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Simplexety Parameters File

Developer Dipl.-Phys.-Ing. Ralf Wirtz
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What is an SP file?

Data file created by Simplexety, an advanced calculator program used for creating and evaluating mathematical functions as well as creating graphs; saves the list of functions and data and also supports storage of custom VBScript source code; can be used for storing and sharing mathematical data with others.

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When you save an SP file, an .SY file is also saved alongside. You can use either the SP or SY file to reopen content in Simplexety.

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SignPlot Traffic Sign File

Developer Buchanan Computing
3.3  |  6 Votes

UK traffic sign designed with SingPlot, a sign creation program for designing traffic signs for use within the United Kingdom; automates the layout and spacing rules of the DfT Traffic Signs Regulations; contains vector images and text that can be printed in large sizes without losing quality.

Programs that open SP files

Buchanan Computing SignPlot

Windows XP Service Pack 1 Update File

Developer Microsoft
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An SP file may also be an update file that is part of Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1). It contains data used to update, fix, and enhance Windows XP. SP files use the filenames WIN51IP.SP and WIN51IC.SP.

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Before PCs and operating systems were regularly updated over the Internet, they were updated using physical CD-ROMs. Windows XP updates were stored on Windows XP Service Pack CDs. These CDs contained a number of files and folders, including a data file used to apply fixes and enhancements to a user's copy of Windows XP. On the Windows XP Service Pack 1 disc, that file was named WIN51IP.SP (Windows XP SP1 Professional Edition) or WIN51IC.SP (Windows XP SP1 Home Edition).

Microsoft released Windows XP Service Pack 1 on September 9, 2002. It was most notable for adding the Set Programs Access and Defaults page to Windows XP, which allowed users to change the default programs used for activities such as accessing the Internet and playing media files.

Common SP Filenames

WIN51IP.SP - Update file included in Windows XP Professional Edition Service Pack 1.

WIN51IC.SP - Update file included in Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 1.

How to open an SP file

SP files are not meant to be opened. If you still possess a copy of Windows XP Service Pack 1, you can use the disc to apply the fixes and enhancements its SP file contains to Windows XP. To do so, insert the disc into your CD-ROM drive, browse to the disc in File Explorer, and double-click SETUP.EXE.

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SourcePawn Script

Developer SourceMod Dev Team
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An SP file may also be a script written in the SourcePawn scripting language. It contains instructions used to modify a Valve Source Engine video game. Game modders compile SP files to .SMX files, for use with the SourceMod add-on.

More Information

Screenshot of a .sp file in Microsoft Visual Studio Code
SP file open in Microsoft Visual Studio Code

SourceMod is a tool that allows players to modify and automate functions on servers used to play multiplayer Source Engine games, such as Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. While SourceMod includes many default features, modders can also extend the add-on's functionality by installing custom plug-ins. When writing these plug-ins, modders save their source code as SP files.

Each SP file contains a SourcePawn script, which may modify when and how events fire during a game, allow players to execute custom game actions, automate game admin, or perform any number of other custom functions. After a modder finishes creating their SP file, they then use the online SourceMod Plug-in Compiler to compile it to the SMX format. They can then install the plug-in their SMX file contains and distribute it for use by other players.

How to open an SP file

You can open an SP file with Microsoft Visual Studio Code or any other text editor, to view and edit the script it contains.

If you want to compile an SP file to an SMX file, use the online SourceMod Plug-in Compiler. (If your plug-in includes a custom include, you'll instead have to use the compiler included with SourceMod.)

Programs that open SP files

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