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.BDF File Extension

File Type 1Binary Data File

3.7 (26 Votes)
CategoryData Files

What is a BDF file?

Binary data format readable by forensic data analysis programs; used for identifying raw data recovered from blocks of unallocated space on a hard drive.

More Information

BDF files are recognized by E-mail Detective, a forensic software program that can extract text and images from AOL email files.

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Programs that open BDF files
Updated 9/18/2007

File Type 2Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format

DeveloperAdobe Systems
3.6 (7 Votes)
CategoryFont Files

.BDF File Association 2

ASCII-based font format used on both Macintosh and Windows systems; stores Adobe screen fonts as human-readable data; must be placed in the system Fonts folder in order to be recognized by applications.

More Information

BDF files are referenced by programs that access system fonts.

Programs that open BDF files
Updated 6/13/2009

File Type 3Bulk Data Input File

DeveloperMSC Software
3.4 (7 Votes)
CategoryData Files

.BDF File Association 3

Input file used by MSC Nastran, a program that analyzes structures such as aircraft, buildings, and spacecraft; contains bulk data definitions to be input into MSC Nastran to analyze the stress and strain levels of model structures; includes information such as the name of the bulk data, the number of grids, and the node locations of the elements that make up the models; data appears in the FORTRAN programming language, which was originally developed by IBM, and stands for Formula Translating System.

More Information

BDF files are separated into 5 sections:

  1. Nastran Statement
  2. File Management
  3. Executive Control
  4. Case Control
  5. Bulk Data

NOTE: The BDF file is similar to the .NAS and .DAT files, which are used to input data by MSC Nastran.

Programs that open BDF files
Updated 1/24/2014

File Type 4BSDiff Patch File

3.8 (6 Votes)
CategoryGame Files

.BDF File Association 4

Patch format used to update video game ROMs; may also be used to produce patches for binary files.

More Information

Patching is commonly done to video game ROMs for one of two reasons. One reason is that the user wants to play a game in English that wasn't originally created for English users. The other reason is that the user wants to alter gameplay, such as the level order or character dialogue.

The bsdiff/bspatch tools can be used to create and apply BDF patch files:

  • To create a BDF patch file that makes your desired goodfile.123 from your original badfile.123, type bsdiff badfile.123 goodfile.123 patch.bdf.
  • To apply a BDF patch file to your badfile.123, which subsequently creates your goodfile.123, type bspatch badfile.123 goodfile.123 patch.bdf.

NOTE: The .BSDIFF file extension may also be used instead of the BDF extension but it is less common.

Programs that open BDF files
Updated 12/22/2014

File Type 5MIDAS BDF Disk Image File

3.3 (3 Votes)
CategoryDisk Image Files

.BDF File Association 5

Disk image format used by ESO-MIDAS ( European Southern Observatory-Munich Image Data Analysis System) software; used primarily for storing astronomy data, such as stellar and surface photometry.

More Information

Can be read and analyzed on Unix and Open VMS systems using ESO-MIDAS software.

Programs that open BDF files
Updated 2/7/2019

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