller Profile
.APPLICATIONClickOnce Deployment Manifest File
.WFCWindows Wireless Network Settings File
.INIWindows Initialization File
.AIUAdvanced Installer Updates Configuration File
.APPREF-MSMicrosoft Application Reference File
.CVAHP System Software Manager Information File
.OBIOutlook RSS Subscription File
.TDFTitle Definition Format File
.DUCKCyberduck Bookmark
.CHXAutoCAD Standards Check File
.LFOAlchemy Low Frequency Oscillator Presets File
.CMPWindows Connection Manager Profile
.PSFPhotoshop Proof Settings File
.OPTOptions File
.WFPWondershare Filmora Project File
.ACROBATSECURITYSETTINGSAdobe Acrobat Security Settings File
.KSFKMPlayer Skin File
.QRCQt Resource Collection File
.CPXOracle ADF Binding Context File
.FTEdgecam Feature Template
.NKPKontakt Presets File
.EMMMindMaple Map
.ATCAutoCAD Tool Catalog File
.SCPRESETSSnap Converter Presets File
.DIRECTORYKDE Folder View Properties File
.PROFILECitrix Application Profile
.PRSource Insight Project
.PLISTmacOS Property List
.LVFLogitech Video Effects File
.PS1XMLWindows PowerShell Display Configuration File
.ACBAdobe Photoshop Color Book File
.BGIBgInfo Configuration File
.PTFPSP Theme File
.TMTHEMETextMate Theme File
.VPSVirtual CD Copy Template
.NVPNVivo for Windows Project
.VMXFVMware Team Member File
.PERFMONCFGPerformance Monitor Configuration File
.CTBAutoCAD Color-Based Plot Style File
.AVSAvid Project Preferences File
.TPARKThemePark Project File
.RDFResource Description Framework File
.IPCCiPhone Carrier Bundle
.IDPPAdobe InDesign Preflight Profile
.PRFOutlook Profile File
.LOOKSpeedGrade Look File
.VMCWindows Virtual Machine Configuration File
.ACTAdobe Color Table File
.INSInternet Settings File
.CHLWinFast PVR2 Channel List
.BLWAdobe Photoshop Black and White Presets File
.PJSTestComplete Project Suite File
.OPSOffice Profile Settings File
.BCMXBusiness Contact Manager Customization
.GPSGenePix Settings File
.VNCVNC Configuration File
.VBOXOracle VM VirtualBox Settings File
.DSXDAZ Studio XML File
.FCCForms Credential Collector File
.ENSEndNote Style File
.BKSNTBackup Settings File
.KYSAdobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts File
.KBD3ds Max Keyboard Shortcuts File
.WVEWondershare Filmora Project File
.WMZWindows Media Player Skin Package
.FATZinf Theme File
.A2MTS-AudioToMIDI Settings File
.BCSBatch Compiler Specification File
.ALVAdobe Photoshop Levels File
.TVCTurbo View & Convert Batch Presets File
.PSC1Windows PowerShell Console File
.QXWQ Light Controller+ Workspace File
.VUEFoxPro 2.x View Settings
.ZPIPDF Converter Index File
.ACVPhotoshop Curves File
.SZWinamp Classic Skin Download
.RULESETVisual Studio Code Analysis Rule Set File
.CSPLANSPSS Sampling Plan File
.PROPSVisual Studio Project Property File
.VPHVirtualPhotographer Custom Settings
.MXSPainter Color Mixer Pad
.STARTUPINFOE-Prime 2.0 Startup Info File
.ENZEndNote Connection File
.GTPGNOME Theme Package File
.HDTPhotoshop HDR Toning Preset File
.RDWReal-DRAW Project File
.SETTINGCONTENT-MSWindows Settings File
.DR5Dramatica Story Expert Project
.EQFWinamp Equalizer Preset File
.SPPSubstance Painter Project
.OEMOEM Setup File
.WCXRemoteApp and Desktop Connections Configuration File
.CSKINCD Art Display Skin File
.MSMWindows Installer Merge Module
.MOTIApple Motion Title Project Template
.GPLGIMP Palette
.EXPORTEDUIMicrosoft Office Exported UI Customization File
.GMWGlobal Mapper Workspace File
.MLKMasterCook Look File
.CSFAdobe Color Settings File
.PREFPreferences File
.VLTVLC Media Player Skin File
.SLTMozilla User Profile Folder
.VMXVMware Virtual Machine Configuration File
.WSZWinamp Classic Skin
.JWSJava Workspace Settings File
.SLSoftware License File
.PRFDirector Preferences File
.FMTFoxPro Format File
.ICACitrix ICA File
.IXdtSearch Index File
.BAUApache OpenOffice AutoText File
.SW2Softwrap License File
.SYNW-PROJSynWrite Project
.VSPROPSVisual Studio Project Property File
.PRXWindows Media Profile File
.FDLaTeX Font Definition File
.AIAAdobe Illustrator Action File
.MOFManaged Object Format File
.PIEGlovePIE Controller Script
.POLICYJava Policy Implementation File
.DCPAdobe DNG Camera Profile
.ASPAdobe Color Separation Setup File
.THEMEGTK Theme Index File
.COSCapture One Settings File
.PALPainter Custom Palettes File
.MOEFApple Motion Effect Project Template
.EWPRJUltiboard Layout Project
.FLSTAdobe InDesign Flattener Presets File
.ARSAfter Effects Render Settings File
.XSTWebSphere Query Template
.STEDreamweaver Site Settings File
.GWSGeoMedia GeoWorkspace File
.PVSParallels Desktop Configuration File
.UTZUIQ Theme Package
.GRDPhotoshop Gradient File
.SQDConfiguration Settings File
.MPTMicrosoft Project Template
.COMPFusion Composition File
.ACWWindows Accessibility Wizard File
.DARDVD Architect Project
.OTZOpenLP Theme File
.RPKRadLight Media Player Skin
.ELMOffice Theme File
.PMCPerformance Monitor Counter File
.PHAOL Phone Home Settings File
.FCFirstClass Settings File
.HIDSony Ericsson Remote Settings File
.SMTSamsung Theme File
.ASEAdobe Swatch Exchange File
.KEYKeyboard Definition File
.NETDynagen Network Topology File
.RTSRoyal TS Remote Connection File
.VIMRCVim Runtime Configuration File
.MNSAutoCAD Interface Settings File
.P2MPhotoWorks Appearance File
.NPSNatron Node Presets File
.MTFMotorola Theme File
.CPGESRI Code Page File
.ALLJava RMI Policy File
.MOTNApple Motion Generator Project Template
.NGRRGuitar Rig Preset
.JKMJAWS Key Map File
.VMCXVirtual Machine Shell Information File
.HTHyperTerminal Session File
.SSSWindowBlinds Substyle File
.MATERIALRigs of Rods Texture Reference File
.JDFAdobe Acrobat Job Definition File
.INISymbian OS Configuration File
.AXTAdobe Photoshop Extract File
.MCWMonitor Calibration Wizard File
.PDPPalo Alto Software Plan Component File
.DSWVisual C++ 6 Workspace File
.FMPAutoCAD Font Map File
.UPFMicroStation User Preferences File
.ICCICC Profile
.REGRegistration Information File
.SRSOutlook Send/Receive Settings File
.PIOPro Tools I/O Settings File
.VMTMVMware Team Data File
.IKMPIK Multimedia Preset FIle
.NVCNikon Vignette Correction File
.NPFXNorton Internet Security Firewall Settings File
.RWSTYLERapidWeaver Style File
.SSL2Sunlight ScanLibrary 2 File
.THMXOffice 2007 Theme File
.FBTABBYY FineReader Document Options File
.HMEWindows Mobile Theme File
.STTSPSS Table Template
.TTSToolBook Translation System File
.GAGenetic Art Image Parameters
.AHLeMule Metadata File
.T3DTicTacTi Advertisement Definition File
.PHBPhtotoBase Album File
.SKIMotorola Phone Skin File
.XPLLcdStudio Playlist File
.EQLMathType Settings
.FRAMESxScope Frames File
.MGKImageMagick Configuration File
.RDOXerox Rawster Document Object File
.MAILHOSTMSN Mailhost Settings File
.WCValve Hammer Configuration File
.NWVDragon NaturallySpeaking User Archive
.TSZTrillian Skin File
.CPTMCaptivate Theme File
.EUMEnterprise User Monitor Configuration File
.GROWLTICKETGrowl Notification File
.CHROMAEFFECTSSynapse 3 Chroma Configuration
.DCLAutoCAD Dialog Definition File
.DEFTJuice Grinder Defaults File
.SLBKSmart Launcher Home Screen Backup
.TVTEMPLATEmimoLive Template
.NJINero Job Information File
.KCBKindle Create Book File
.TSMTwinCAT System Manager Configuration File
.OTPUOrigin Unicode Graph Template
.VCOMPSV-Comp Setup File
.S2MLStarCraft 2 Map Localization File
.ICURSORFXiCursor Effect File
.TWCTTWin Configuration File
.RADCitrix Rapid Application Delivery File
.OMSHP Printer Substrate Presets Package File
.AHUAdobe Photoshop HSL File
.CMATEControllerMate File
.BITPIMBitPim Configuration File
.MSKNMediaMonkey Skin File
.DVTCOLORTHEMEXcode Color Theme File
.USERPROFILENorton AntiVirus User Profile File
.PCTLKaspersky Parental Control Settings File
.PXBPixelmator Brush File
.SPFSlingplayer Favorites File
.VTPRStudio Store Visualizer Project
.LCCCapture One Lens Cast Correction File
.NCFGArcGIS Explorer Configuration File
.NDCPersonal Communications Settings File
.EXE4JExe4j Configuration File
.DDFDiamond Directive File
.PRFQuarkXPress Preferences File
.PGPAutoCAD Program Parameters File
.MMPSymbian Project Specification File
.FTPQUOTAFtpquota File
.XLBMicrosoft Excel Toolbar Settings File
.STDPROMT Translator Document
.TERMINALTerminal Settings File
.QATMicrosoft Office Quick Access Toolbar File
.SCRIBEVideoScribe Project
.ITTIconTweaker Theme File
.GINGEMS Engine Control Unit File
.AVEAvid User File
.ACBAutoCAD Color Book File
.DTSCONFIGSSIS Package Configuration File
.STORYISTTHEMEStoryist Application Theme File
.AHSAdobe Halftone Screen File
.DRMCubase Drum Map File
.XURXbox 360 Binary User Interface File
.TYPEIT4METypeIt4Me Clippings File
.SCHStrater Scheme File
.ATHAlienware AlienFX Theme File
.SKNAvant Browser Skin File
.JOYCryENGINE Facial Editor Joystick File
.CDRTCorelDRAW Template
.MXSKINMaxthon Skin File
.CTBODYFITTINGCrazyTalk Animator Actor Fitting File
.IAFOutlook Internet Account File
.ZPFForm•Z Preferences File
.SGTSPSS Chart Template
.NDQuickBooks Network Data File
.AMSAdobe Monitor Setup File
.ASKAbleton Live Skin File
.KDSKD Player Skin File
.WIFWeaving Interchange Format File
.INIGravis UltraSound Bank Setup File
.AOMAfter Effects Output Module
.AWCAVActiveWorlds Custom Avatar File
.PMJPegasus Mail Configuration File
.XTODVDConvertXtoDVD Project File
.PRSBatch & Print Pro Printer Settings File
.BRGProjectWise User Settings File
.ASTAdobe Color Separations Table
.RFQRoboForm SearchCard File
.FWTFacetWin Configuration File
.IITInstall Creator Project File
.PRO5TEMPLATEProPresenter 5 Template
.GTKRCGTK+ Theme File
.ARGAutoCAD Profile
.ASWACDSee Slideshow Wizard File
.CPFCab Provisioning Format File
.WORKBibble Work Queue File
.DSFDramatica Pro Project
.FTHFileMaker Theme File
.CPRAdobe Captivate Preferences File
.DBBSkype User Information File
.SNXPISnoop Workspace File
.CGRQuest3D Channel Group File
.VMPLVMware Policy File
.ABSTurboZIP Auto Compress Script
.LOPMasterCook Layout File
.PSPPhotoshop Preferences File
.DUNDial Up Network File
.GCSXMicrosoft Office SmartArt Color File
.PDADJPhotoDirector Preset File Configuration File
.GQSXMicrosoft Office SmartArt Styles File
.BCPBatch Compiler Preset File
.MMDCMediaMonkey Device Configuration File
.SSLSunlight ScanLibrary File
.CSAPLANSPSS Analysis Plan File
.SCPCFGSuperCard Project Configuration File
.LIGHTKEYPROJLightkey Project
.SPFXSqueeze Presets File
.XVMVMware Console Configuration File
.MASKSpeedGrade Color Mask File
.GVIMRCGVim Runtime Configuration File
.DXPDexpot Profile File
.VMXCubase Mixer Settings File
.QFNokia Maps Version File
.MOBIRISEMobirise Project File
.MPDCONFMusic Player Daemon File
.PSYThe Psychedelic Screen Saver Settings File
.WZCONFIGWinZip Configuration File
.TLXLG Commercial Television Configuration File
.CYBERDUCKPROFILECyberduck Connection Profile
.PXGPixelmator Gradient File
.DXLSDashXL Skin Set File
.LXSOPTLiquid XML Studio Project Options File
.PAPERSPainter Paper Texture File
.EXPSonicWALL Preference File
.RCTVisual Studio Resource Template
.QVTQlikView Theme File
.IKFINTUS Keyboard File
.LYTXcalibur Layout File
.BLTAIM Buddy List
.GPSGOM Player Skin File
.SKNSymbian OS Skin File
.PROFIMAILProfiMail Settings File
.CPSCaptivate Styles File
.PMLPyre Properties File
.VBX6SETTINGSVirusBarrier X6 Settings File
.RASKINPLACERaskin Place Layout File
.SPJSPSS Production Job File
.CLRCryptLoad Router Information File
.FNCFrogans Player Network Certificate
.MSWPainter Color Mixer Swatches
.CYBERDUCKLICENSECyberduck Donation Key

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