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.ASP File Extension

File Type 1Active Server Page

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This file is saved in a plain text format. You can open and view the contents of this file using a text editor.

What is an ASP file?

An ASP file is a webpage created by a web developer that resides on a web server and may contain scripts written in VBScript or JavaScript. It is parsed on the server, which generates HTML that is sent to the client's browser. ASP files are commonly used by ASP.NET sites and websites hosted on Windows servers running Microsoft IIS.

More Information

ASP files are similar to .HTML files but are used a little differently. When a web browser requests an HTML file, the server just sends the file. However, when a web browser requests an ASP file, the server sends the request through the ASP engine, which parses the ASP file and generates plain HTML that is sent to the client's browser. Since ASP pages are processed on the server, website visitors do not see the actual ASP code, just the HTML generated from the scripts within the page. ASP pages typically use the ".asp" extension rather than ".html."

Since the release of ASP 1.0 in 1996, there have only been two other versions, ASP 2.0 in 1997 and ASP 3.0 in 2000. In 2002, Microsoft released ASP.NET, which superseded ASP. Now ASP is commonly referred to as Classic ASP or ASP Classic. Because of the wide implementation of the ASP.NET framework, ASP pages have largely been replaced by .ASPX pages. Some advantages of ASP.NET over ASP is the use of more languages such as C#, VB.NET, J#, and Delphi.NET, as well as improved performance with compiled code, more advanced debugging, and better run-time error handling.

Common ASP Filenames

Default.asp - The default webpage loaded when a client browser requests a Web server directory on a Microsoft IIS-based server. For example, when a client requests http://www.sampledomain.com/, the server loads http://www.sampledomain.com/Default.asp, unless it is configured to load a different file.

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Programs that open ASP files
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File Type 2Adobe Color Separation Setup File

DeveloperAdobe Systems
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File format categories include Binary, Text, XML, and Zip. The format of this file type has not been determined.

.ASP File Association 2

Contains color separation options that can be loaded by Adobe programs such as Photoshop; used for defining preferences for color separations when you print, export to PDF, or export your document to another program; includes ink color types, separation type, and ink limit; referenced for images using color modes such as RGB and CMYK; similar to the .AST Adobe file extension.

Programs that open ASP files
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