VMware Fusion

Version12(as of 3/17/2022)
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Main Features

  • Runs Windows, Linux, and other operating systems in macOS
  • Supports up to 16 vCPUs and 64GB of memory on a single virtual machine
  • Includes DirectX 11 and eGPU support
  • Allows you to take VM snapshots and revert to saved states

Software Overview

VMware Fusion allows Mac users to run Windows, Linux, and other operating systems on their Macs, by creating virtual machines (VMs). Fusion is available in two versions, Player and Pro. Player is designed for personal use, while Pro includes advanced, business-oriented features, such as the ability to create encrypted VMs and simulate virtual networks.

Most frequently, Fusion is used to create and run Windows VMs. You can run Windows in three modes:

  • Full Screen: Transforms your Mac's entire screen into a Windows desktop
  • Single Window: Shows the Windows desktop as an application window
  • Unity: Integrates your Windows applications with your macOS desktop and dock

Fusion includes a 64-bit engine and multicore processing power, allowing you to switch seamlessly between Windows and macOS applications. Additionally, each Fusion VM can include 16 virtual CPUs (vCPUS), an up-to-8TB virtual disk, and 64GB of memory, providing enough processing power and storage to run even the most intensive Windows applications. The program also includes the ability to take a snapshot of your VMs, so you can revert to a previous state at any time.


VMware Fusion is a high-end virtualization program that allows you to run Windows and macOS applications side-by-side without sacrificing performance. It is a great choice for running Windows in macOS, as well as hundreds of other operating systems.

Primary File Type

vhd icon.VHDVirtual PC Virtual Hard Disk

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.VHDVirtual PC Virtual Hard Disk
.VMDKVirtual Machine Disk File
.VMDK-CONVERTTMPVMWare Fusion Temporary File
.VMSNVMware Snapshot State File
.VMTMVMware Team Data File
.VMWAREVMVMware Fusion Virtual Machine
.VMXVMware Virtual Machine Configuration File
.VMXFVMware Team Member File
.VPC6Virtual Machine Package
.VPC7Virtual Machine Package

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.EXEWindows Executable File
.FLPFloppy Disk Image
.ISODisc Image File
.OVAOpen Virtual Appliance
.OVFOpen Virtualization File
.PVMParallels Virtual Machine
Updated 3/17/2022