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.SPL File Extension

File Type 1FutureSplash Animation

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CategoryVideo Files

What is an SPL file?

Animation created with FutureWave FutureSplash Animator; a precursor to Adobe Flash; compatible with Flash Player.

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Programs that open SPL files

Updated 4/7/2010

File Type 2Windows Print Spool File

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CategorySystem Files

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File created by Windows when a user submits a print job; contains the spooled print data, which include the digital document contents that are sent to the printer for printing; saves the data in the raw printer format; used as a temporary data store for the print job and is empty when the job completes.

More Information

SPL files are saved to the following directory when a print job is submitted: C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS\.

NOTE: Windows also saves an .SHD file to the same directory as the SPL file when printing. This "shadow" file allows the print job to be resubmitted if it is interrupted.

Programs that open SPL files

Updated 4/5/2011

File Type 3sPlan Schematic Diagram File

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CategoryPage Layout Files

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An SPL file is a schematic diagram created by sPlan, a schematic editor for Windows. It contains a schematic circuit diagram, which consists of circuit components such as fuses, diodes, resistors, switches, contacts, transistors, relays, connectors, hydraulics, and capacitors.

More Information

Screenshot of a .spl file in ABACOM sPlan 7.0

SPL file open in ABACOM sPlan 7.0

When you create a diagram and save it by selecting File → Save, sPlan creates an SPL file to store the contents of the diagram. You can also to choose to save the diagram as a template by selecting File → Template... → Save as template. sPlan templates are also saved as SPL files.

If you come across an SPL file on your computer you can use sPlan to open the file. You can also use sPlan Viewer, which is available for free.

NOTE: SPL files were replaced by SPL7 files with the release of sPlan 7.0. However, SPL files can

Programs that open SPL files

Updated 3/2/2017

File Type 4Splunk Application Package

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CategoryCompressed Files

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An SPL file is a Splunk application package used by Splunk Enterprise, a program used to search, analyze, and visualize business data. It stores all the files that make up the application, which may include scripted and modular inputs, reports, custom UI dashboards, event types, field extractions, and workflows. SPL files are used to upload apps to Splunkbase, which is the Splunk app store, to distribute them to other Splunk users.

More Information

You can open SPL files using Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud, which is the web version of Splunk Enterprise. Some examples of Splunk apps include User Role Checker, PyDen Manager, Slack Notification Alert, Cisco Network App for Splunk, and Palo Alto Networks App for Splunk.

SPL files are the same as .TAR.GZ files but use the .spl file extension instead of the .tar.gz extension. They store the application files in TAR archives (tarballs), which are compressed with the standard GNU zip (gzip) compression algorithm.

You can package your Splunk app as an SPL package by opening a command prompt and navigating to the following directory:


Then, enter one of the following commands depending on the computer you are using:

  • Windows - splunk package app your_app_name
  • macOS - ./splunk package app your_app_name

Programs that open SPL files

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Updated 2/8/2019

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