Adobe Flash

VersionCC (2015)(as of 1/13/2021)
PlatformsWindows, Mac
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Main Features

  • Was an industry-leading authoring environment for rich Internet content
  • Object-based animation with motion paths
  • ActionScript scripting language
  • 3D translation and rotation tools
  • Support for many image, video, and audio file formats
  • Built-in drawing capabilities

Software Overview

Adobe Flash was an authoring environment for creating multimedia and interactive content for web, desktop, and mobile applications. Some examples of content created with Flash include advertisements, navigation menus, video playback interfaces, and online games. Flash became Adobe Animate in 2016, and Adobe discontinued all support for Flash-related software on December 31, 2020.

Flash provides multiple views for video, graphics, and source code editing. The main document window includes a timeline and motion editor, which is used for creating and editing animation sequences. The tool palettes allow users to access project assets (e.g., video, image, and audio files), modify objects, and alter project settings.

Flash provides development tools for creating custom ActionScript code, which can be used to script interactive content that includes vector and raster graphics. The code editor supports syntax highlighting and helps reduce development time with code collapse, comment tags, and code error navigation features. Flash includes a visual user interface for script editing that enables automatic syntax completion. It also provides an advanced debugger to manually step through code and identify script errors.

Flash also gives users complete control over object motion. The motion editor supports object-based animation, which can apply tweening (interpolated transitional frames) to objects rather than keyframes. Flash also supports Bezier splines for adding curve-based object animations to individual object attributes and includes advanced motion features to animate 2D objects through 3D space. Users may also create chain-like animation effects by linking objects in a series. Animations can also be saved as standalone .SWF files for playback in Flash Player.


While it is now discontinued, Adobe Flash was a good tool for web developers who created website advertisements and online videos. It was also useful for multimedia producers who create online games and other media-rich Internet applications. If you fall into either of these categories now, you should try Adobe Animate.

Primary File Type

fla icon.FLAAnimate Animation

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.FLAAnimate Animation
.3GP3GPP Multimedia File
.AIFAudio Interchange File Format
.AIRAdobe AIR Installation Package
.ASActionScript File
.ASCActionScript Communication File
.ASNDAdobe Sound Document
.AVIAudio Video Interleave File
.BMPBitmap Image
.CLRAnimate Color Set
.DVDigital Video File
.DXFDrawing Exchange Format File
.F4AAdobe Flash Protected Audio File
.F4PAdobe Flash Protected Media File
.F4VFlash MP4 Video File
.FLAAnimate Animation
.FLPFlash Project
.FLVFlash Video
.FXGFlash XML Graphics File
.GIFGraphical Interchange Format File
.JSFLAnimate JSFL Script File
.M1VMPEG-1 Video File
.M2THDV Video File
.M2TSBlu-ray BDAV Video File
.M2VMPEG-2 Video
.M4ViTunes Video File
.MOVApple QuickTime Movie
.MP3MP3 Audio
.MP4MPEG-4 Video
.PCTPicture File
.PNGPortable Network Graphic
.SVGScalable Vector Graphic
.SWCFlex Components Archive
.SWDFlash Debug File
.SWFShockwave Flash Movie
.SWTFlash Generator Template
.SWZAdobe Flash Player Cache File
.TGATarga Graphic
.TIFTagged Image File
.XFLAnimate Uncompressed Animation

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.3GP23GPP Multimedia File
.3GPP3GPP Media File
.3GPP23GPP2 Multimedia File
.3P23GPP Multimedia File
.AIAdobe Illustrator Artwork
.AIFFAudio Interchange File Format
.AUSun Microsystems Audio File
.DIBDevice-Independent Bitmap Image
.EMFEnhanced Windows Metafile
.FH10FreeHand 10 Drawing File
.FH11FreeHand 11 Drawing File
.FH7FreeHand 7 Drawing File
.FH8FreeHand 8 Drawing File
.FH9FreeHand 9 Drawing File
.FLSFlash Lite Sound Bundle
.FT10FreeHand 10 Drawing Template
.FT11FreeHand 11 Drawing Template
.FT7FreeHand 7 Drawing Template
.FT8FreeHand 8 Template
.FT9FreeHand 9 Drawing Template
.HTMLHypertext Markup Language File
.LBIDreamweaver Library Item
.M2PMaxthon 2 Browser Plugin File
.MFPMacromedia FlashPaper Document
.MPEMPEG Movie File
.PICGeneric Picture File
.PICTPicture File
.PNTGMacPaint Graphic File
.PSDAdobe Photoshop Document
.QTApple QuickTime Movie
.QTIFQuickTime Image File
.QTMApple QuickTime Movie
.SD2Sound Designer II File
.SGISilicon Graphics Image
.SNDSound File
.SPLFutureSplash Animation
.TIFFTagged Image File Format
.TODJVC Everio Video Capture File
.VP6TrueMotion VP6 Video File
.WMFWindows Metafile
Updated 1/13/2021