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Disk Image Files

Disk image files contain an exact copy of a hard disk or other type of media. They include all the files, as well as the file system information. This allows disk images to be used for duplicating disks, CDs, and DVDs. They are often used for backup purposes as well.

Common disk image file extensions include .ISO, .DMG, and .TOAST.

File Extension File Type Popularity
.TOASTToast Disc Image
.CUECue Sheet File
.MDFMedia Disc Image File
.BINBinary Disc Image
.ISODisc Image File
.VCDVirtual CD
.DMGMac OS X Disk Image
.VDIVirtualBox Virtual Disk Image
.XVAXenServer Virtual Appliance File
.CCDCloneCD Disc Image
.DISCToast Document
.IMGDisc Image Data File
.ECMECM Disc Image
.DMGPARTMac OS X Disk Image Part
.CDIDiscJuggler Disc Image
.NRINero ISO CD Compilation File
.PVMParallels Virtual Machine
.VMDKVirtual Machine Disk File
.MDXExtended Media Descriptor File
.NRGNero CD/DVD Image File
.EX01EnCase Evidence Image File
.IMGMacintosh Disk Image
.OMGImage File
.VHDVirtual PC Virtual Hard Disk
.FLPFloppy Disk Image
.MINISOMini Image Destination File
.DAXPSP Compressed ISO Disc Image
.BIFBoot Information File
.MBIMulti-Bootable Information File
.CL5Easy CD Creator 5 Saved Project
.RCLEasy CD and DVD Creator 6 Project
.UIBAKUltraISO Backup Disk Image
.DISKLinux Virtual Hard Disk
.XVDXbox Virtual Disk
.B6TBlindWrite 6 Track Information File
.ISZZipped ISO Disk Image
.WIMWindows Imaging Format File
.CSOCompressed ISO Disk Image
.IXAUlead Disc Image format
.SQFSSquash FS Bootable File
.DVDCloneCD DVD Information File
.BWABlindWrite Disk Information File
.BWSBlindWrite Sub Code File
.PMFPartition Image File
.ADZCompressed Amiga Disk File
.FDIAmiga Disk Image
.LX01EnCase Logical Evidence File
.HDDParallels Desktop Hard Disk File
.VMWAREVMVMware Fusion Virtual Machine
.GBIgBurner Project File
.HFVHFS Disk Image
.AVHDHyper-V SnapShot File
.HDIHard Disk Image
.SCOTotalRecovery Backup Image
.E01EnCase Image File
.PGDPGP Disk Image
.AFFAFF Disk Image
.XDIWinArchiver Extended Disc Image File
.VFDVirtual Floppy Disk
.VHDXWindows 8 Virtual Hard Drive File
.HDSParallels Desktop Hard Disk File
.VCXVirtual Disc Definition File
.SUBCloneCD Subchannel File
.P2IPower2Go Disc Image
.B6IBlindWrite 6 Disc Image
.DXPCDBurnerXP Data Compilation File
.MRIMGMacrium Reflect Disk Image
.CDRMacintosh DVD/CD Master
.CFSCompact File Set Archive
.WMTWinMount Virtual Disk File
.ASHDISCAshampoo Burning Studio Image
.CISOCompact ISO File
.SDSKSafeHouse Private Storage Volume
.IBBImgBurn Project File
.DBRDeepBurner Disc Project
.P2GPower2Go Project File
.VCOVirtual CD Collection File
.T64Commodore 64 Tape Image File
.VAPORCDNorum Vapor CD
.IMAGEApple Disk Image
.IMADisk Image
.X64Commodore 64 Disk Image
.FCDVirtual CD Format
.GIGlobal Image
.ADFAmiga Disk File
.VDIVirtuo CD Manager Disk Image
.IBPIsoBuster Managed Image Information File
.IBQIsoBuster Managed Image File
.DAAPowerISO Direct-Access-Archive
.PDIInstantCopy Disc Image
.PXIPlexTools Disc Image
.D64Commodore 64 Disk Image
.BWIBlindWrite CD/DVD Disc Image
.LCDCDSpace Emulated Disk Image
.BWTBlindWrite 4 Disk Image
.UIFUniversal Image Format Disc Image
.TCTrueCrypt Volume
.VCDFarStone Virtual Drive
.MD1GEAR CD/DVD Disc Image
.LNXAtari Lynx ROM
.P01GEAR CD/DVD Disc Image
.EDAEnsoniq ASR Disk Image
.EDEEnsoniq EPS Disk Image
.TZXZX Spectrum Tape Image File
.MDSMedia Descriptor File
.I00DVD Shrink Part 1 File
.STAtari ST Disk Image
.DSKDisk Image
.VC4Virtual CD Disc Image
.XMDExtended Media Disc Image
.I01DVD Shrink Part 2 File
.I02DVD Shrink Part 3 File
.MD2Alcohol Disk Image Segment 2
.MD0Alcohol Disk Image Segment 1
.PARTIMGPartimage File
.MD1Alcohol Disk Image Segment 2
.EDKEnsoniq KT Disk Image
.DMSDisk Masher Image
.EDSEnsoniq SQ-80 Disk Image
.TD0Teledisk Archive
.EDVEnsoniq VFX-SD Disk Image
.EUIEnsoniq EPS Compacted Disk Image
.GKHEnsoniq EPS Family Disk Image
.TIBAcronis True Image File
.D01VirtualDrive Disc Image Part 2 File
.AFMAFF Metadata File
.CDMNTI CD-Maker Image
.AFDAFF Disk Image Part File
.RATDVDRatDVD Disk Image
.SMISelf-Mounting Disk Image
.D00VirtualDrive Disc Image Part File
.VOLARCHIVECopyCatX Volume Archive
.IMZWinImage Compressed Disk Image
.K3BK3b Disk Burning Project File
.QCOWQEMU Copy On Write Disk Image
.PGXHopedot VOS Data File
.WINCLONEWinclone Image
.PQIPowerQuest Drive Image
.WBICompact ISO File
.L01EnCase Logical Evidence File
.GCDPrassi CD Image
.NNNero CD File List
.SIMGSynclavier Disk Image File
.HFSHFS Disk Image File
.MLCMobaLiveCD File
.WLZWinImage Compressed Disk Image Set
.QCOW2QEMU Copy On Write Version 2 Disk Image
.GDRIVEGizmo Virtual Drive File
.FLGIsoPuzzle Flag File
.D88Toshiba Pasopia 7 Disk File
.ISOPlayStation 2 ROM File
.NCDNTI CD-Maker Disc Image
.FDDParallels Desktop Floppy Disk Image File
.SDIWindows System Deployment Image
.000Virtual CD Disc Image File
.ATRAtari Disk Image
.TAPCommodore 64 Cassette Tape Image
.RDFPowerProducer Disc Image
.TOCBrasero Table of Contents File
.UDFUniversal Disk Format File
.NDIFApple New Disk Image Format File
.P01Toast CD Image
.CDTCD-Text File
.DAODisk at Once CD/DVD Image
.TAOTrack at Once CD/DVD Image
.MIRMini-Image Ripper Disc Image
.B5IBlindWrite 5 Disk Image
.IMGFloppy Disk Image
.IPFInterchangeable Preservation File
.B5TBlindWrite 5 Disc Track Information File
.SWMSplit Windows Imaging Format File
.CIFEasy CD Creator Disk Image
.C2DWinOnCD Disc Image
.CDCD-i OptImage
.EDQEnsoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 Disk Image
.AAGeneric CD Image
.BDFMIDAS BDF Disk Image File
.XMFGameJack Disc Image File
.WILWinImage Disk Image List
.2MGApple IIGS Disk Image
.DVDRDVD/CD-R Master Image
.G41Commodore 1541 Disk Image
.BWZWinImage Batch Configuration File
.WIIScrambled Wii Disc Image
.UFSFreeBSD Unix File System File
.SOPTSynclavier Optical Disk Image File
.VC6Virtual CD 6 CD Image
.VC8Virtual CD 8 Disc Image
.DCFDisk Copy Fast Disk Image File
.NFIDreambox Disc Image