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CD-Text File

Developer Sony
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What is a CDT file?

Audio disc metadata file created by disc ripping, authoring, and burning applications; contains CD-Text data, which may describe the album name and song information; often saved with a .CUE and .BIN file that together comprise the data for an audio disc image.

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CD-Text is part of the Red Book CD standard, which was developed by Sony and Philips.

NOTE: VideoLAN VLC media player can open CD-Text files on Windows and Linux platforms with support from the libcdio library.

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Programs that open or reference CDT files

CorelDRAW Template (Legacy)

Developer Corel
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A CDT file may also be a template created by CorelDRAW, an image editing and page layout program included with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. It contains properties for a new document, including graphic and object fill settings and page, ruler, grid, guideline, and style properties. Corel replaced CDT files with .CDRT files.

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Screenshot of a .cdt file in CorelDRAW 2024
CDT file open in CorelDRAW 2024

CorelDRAW is one of several apps, along with PHOTO-PAINT, included in the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. It has many tools for modifying graphics and documents and provides templates for users looking to make multiple CDR documents or images with the same layout or style. Before being replaced by CDRT files, CorelDRAW users would create CDT files to compose documents such as letters, postcards, images, icons, web pages, web banners, and brochures with similar formatting and content.

How to create a CDT file with CorelDRAW

While Corel replaced CDT files, you can still create a CDT template from a CDR file. To create a CDT file, select File → Save as Template. You can also edit one of Corel's many pre-made templates available online and then save it as a CDT file. To access these templates in the application, select File - > New from Template.

How to open a CDT file

You can open a CDT file with the CorelDRAW application included with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite in Windows and macOS. To open a CDT file, select File → Open... or New from Template.

You can also open CDT files with Corel Presentations (Windows), Canvas X Pro (Windows), and Inkscape (multiplatform).

How to convert a CDT file

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite can convert CDT files to many formats. To convert a CDT file with CorelDRAW, select File → Export... and choose one of the following formats:

  • .JPG - JPEG Image
  • .PNG - Portable Network Graphic
  • .SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics File
  • .EPS - Encapsulated PostScript File
  • .DWG - AutoCAD Drawing
  • .DXF - Drawing Exchange Format
  • .PSD - Adobe Photoshop Document
  • .AI - Adobe Illustrator Artwork
  • .DOC - Microsoft Word Document (Legacy)
  • .PDF - Portable Document Format

Programs that open CDT files

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM Template (Legacy)

Developer Computer Systems Odessa
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A CDT file may also be a diagram template created by CS Odessa ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, a diagramming application. It stores a diagram, similar to a .CDD file, which stores preset shapes, lines, text, and symbols, but users primarily use it to generate new diagrams with similar content and design. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM users may design CDT templates, or CS Odessa may include them with the software.

More Information

Screenshot of a .cdt file in CS Odessa ConceptDraw DIAGRAM 16
CDT file open in CS Odessa ConceptDraw DIAGRAM 16

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is an amateur and professional diagramming application for Windows and macOS. You can use the app to document simple and complex processes, such as the timeline of an anniversary party for your parents or the intricacies of the rollout process of enterprise software.

The CDT format was the default format for saving diagram templates in ConceptDraw PRO before CS Odessa replaced it with the .CDTZ format when it released version 10 of the software (and eventually renamed the app to ConceptDraw DIAGRAM). However, the software can still save diagram templates as CDT files (select File → Save As..., then choose ConceptDraw Template from the "File Format" dropdown menu).

How to open a CDT file

You can open CDT files with CS Odessa ConceptDraw DIAGRAM in Windows and macOS. To open a CDT file, select File → Open.

How to convert a CDT file

CS Odessa ConceptDraw DIAGRAM can convert CDT files to various file types, including the following formats:

  • .CDDZ - ConceptDraw DIAGRAM Document
  • .CDD - ConceptDraw DIAGRAM Document (Legacy)
  • .PPTX - Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  • .VSDX - Microsoft Visio Drawing
  • .VDX - Visio Drawing XML File
  • .JPG - JPEG Image
  • .PNG - Portable Network Graphic
  • .SVG - Scalable Vector Graphic
  • .PDF - Portable Document Format File
  • .SWF - Shockwave Flash Movie

Programs that open CDT files

Super Mario Maker Course Data

Developer Nintendo
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A CDT file may also be a game level created by Super Mario Maker, a Super Mario level creator available for the Wii U. It contains binary data specifying a level's layout, including placed blocks, enemies, and other objects, settings, and metadata. While CDT files are meant to be opened only in Super Mario Maker, some modders have created utilities that can read the data CDT files contain.

More Information

Super Mario Maker is a Wii U game that allows players to create and play their own Super Mario levels. Players can also publish their levels online so others can play them.

Levels created using Super Mario Maker are saved as CDT files. These files include level data, such as the level's game mode, theme, and layout, and metadata such as the level's creation date and time.

How to open a CDT file

CDT files are meant to be opened in Super Mario Maker. However, players have created some utilities, such as SMM Course Viewer (Web) and Mario Unmaker (multiplatform), that allow them to view the level a CDT file contains outside Super Mario Maker.

Programs that open CDT files


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