System Files

The System Files category includes files related to Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Some examples include system libraries, icons, themes, and device drivers. Files output by the system are also included in this category.

Common system file extensions include .DLL, .DRV, .SYS, and .CAB.

Extension File Type Popularity
.ADMXGroup Policy Administrative Template File
.RMTRouter Firmware File
.AMLACPI Machine Language File
.VGAVGA Display Driver
.REGRegistry File
.CURWindows Cursor Image
.ITEMDATA-MSWindows 8 Start Screen Item Data File
.ANIWindows Animated Cursor
.CLBCOM+ Catalog File
.REGTRANS-MSRegistry Transaction Log File
.WDGTDashboard Widget
.NTWindows NT Startup File
.SERVICESystemd Service Unit File
.ICNSmacOS Icon Resource
.DLLDynamic Link Library
.DESKTHEMEPACKWindows 8 Desktop Theme Pack File
.INF_LOCWindows Driver Information Cache File
.ICONPACKAGEIconPackager Theme File
.SEARCHCONNECTOR-MSWindows Search Connector File
.HVEWindows Registry Hive File
.PK2Silkroad Online Game Data File
.DVDDOS Device Driver
.DMPWindows Memory Dump
.DESKLINKDesktop Shortcut
.THEMEMicrosoft Plus! Desktop Theme
.HIVWindows Registry Hive File
.VX_Compressed Virtual Device Driver File
.LNKWindows Shortcut
.QVMQ Virtual Machine
.MDMPWindows Minidump
.EBDWindows EBD System File
.HTTHypertext Template
.FTFFlashTool Firmware File
.ELFExecutable and Linkable Format File
.SYSWindows System File
.LIBRARY-MSWindows Library Description File
.PCKSystem Center Configuration Manager Package File
.ICOIcon File
.SFCACHEReadyBoost Cache File
.ASECAndroid Secure Application File
.FIRMBoot9Strap 3DS Firmware File
.MANIFESTWindows Application Manifest File
.PROPAndroid Build Properties File
.NFOSystem Information File
.IONFile Description File
.000Indexing Service Data File
.MUIMultilingual User Interface File
.ETLMicrosoft Event Trace Log File
.H1SWindows Assistance Platform Help File
.TIMERSystemd Unit Configuration File
.ZONE.IDENTIFIERWindows Zone Identifier File
.PWLWindows Password List
.MENUmacOS Menu Extra
.BASH_HISTORYBash History File
.EDJEnlightenment Theme File
.CGZLinux Drivers Archive
.RC1Samsung Mobile Device Firmware File
.CIWindows Content Indexer Catalog File
.MAPIMAILSend To Mail Recipient
.MSCMicrosoft Management Console Snap-in Control File
.PREFPANEMac OS X System Preference Pane
.BINRouter Firmware File
.DATWindows Registry Hive File
.CM0013Samsung Smart TV Index File
.SCRWindows Screensaver
.CABWindows Cabinet File
.EFIExtensible Firmware Interface File
.LOG1Windows Registry Hive Log File
.FXReadyBoot Trace File
.WDFWindows Driver Foundation File
.ADMAdministrative Template File
.BASHRCBash Non-Interactive Login Shell File
.MLCMicrosoft Language Interface Pack
.LFSSamsung Phone params.lfs File
.SDBApplication Compatibility Database
.FOTAFirmware Over-the-Air File
.MSSTYLESWindows XP Style
.MOBILECONFIGApple Mobile Configuration File
.3FSPuppy Linux Save State File
.PITSamsung Phone Firmware File
.C32Syslinux COM32 Module
.SYSMotorola Cell Phone Driver
.73UTI-73 Explorer Operating System File
.PNFPrecompiled INF File
.TRX_DLLWindows Startup File
.HHKHTML Help Index
.PDRWindows Port Driver
.0Android CA Digital Certificate
.WEBPNPWeb Point and Print File
.SBNCisco IP Phone Firmware File
.208ASUS Notebook BIOS 208 Update File
.0Shared Library Link File
.BCDWindows Boot Configuration Data File
.DRVDevice Driver
.BASH_PROFILEBash Interactive Login Shell File
.DITActive Directory Information Tree File
.DTHUMBAndroid Data Thumbnail
.MBRMaster Boot Record File
.INSInternet Naming Service File
.PROTurboIntegrator Process Definition File
.IMG3iPhone IMG3 File
.NLTWindows Transliteration File
.PLASMOIDPlasma Widget
.MUI_CCCD5AE0Hid User Library
.DIAGCABTroubleshooting Pack Cabinet File
.CATWindows Catalog File
.HDMPWindows Heap Dump
.CPLWindows Control Panel Item
.DRPMDelta RPM File
.NLSMicrosoft National Language Support File
.POLWindows Policy File
.NB0Device Boot Loader Image
.AOSARCHOS PCtablet Firmware File
.SDTSiemens Desktop Theme File
.PPDPostScript Printer Description File
.PATDiskStation Manager Installation File
.MSPWindows Installer Patch
.CANNEDSEARCHApple Predefined Search
.SAVEDSEARCHSpotlight Saved Search
.CHSWindows Chinese Noise-Word List File
.1Unix Section 1 Manual Page
.VXDVirtual Device Driver
.SHDWindows Print Job Shadow File
.MBNMulti Boot Image
.CM0012Configuration Management File
.HLPWindows Help File
.JOBWindows Task Scheduler Job File
.SBFAndroid System File
.SQMService Quality Monitoring File
.AXDirectShow Filter
.8CUTI-84 Plus C Operating System File
.WPXPrinter Description File
.CNTHelp Contents File
.KEXTMac OS X Kernel Extension
.CRASHMac OS X Crash Log File
.GRPWindows Program Manager Group
.FPBFMac OS X Burn Folder
.2FSPuppy Linux Save State File
.IDXIndex File
.8XUTI-83 and TI-84 Plus Operating System File
.CONFIGPROFILEApple Configuration Profile
.IMEWindows Input Method Editor File
.PRFWindows System File
.PS2Microsoft Search Catalog Index File
.LOG2Windows Registry Hive Log 2 File
.ADMLGroup Policy Language-Specific Administrative Template
.DATABASE_UUIDAndroid Stale Thumbnails Identifier
.CHGWindows Net Logon File
.PANICKernel Panic File
.SHSHiPhone/iPod Touch SHSH Blob File
.LEXSpelling Dictionary File
.SCHEMASGConf Schema Definition File
.EMERALDEmerald Theme
.B84TI-84 Plus CE Bundle Image
.89UTI-89 Titanium Operating System File
.TDZDrobo Firmware File
.JOURNALLinux Journald Event Log
.WLUWindows Legacy Update
.FFXMicrosoft Find Fast Index
.NTFSNTFS Partition File
.SWPSwap File
.CPQCompaq OEM Disc Configuration File
.UTVSmartCast TV Firmware Update
.386Windows Virtual Device Driver
.ODEXOptimized Dalvik Executable
.LSTGRUB Boot List File
.WERWindows Error Report
.DEVWindows Device Driver File
.BLFCLFS Base Log File
.SAVERMac OS X Screen Saver
.MUMWindows Vista Update Package
.KOLinux Kernel Module File
.EVTWindows Event Viewer Log File
.HCDSamsung Android Firmware File
.HHCHTML Help Table of Contents
.ADVAudio Driver File
.CHKNetgear Router Firmware File
.TRASHINFOLinux Trash Metadata File
.IM4PIMG4 Payload File
.DIMAXDiMAX Firmware Image File
.DEVICEMETADATA-MSDevice Metadata Package
.PRINTEREXPORTWindows Printer Migration File
.2Unix Section 2 Manual Page
.ICLWindows Icon Library File
.PROVISIONPROFILEApple Provision Profile
.KDZLG Mobile Device Firmware
.STRWindows Screensaver File
.KWIToyota Entune Update File
.DICWindows 10 Custom Spelling Dictionary
.GROUPWindows Contacts Group File
.PROFILEBash Shell Profile
.THAWindows Thai Noise-Words List File
.METADATA_NEVER_INDEXSpotlight Never Index File
.FLGPuppy Linux Partition Flag File
.CHTWindows Chinese Traditional Noise-Word List File
.NETWORKCONNECTApple Network Connect Document
.BMKWindows Help Bookmarks
.PIDCreative Driver File
.RUFSamsung DVD and Blu-ray Player Firmware File
.FFOFind Fast Document Properties Cache
.BOMMac OS X Bill of Materials File
.MI4Audio Player Firmware File
.CPICodepage Information File
.NBHROM Update Utility Image File
.ATAHDATA Hard Drive Flag File
.PRTPrinter Driver File
.KBDKeyboard Layout Script
.EVTXWindows 7 Event Log File
.3Unix Section 3 Manual Page
.MYDOCSSend To My Documents
.KSKickstart File
.THUMBNAILSAndroid Thumbnails Folder
.SPLWindows Print Spool File
.XRM-MSMicrosoft Security Certificate
.BK2Windows Indexing Service Data File
.CPRWindows Phone Display Settings File
.SINSony Xperia Firmware File
.DLXRenamed DLL File
.HSHWindows Catalog Search Index File
.4Unix Section 4 Manual Page
.RCVBIOS Recovery File
.OZIPOPPO Smartphone Firmware Update
.LMLanguage Model File
.BK1Windows Indexing Service File
.MUNWindows System Resource Archive
.MMVMagnex Firmware File
.SPRXSigned PlayStation Relocatable Executable
.SCFShell Command File
.HPJHelp Project File
.WGZS60 Web Runtime Widget Package
.RFWRockchip Firmware File
.IMG2iPhone Firmware Image
.FTRIRIX File Type Rules File
.SEFWSecure Element Firmware
.ESCOPYES File Explorer File Manager Temporary File
.TBRESMicrosoft Store TokenBroker Cache File
.TRASHChromeOS Trash Storage
.ISDATAIcon Services Data
.KCmacOS Kernel Extension Boot File
.MEMParallels Desktop Memory Dump File
.SELFSigned Executable and Linkable Format
.DIAGPKGTroubleshooting Pack File
.GMMPWCS Gamut Map Model Profile
.XFBXserve RAID Firmware Binary File
.UCEWindows UCE System File
.IFWINTUS Firmware File
.TRASHESmacOS USB Flash Drive Trash Folder
.SO.0Unix Shared Library File
.GRLWindows Update Status File
.SCAPEFI Firmware File
.PS1Microsoft Indexing Service Data File
.DSSDCC Active Designer File
.DOCKMac OS X Dock Extra
.MEPuppy Linux Partition Flag File
.LPDLPD Daemon Print Permissions File
.FFAFind Fast Status File
.FL1Lenovo BIOS Update File
.MSSTYLEWindows XP Unsigned Style
.RSWindows Rating System File
.IPODRockbox Firmware File
.KEYAndroid Passcode File
.PPMPost Programmable Memory File
.FTSWindows Help Full Text Search Index
.VDEXValidated Dalvik Executable File
.RC2Samsung Mobile Device Firmware File
.IUSInfoTMIC Firmware Update File
.JETKEYiOS Support Jet File
.IDIEVA Controller Event Log
.SBSlax Bundle
.VGDGeneric CADD VGA Driver
.BUDBinary Printer Description File
.RCOPlayStation Portable Resource File
.WPHPhoenix BIOS File
.IPTHEMEIconPackager Raw Theme File
.LPDLookout Protocol Driver File
.7Unix Section 7 Manual Page
.6Unix Section 6 Manual Page
.5Unix Section 5 Manual Page
.DIAGCFGTroubleshooting Pack Configuration File
.PUSH_DEVICEIDAndroid Device Identification File
.QKYQuirky Kernel
.DYCXerox Printer Driver Configuration File
.8Unix Section 8 Manual Page
.KLAndroid Key Layout File
.LOCALIZEDmacOS Directory Localization File
.TASony Firmware File
.FIDMicrosoft Catalog Indexing Service File
.JPNWindows Japanese Noise-Word List File
.INTERNETCONNECTApple Internet Connect Document
.SPXSystem Profiler XML Report
.FTGFull Text Group
.FFLFind Fast Document List
.CDMPWCS Device Model Profile
.B83TI-83 Premium CE Bundle Image
.TCO2TI-Nspire CX II Operating System File
.ITSInternet Document Set
.DUBWindows Spelling Dictionary Identifier
.ROKURoku TV Firmware Update
.BBFWApple Baseband Firmware Update
.KORWindows Korean Noise-Words List File
.XGFXiegu G Series Firmware Update
.MRMMIUI Theme Metadata
.MRCMIUI Theme Content Package
.TNOTI-Nspire Operating System File
.ANNWindows Help Annotations
.REGLNKRegistry Editor Shortcut File
.HELPMac OS X Help Book
.DIFFBASEWindows Diagnostics Tracking Diffbase File
.RVPSharp Blu-ray Player Firmware File
.IM4MIMG4 Manifest