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Web Files

The Web Files category includes files related to websites and Web servers. These include static and dynamic webpages, Web applications, and files referenced by webpages. Files generated by Web development software are also included in this category.

Common Web file extensions include .HTML, .ASP, .PHP, and .CSS.

File Extension File Type Popularity
.BTAPPuTorrent App
.CRTSecurity Certificate
.MJSNode.js ES Module File
.FWTEMPLATEFreeway Template
.ASAXASP.NET Server Application File
.VRTVirtual World
.JSPAJava Servlet Alias
.FMP123 Flash Menu Project
.P7CPKCS #7 Certificate File
.CRDOWNLOADChrome Partially Downloaded File
.SSPScala Server Page
.SCSSSass Cascading Style Sheet
.SPCSoftware Publisher Certificate File
.WEBSITEInternet Explorer Pinned Site Shortcut
.ASCXASP.NET User Control File
.A5WAlpha Five Webpage File
.DLLDLL Dynamic Webpage
.WHTTHTTrack Website Copier File
.PHPPHP Source Code File
.CSSCascading Style Sheet
.XULXML User Interface Language File
.DOWNLOADPartially Downloaded File
.BMLBean Markup Language File
.CSHTMLASP.NET Razor Webpage
.DWTDreamweaver Webpage Template
.DCRShockwave Media File
.VSDISCODISCO Dynamic Discovery Document
.RJSRuby Javascript File
.OBML16Opera Mini Saved Webpage
.SITES2iWeb Website Design Project
.SITESiWeb Website Design Project
.SHTMLServer Side Include HTML File
.STCContribute Connection Key File
.DMLDynaScript File
.AWMAllWebMenus Project File
.CODASITECoda Site File
.DHTMLDynamic HTML file
.AROSteelArrow Web Application File
.WEBBOOKMARKSafari Web Bookmark File
.CHMCompiled HTML Help File
.JSONJavaScript Object Notation File
.JSJavaScript File
.A4PA4Desk Pro Project File
.KITCodeKit File
.WSDLWeb Services Description Language File
.APPCACHEHTML5 Cache Manifest File
.HTMHypertext Markup Language File
.SITEGoLive Website Project File
.COMPRESSEDWordCompress Compacted Webpage
.OAMAdobe Edge Animate Widget File
.P7BPKCS #7 Certificate File
.ASPXActive Server Page Extended File
.TPLHTTP File Server Template
.PACProxy Auto-Config File
.PEMPrivacy Enhanced Mail Certificate
.SEAMSeam Framework Java Servlet File
.URLInternet Shortcut
.SVRCompressed Virtual World
.ASAASP Configuration File
.DOCHTMLMicrosoft Word HTML Document
.DAPAccess Data Access Page
.ZULZK User Interface File
.HTMLHypertext Markup Language File
.WBSWebBlender Project File
.EWPEwisoft Website Project File
.GSPIMail Error Message File
.APActive Page
.PROAdobe Proto Design File
.DERDER Certificate File
.XHTMExtensible Hypertext Markup Language Document
.HARHTTP Archive FIle
.ASRActionScript Remote Document
.RSSRich Site Summary
.DISCODISCO Discovery Document
.STRMStream Location File
.GSPGroovy Server Page
.EPIBRWWeb File Location
.XPDXML Pipeline Document
.ASHXASP.NET Web Handler File
.XSSXML Style Sheet
.FWPMicrosoft Expression Web Package
.VDWVisio Web Drawing
.ASPActive Server Page
.HTCHTML Component File
.GNEFlickr Webpage
.SDBSocialDecks Blog File
.OBMLOpera Mini Saved Webpage
.BOKProStores Dynamic Webpage
.PHP2PHP 2 Web Page
.BRBrotli Compressed File
.BROWSERASP.NET Browser Definition File
.P12Personal Information Exchange File
.SRFServer Response File
.ZHTMLRabbitWeb Webpage
.AXDASP.NET Web Handler File
.WEBLOCmacOS Website Location
.RHTMLRuby HTML Web Page
.CONConcept Application Source File
.ALXActiveX Layout Control File
.OPMLOutline Processor Markup Language File
.CHATIRC Chat Configuration File
.CSRCertificate Signing Request File
.NZBNewzBin Usenet Index File
.JNLPJava Web Start File
.DOJava Servlet
.NODENode.js Binary Addon File
.SPARKLESparkle Website Project
.H5PHTML5 Content Package
.PHP4PHP 4 Web Page
.FWTEMPLATEBFreeway Template Bundle
.SHTHTML File with Server Side Includes
.CMSContent Management System
.HYPERESOURCESHype Resources Folder
.OLPOffice Live Package
.MAFFMozilla Archive Format File
.CHAIRC Chat Configuration File
.ADROpera Bookmarks File
.QFQompose Web Page Template
.CFMColdFusion Markup File
.UHTMLUC Browser Saved Webpage
.XBELXBEL Bookmarks File
.CERInternet Security Certificate
.WEBXara Web Document
.JSPXXML Java Server Page
.JSPJava Server Page
.MHTMHTML Web Archive
.WPPWebPlus Project File
.CRLCertificate Revocation List File
.AEXAlpha Five Compiled Global Functions File
.WMLWireless Markup Language File
.SASSSyntactically Awesome StyleSheets File
.HDMLHandheld Device Markup Language File
.PRFPICS Rules File
.WRFWebEx Recording
.OTHOpenDocument HTML Template
.UCFWebEx Media File
.ITMSiTunes Music Store Link File
.DOTHTMLMicrosoft Word HTML Document Template
.JSSJavaScript Style Sheet File
.PPTMHTMLMicrosoft PowerPoint MIME HTML Presentation
.SHTMHTML Server Side Include File
.PAGEHybridJava Web Page
.DBMColdFusion Server File
.FREEWAYFreeway Document
.IQYInternet Query
.EDGEAdobe Edge Project File
.MVCMivaScript Compiled File
.WDGTOpera Widget
.HXSHelp 2 Compiled Help File
.QBOQuickBooks Online Bank Statement File
.CSPConcept Server Page
.HYPEHype Document
.SVCWCF Web Service File
.XHTMLExtensible Hypertext Markup Language File
.PSPPL/SQL Server Page
.JHTMLJava HTML Web Page
.WEBARCHIVESafari Web Archive
.XBLExtensible Binding Language File
.VBDVisual Basic ActiveX Document
.WIDGETHybridJava Widget
.WEBARCHIVEXMLAndroid Web Browser Archive
.ESPROJEspresso Project File
.RTRealText Streaming Text File
.ZHTMLSecure IE Zipped HTML File
.BWPBuRg3r Web Page
.RW3RapidWeaver 3 Site File
.P7PKCS #7 Digital Certificate File
.RWSWRapidWeaver Site File
.WOAWebObjects Application
.ASMXASP.NET Web Service File
.HYPETEMPLATEHype Document Template
.HYPESYMBOLHype Symbol File
.STLCertificate Trust List
.FWTBFreeway Template Bundle
.OBML15Opera Mini Saved Webpage
.XDAdobe XD Document
.PHTMPHP-Based Web Page
.OGNCDynamic Web Page
.TPLPrestaShop Template File
.MUSEAdobe Muse Website Project
.PUBPublic Key File
.ZVZPossible Virus File
.ECEEscenic Dynamic Web Page
.MSPXMicrosoft ASP.NET Web Page
.XWSXara Web Designer Graphic
.TVPITitanTV Television Listing File
.WGPWeb Gallery Project
.WEBHISTORYSafari Web History File
.DISCOMAPDISCO Discovery Output File
.IDCInternet Database Connector File
.JWSJava Web Services File
.ATTWeb Form Post Data File
.LBCCloaked Affiliate Link Builder Saved Link
.TVVITitanTV Television Listing File
.PHP3PHP 3 Web Page
.SWZAdobe Flash Player Cache File
.ATOMAtom Syndication Format
.DOCMHTMLMicrosoft Word MIME HTML Document
.CDFChannel Definition Format
.RFLWEdge Reflow Data File
.NODNetObjects Fusion File
.PHP5PHP 5 Web Page
.WGTOpera Widget File
.HTXHTML Extension File
.SUCKSiteSucker Website File
.LASSOLasso Database-Driven Web Page
.MAPImage Map
.RWPRapidWeaver Package
.PPTHTMLMicrosoft PowerPoint HTML Presentation
.VLPLiveSite Project
.NXGeSite Builder NXG Web Page
.LESSLESS Style Sheet
.WNWN Web File
.SAVEDDECKNokia Saved Web Page
.CCBJSCopperCube JavaScript File
.STPSharePoint Template
.QBXBlocks Landing Page File
.WPXWebPlus Project Template
.ITPCiTunes Podcast Link File
.PTWAutoCAD Publish To Web File
.IWDGTiWeb Widget File
.JVSJavaScript Proxy Autoconfig File
.RWTHEMERapidWeaver Theme
.NDJSONNewline Delimited JSON File
.MAPXMapjects Client Webparts File
.ANAdobe Edge Animate Project File
.MVRIBM HotMedia Multimedia File
.CPHDCloudChan Pre-processed Hypertext Document
.JSTJavaServer Page Document
.ZFOXSL-FO Online Form
.MOZMozilla Cache File
.STMSSI Web Page
.QRMQworum Message File
.CFMLColdFusion Markup Language File
.JCZLiquid Motion Animation
.CPGCool Page Project File
.FACESJavaServer FacesServlet Pointer