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.FLP File Extension

File Type 1FL Studio Project

4.2 (142 Votes)
CategoryAudio Files

What is an FLP file?

An FLP file is a project created by FL Studio, an application used to compose arrange, record, and edit music. It contains all of the data associated with a project, including demo plugins and music track settings.

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FLP files do not store the actual audio that appears in the project. Instead, the files contain references to the audio files. Therefore, if you move an FLP file or the files it references, such as a .WAV sample file, or SimSynth or DrumSynth preset file, the project may not play correctly in FL Studio.

NOTE: FL Studio was formerly known as FruityLoops, which was originally released in 1998. FruityLoops became FL Studio with the release of version 4 in March 2003.

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Programs that open FLP files
Image-Line FL Studio
Updated 2/11/2019

File Type 2Flash Project

DeveloperAdobe Systems
3.8 (16 Votes)
CategoryData Files

.FLP File Association 2

XML-based file that references all files used by a specific Macromedia Flash Project

Programs that open FLP files
Updated 2006

File Type 3ActivPrimary Flipchart File

3.5 (12 Votes)
CategoryData Files

.FLP File Association 3

Flipchart presentation created with Promethean educational lesson-planning programs such as ActivPrimary and ActivStudio; contains an interactive lesson plan that can be interacted with using electronic whiteboard hardware; used by teachers to store lesson plans for students.

More Information

Promethean's software product ActivInspire uses the .FLIPCHART extension, but can still open FLP files.

NOTE: If FruityLoops or FL Studio are installed on the same computer as ActivPrimary or ActivStudio, the Flipchart file association may be incorrectly assigned to FruityLoops or FL Studio. You can open the Flipchart files directly in Promethean software by selecting File → Open....

Programs that open FLP files
Updated 1/25/2011

File Type 4Floppy Disk Image

3.6 (8 Votes)
CategoryDisk Image Files

.FLP File Association 4

Disk image created from a 3.5" floppy disk; often created using an MS-DOS program or a program from an older version of Windows; can be used for storing bootable files and booting up guest operating systems on virtualized platforms; may also be used for copying the contents of a disk to multiple diskettes.

More Information

The floppy disk image program named fdimage.exe is a common MS-DOS program used to created FLP files. It is also included with FreeBSD installation CDs.

Programs that open FLP files
Updated 7/25/2017

File Type 5FlipAnim Project

2.0 (2 Votes)
CategorySettings Files

.FLP File Association 5

An FLP file contains a project created by Poklik FlipAnim, an online program used to create flipbook animations. It stores one or more drawings that make up a flipbook animation. FLP files also contain the settings for the animation, such as page speed, page transparency, and the zoom.

More Information

Screenshot of a .flp file in Poklik FlipAnim

FLP file open in Poklik FlipAnim

You can save a FlipAnim project as an FLP file by clicking the gear icon, then selecting the document icon with the red download arrow. Your web browser will then download the FLP file to your computer.

You can open a FlipAnim project by clicking the gear icon, selecting the document icon with the green upload arrow, then choosing the FLP file you want to upload. Your browser will then upload the FLP file and the FlipAnim web program will open the project.

NOTE: FLP files were replaced by .FLIPANIM files by FlipAnim to save projects.

Common FLP Filenames

flipanim_project_<YYYYMMDD>_<TTTT>.flp - The default filename given to FlipAnim projects downloaded as FLP files. The YYYYMMDD stands for the year, month, and day the file was downloaded and the TTTT stands for the time it was downloaded. For example, an FLP file downloaded on April 16, 2019 at 10:59 am is named flipanim_project_20190416_1059.flp.

Programs that open FLP files
Updated 3/3/2020

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