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.CCD File Extension

2 file types use the .ccd file extension.

File Type 1CloneCD Control File

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CategoryDisk Image Files

What is a CCD file?

A CCD file is a disk image file saved in the CloneCD Control (CCD) format. It contains control information, including track location and header data, for a corresponding .IMG file. To create a usable disk image, CCD files must be combined with an IMG file. Related CloneCD IMG, CCD, and .SUB files typically have the same filenames.

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SlySoft CloneCD was a CD and DVD burning application that could be used to make exact copies of music, video, and data discs, regardless of Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions. When CloneCD created a disk image from a disc, it saved the disk image data across a number of files. The disk image's main data was saved in an IMG file, its subchannel data was saved in a .SUB file, and its control data was saved in a CCD file. The disk image's control data specified what type of data the original disc contained, as well as how that data was structured.

When creating a new disc using CloneCD, users needed to supply the IMG, CCD, and SUB files CloneCD created from the original disc. While CloneCD is now discontinued, other disc-burning applications can still be used to combine CloneCD IMG, CCD, and SUB files into usable discs.

How do I open a CCD file?

You can use a CCD file and its corresponding IMG and SUB files to create discs in several Windows programs, including:

Linux users can use the program ccd2iso to transform a CloneCD disc image into an .ISO file.

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Programs that open CCD files

SlySoft CloneCD
SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive
Updated 2/22/2021

File Type 2ClickCharts Diagram

DeveloperNCH Software
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CategoryData Files
FormatText and Binary

.CCD File Association 2

A CCD file is a diagram created in NCH Software ClickCharts, a diagram creation program. It contains a visual representation of a hierarchy, process, system, or brainstorming session. ClickChart users can use CCD files to export diagrams as .PDF, .JPG, .PNG, and .PSD files.

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Screenshot of a .ccd file in NCH Software ClickCharts 5.8
CCD file open in NCH Software ClickCharts 5.8

ClickCharts is a multi-platform diagram creation tool that allows users to create organization charts, model systems and processes, and organize their thoughts. When a user saves a ClickCharts diagram, the diagram is saved in a CCD file. Users can share their CCD files with other ClickCharts users, or they can use their CCD files to export diagrams as PDFs and images.

How do I open a CCD file?

You can open a CCD file (ClickCharts Diagram) in ClickCharts (Windows, Mac, and Android). To do so, open ClickCharts and select File → Open... from the program's menu bar.

Programs that open CCD files

Updated 1/13/2021

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