Page Layout Files

Page layout files are documents that may contain both text and image data. They also include formatting information, which defines the page size, margins, and how content is organized on the page. Page layout documents are often used for creating printable publications, such as newspapers, magazines, and brochures.

Common page layout file extensions include .PDF, .INDD, and .QXP.

Extension File Type Popularity
.CHAIChaimera Artwork File
.DRMZDrumlin Fully Secure Mobile PDF File
.FLOAutomate Flowchart File
.FSDFlowsheet Document
.XMTXMind Template
.CHAITChaimera Artwork Template
.PDFXMLAdobe PDFXML Document
.AFPUBAffinity Publisher Document
.XTPInfoPath Template Part File
.LSCLogo! Soft Comfort File
.APArtPro File
.MFPMediaFACE Project File
.CSTManga Studio Story File
.ELPeCommerce Landing Page
.FD2PictureMate Borders File
.SBVSuperbase Form Definition
.PDFPortable Document Format File
.INXAdobe InDesign Interchange File
.PDOPepakura Designer File
.HCRHalf-Fold Card File
.IFDInForm Document
.LBLNow Contact Label Template
.CEDPRJAshampoo CoverEditor Project
.LTFLaser App Temp Form File
.MWLXMS Print Layout File
.OLAOnline Access File
.CALCalendar File
.MCSPMy Craft Studio Project File
.ANHProject ROME File
.MIFFrameMaker Interchange Format File
.PSPROJThe Print Shop Project File
.PGSPageStream Document
.ISDFlexera InstallShield Dialog Box File
.PDRProntoDoc for Word Recovered Document
.ICAPInCopy Package File
.FEYFCS Express Layout File
.HPTHotDocs PDF Template
.GSPSilhouette Studio SD Card Document
.FP3FastReport Prepared Report
.CDFComputable Document Format File
.PPXSerif PagePlus Template File
.STUDIO3Silhouette Studio Version 3 Document
.LSTNow Contact List Template
.CL2ARCComic Life 2 Document Archive
.MMLFrameMaker Maker Markup Language File
.ZDPAvery DesignPro Label File
.INPUrdu InPage Document
.FMFrameMaker Document
.SMMXSimpleMind Mind Map
.HMKHallmark Card Studio File
.FCDTFormsCentral Design Template
.PUBPublisher Document
.CSDCompact Shared Document
.BLKABBYY FineReader Area Template
.BCFBusiness Card Designer Pro File
.BTWBarTender Label
.PCLPrinter Command Language Document
.4UIForeUI Plot File
.PMDPageMaker Document
.FR3FastReport Form File
.PZFGraphPad Prism Project
.ZNOZinio Electronic Magazine File
.MFOMediaFace Online Saved File
.DTXDocumented LaTeX File
.IDMSAdobe InDesign Snippet
.VFCVentaFax Cover Page File
.FLBFileMaker Pro Label File
.CLKDClicker Docs File
.INFOPATHXMLMicrosoft InfoPath Form Label Designer File
.GDEThe Guide Document
.XPSXML Paper Specification File
.RELSOpen Office XML Relationships File
.DOTMicrosoft Word Document Template (Legacy)
.IDMLAdobe InDesign Markup Language File
.PNHProject ROME Plug-in Archive
.DTPPublish-iT Document
.PFFFormatta Portable Form File
.PMXPrintMaster Project File
.AFPAdvanced Function Presentation File
.COMICDOCComic Life Document
.PRNPrint to File
.FORMNetBeans Java GUI Designer Form
.QXDQuarkXPress Document
.PFLPDFill Project File
.P65PageMaker 6.5 Document
.FAXNow Contact Fax Template
.JTPWindows Journal Template
.AVFinal Draft AV Script
.MRGNow Contact Merge Template
.CLTClarity Legal Transcript File
.CL2TPLComic Life 2 Template
.CWTChordWizard Template
.INDLAdobe InDesign Library
.IDAPAdobe InDesign Assignment Package
.INCXInCopy CS3 Interchange File
.DEDrawExpress Diagram File
.INDAdobe InDesign Document
.ILDOCQuickSilver Document
.Q3CQuick 3D Cover Project File
.RMRResumeMaker File
.CPHCorel Print House File
.CLDCanon CD Label Template
.INCDInCopy Document
.PEXWest Publisher Portable Exhibit File
.DRMXDrumlin Fully Secure PDF File
.FDDFormDocs Document
.RSMWinWay Resume Deluxe Resume File
.INDDAdobe InDesign Document
.BMMLBalsamiq Mockups Markup Language File
.ZDLAvery DesignPro Label File
.PSRPowersoft Report File
.HFDHotDocs Form Document
.TEMPLATEPages Template
.MDIMicrosoft Document Imaging File
.OPDOmniPage Document
.QXPQuarkXPress Project File
.GWBInterwrite Presentation File
.COMPOSITIONTEMPLATEInvantive Composition Template
.T2DTouchDraw Document
.LLDLogo! Soft Comfort LAD File
.XIFScanSoft Pagis File
.XZFXZipLogix ZipForm File
.RWTReadWriteThink Timeline
.PDMProntoDoc for Word Mobile Display Document Template
.PM5PageMaker 5.0 Document
.SPLsPlan Schematic Diagram File
.CL2DOCComic Life 2 Document
.COMICLIFEComic Life Document
.FOLIOAdobe Folio File
.SPSignPlot Traffic Sign File
.PWTPocket Word Template
.FXMWinFax Document
.DRAScriptor Script File
.RLFArcGIS Report Layout File
.JTXJrju Text File
.IMXiMindMap Map File
.AVERYAvery Design & Print Label File
.FADEINFade In Document
.ENVNow Contact Envelope Template
.MAXOmniPage Scanned Document
.SPL7sPlan 7 Schematic Diagram File
.RAPRaptor Flowchart File
.LPDFLocalized PDF File
.OFDOfficeForms Document
.PSGPage Segment File
.ARTICLETwixl Publisher Article
.RPCRich Page Content Document
.PDERProntoDoc for Excel Conventional Document
.BOOKBookSmart Book File
.PM6PageMaker 6.0 Document
.PUBLICATIONTwixl Publisher Publication
.BOOKFrameMaker Book File
.DPDOvation Pro Document
.SNPAccess Report Snapshot
.TDSAdobe LiveCyle Designer Template
.XSNInfoPath Form Template File
.PDF-1Renamed PDF File
.BKFrameMaker Book File
.CAJChinese Academic Journal File
.PTXE-Transcript File
.INDTAdobe InDesign Template
.ENCCopySafe Protected PDF File
.PPPSerif PagePlus Document
.LBLdBASE Label File
.GOFINDRUKI Gofin Form File
.SDTSmartDraw Template File
.CD2Click'N Design 3D File
.MARSAdobe MARS File
.BRODesign & Print Page Design File
.CH3Harvard Graphics DOS Chart File
.IMMiMindMap Map File
.PDGPrint Shop Deluxe Design File
.SUBLIME-SNIPPETSublime Text Snippet File
.AFBOOKAffinity Publisher Book
.AFTEMPLATEAffinity Template
.CDOCClicker Document
.EL4Easy-PhotoPrint EX Calendar File
.FRTADLForms Template
.NSANoteshelf for Android Notebook
.FLOWCHARTPureFlow Flowchart
.RB4Resume Builder 4 File
.OMPOpenMind Windows Document
.MVDXMindView Windows Document
.CLKCClicker Connect Set File
.INDSAdobe InDesign Snippet File
.EBRFElectronic Braille Ready Format
.CDMLCreately Diagram File
.MAILSTATIONERYApple Mail Stationery File
.CBFCalendar Builder File
.CONSISSciral Consistency Document
.QPTQuarkXPress Project Template
.VPVentura Publication File
.FGCGreeting Card Factory Card File
.IMTXiMindMap Template File
.ICMLInCopy Document
.EDRWXXPS Drawing Document
.PXLPrinter Command Language XL Document
.CPEFax Cover Page File
.DWDOCDrawWell Document
.SJDScrapbook Factory Journal File
.RPXReport XML File
.ADFARIS Express Document
.ZDSDesignPro Label File
.ICMTInCopy Template
.BCPBusiness Card Designer Plus File
.WMGAWeb Manga Document
.MGAManga Document
.NUDNow Up-To-Date Calendar File
.XDWFuji Xerox DocuWorks File
.COVFax Cover Page File
.WWFWorld Wide Fund Non-Printable Document
.PZFXGraphPad Prism XML Project
.QDFLabel Matrix Label Design
.SBKScrapbook Factory File
.DCXFAXserve Fax Document
.UXFUML eXchange Format
.PDHProntoDoc for Word Browser Display Document Template
.QXBQuarkXPress Book File
.TP3Harvard Graphics DOS Template File
.DTLNow Contact Detail Template
.FRFFree Report Form File
.NPPArt Explosion Publisher Pro Document
.WPTWorks Template
.RFDRecogniform Form Designer File
.MFTMediaFACE Project Template
.WEBTHEMEiWeb Theme Template
.MVTXMindView Template
.ISALEiSale Auction
.CL2LYTComic Life 2 Layout File
.CWCardWorks Template
.HFTHotDocs Form Template
.GDOCXGoogle Drive Document
.INDBAdobe InDesign Book File
.BIZBroderbund Business Card File
.QXTQuarkXPress Template
.MVDMindView OS X Document
.VPDVisual Paradigm Online Diagram
.CSZCornerstone Document Template
.FPEFree PDF Editor Document
.SPUBSwift Publisher Document
.BROCreataCard Brochure Project
.FRDOCFineReader Document
.PDWRProntoDoc for Word Conventional Document
.PM4PageMaker 4 Document
.DMTEMPLATEDirect Mail Template
.STUDIOSilhouette Studio Document
.PAPrint Artist Project
.SIMPSoftware Ideas Modeler Project
.CNDXAvery DesignPro for Mac Label File
.OO3TEMPLATEOmniOutliner Template
.CLKBClicker Books File
.MTCMake the Cut! Project
.COMICComic Life Comic
.HPDHotDocs PDF Document
.AOActionOutline Outline File
.SCUT4Sure Cuts A Lot Version 4 Project
.GEMVentura Publisher Document
.HWDTThinkfree Office NEO Word Template
.CRTRMultiAd Creator Pro Document
.LABWordPerfect Label Definition File
.BPFBaan ERP Document
.ZFXZipForm File
.PDSThe Print Shop Project
.PWBPromethean Whiteboard Activity
.BMPRBalsamiq Mockups Project
.KITSPKIT Scenarist Project
.JSDHP JetSuite Document
.ISPXiStudio Publisher Document
.CADOCClicker App Document
.CLKBDClicker Board Set
.MINDERMinder Mind Map
.BOOKTEMPLATEBookSmart Template
.INDPAdobe InDesign CS3 Package File
.LMALogo! UDF File
.RPTRRafflePrinter Document
.INCTInCopy Template
.INLXAdobe InDesign Interchange Library
.FPFinePrint File
.CPYeCopy Desktop File
.RWTReadWriteThink Printing Press Draft
.SMASmartPlant Enhanced Report
.FLWKivio Flow Chart
.JWCJewelCase Maker File
.WCPWinCHM Project File
.CVWCaseView Document
.IDPKAdobe InDesign Package for GoLive File
.FRMADLForms Form
.PDWProntoDoc for Word Conventional Document Template
.PDPAdobe Portable Document Format File
.ADBNow Contact Address Book Template
.TOTALSLAYOUTTotals Invoice Layout File
.PJLPrinter Job Language File
.MCSXMy Craft Studio Professional File
.PDEProntoDoc for Excel Document Template
.FDTFormDocs Template
.ANTMPLAdobe Edge Animate Template File
.PDZProntoDoc for Word Structured Text Document Template
.JTXXPS Document
.ISALLICiSale License File
.MBBKManaBook Book Kit File
.ADFActual Drawing File