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.SCR File Extension

2 file types use the .scr file extension.

File Type 1Windows Screensaver

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CategorySystem Files

What is an SCR file?

An SCR file is a screen saver file used by Microsoft Windows. It contains a graphic, animation, slide show, or video that you can use as a Windows screensaver. SCR files are typically stored in Windows's main directory.

More Information

Screen savers were originally created to prevent CRT and plasma computer monitors from suffering screen burn, a condition that occurs when the screen shows the same image for too long. While most modern monitors do not suffer from screen burn, screen savers are still used for security purposes (to hide a user's screen and require a login before resuming work) and to show a user's style.

How do I open an SCR file?

To use an SCR file as your Windows screensaver:

  1. Move the SCR file to your main Windows directory. For example, in Windows 10, move your file to the (C:)\Windows\System32 directory.
  2. In the Windows search bar, type "screen saver." Select the Change screen saver option from the search results.
  3. The Screen Saver Settings window appears. From the Screen saver dropdown menu, select your SCR file. Customize the remainder of your screen saver settings, and then click Apply.

Because SCR files are executable files, you should not open an SCR file or use it as a screen saver if you cannot verify its legitmacy or source. SCR files obtained from outside Windows have been known to contain viruses and other malware.

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Programs that open SCR files

Updated 7/8/2020

File Type 2Script File

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CategoryExecutable Files

.SCR File Association 2

An SCR file is a generic executable script created or used by a number of possible programs. When opened, the script typically runs a series of commands in the order they are listed.

More Information

Since script files are saved in a text format, they can often be edited in a basic text editor.

The .SCR extension can be given to .EXE files to detour any restrictions placed on EXE files by antivirus programs or malware.

Programs that open SCR files

Run within the program that created the script
Edit with a text editor
Run within the program that created the script
Edit with a text editor
Updated 7/8/2020

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