Executable Files

Executable files contain code that is run when the file is opened. Windows programs, Mac OS X applications, scripts, and macros are all considered executable files. Since these file types run code when opened, unknown executable files, such as those received as e-mail attachements, should not be opened.

Common executable file extensions include .EXE, .APP, .VB, and .SCR.

Extension File Type Popularity
.FAPFlipper Application Package
.APKAndroid Package File
.JARJava Archive
.AHKAutoHotkey Script
.IPAiOS Application
.RUNLinux Executable File
.CMDWindows Command File
.XBEXbox Executable File
.0XEF-Secure Renamed Virus File
.VLXCompiled AutoLISP File
.WORKFLOWAutomator Workflow
.U3PU3 Smart Application
.BATDOS Batch File
.BMSQuickBMS Script
.EXEWindows Executable File
.BINUnix Executable File
.X86Linux Executable File
.8CKTI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Application File
.ELFNintendo Wii Game File
.GADGETWindows Gadget
.AIRAdobe AIR Installation Package
.XAPSilverlight Application Package
.APPmacOS Application Bundle
.MPKMakino Package
.SHORTCUTApple Shortcuts Shortcut
.WIDGETMicrosoft Windows Mobile Widget
.FBAFitbit OS App Package
.X86_6464-bit Linux Executable File
.ACAutoconf Script
.COMDOS Command File
.XLMMicrosoft Excel Macro
.RXELego Mindstorms NXT Executable Program
.APPIMAGELinux Software Package
.PIFProgram Information File
.SHBash Shell Script
.TPKTizen Package
.OUTCompiled Executable File
.73KTI-73 Application
.SCRIPTGeneric Script File
.SCPTAppleScript Script File
.COMMANDTerminal Command File
.EBS2E-Run 2.0 Script File
.CELXCelestia Script
.EX5MetaTrader 5 Program File
.SCBScala Published Script
.BA_Renamed BAT File
.SCRScript File
.PS1Windows PowerShell Cmdlet File
.PAF.EXEPortableApps.com Program File
.ISUInstallShield Uninstaller Script
.XEXXbox 360 Executable File
.FASCompiled Fast-Load AutoLISP File
.COFFEECoffeeScript JavaScript File
.ACTIONAutomator Action
.TCPTally Compiled Program File
.RFURemote Firmware Update
.SHBWindows Document Shortcut
.ACCGEM Accessory File
.HTAHTML Application
.CGICommon Gateway Interface Script
.SKSkript File
.EX_Renamed Windows Executable File
.XBAPXAML Browser Application File
.NEXEChrome Native Client Executable
.ECFSageCRM Component File
.FXPFoxPro Compiled Program
.VPMVox Proxy Macro File
.PLSCMessenger Plus! Live Script File
.WSWindows Script
.RPJReal Pac Batch Job File
.MLXMATLAB Live Code File
.DLDEdLog Compiled Program
.VBSVBScript File
.VXPMobile Application File
.CACTIONAutomator Converter Action
.MMNeXtMidas Macro File
.PLXPerl Executable File
.WSHWindows Script Host Settings
.EX_Compressed Executable File
.IIMiMacro Macro File
.PHARPHP Archive
.JSJScript Executable Script
.89KTI-89 Application
.MELMaya Embedded Language Script
.SERVERMySQL Server Script
.EPKLG Firmware Package
.A7RAuthorware 7 Runtime File
.ESHExtended Shell Batch File
.DEKEavesdropper Batch File
.EBSE-Run 1.x Script
.CHEATNavi Cheatsheet
.WCMWordPerfect Macro
.FPIFPS Creator Intelligence Script
.PEXProBoard Executable File
.GPEGP2X Video Game
.PYCPython Compiled File
.EX4MetaTrader 4 Program
.EXE1Renamed EXE File
.JSFJava Script Command File
.JSXExtendScript Script File
.ACRACRobot Script
.PWCPictureTaker File
.EARJava Enterprise Archive File
.ICDSafeDisc Encrypted Program
.AZW2Kindle Active Content App File
.CELCelestia Script File
.VEXEVirus Executable File
.ROXActuate Report Object Executable File
.SNAPSnap Application Package
.ZL9ZoneAlarm Quarantined EXE File
.RGSRegistry Script
.MCR3ds Max Macroscript File
.PAFPortable Application Installer File
.MSMaxwell Script
.TIAPPTiTanium App
.OTMOutlook Macro File
.UVMUnitVM Executable File
.APPLESCRIPTAppleScript File
.PYOPython Optimized Code
.89ZTI-89 Program
.HMSHostMonitor Script File
.GM9GodMode9 Script
.MSLMagick Scripting Language File
.ACTCAction(s) Collection File
.FRSFlash Renamer Script
.ATMXAutomation Anywhere Task
.NNeko Bytecode File
.WIDGETYahoo! Widget
.BEAMCompiled Erlang File
.CSHC Shell Script
.MRCmIRC Script File
.WIZMicrosoft Wizard File
.PRGProgram File
.MCRJitBit Macro Recorder Macro
.SCTWindows Scriptlet
.SPRFoxPro Generated Screen File
.TMSTelemate Script
.OSXPowerPC Executable File
.CYWRbot.CYW Worm File
.EBMEXTRA! Basic Macro
.MCRTecplot Macro
.MRPMythroad Platform File
.XQTSuperCalc Macro File
.FASQuickSilver Fast Save Lisp File
.PRGGEM Application
.FKYFoxPro Macro
.YGHYGH Trojan Executable
.APPSymbian OS Application
.MXEMacro Express Playable Macro
.UDFMicrosoft Excel User-defined Function
.ACTMAutoCAD Action Macro File
.KXKiXtart Tokenized Script File
.SEEDLinux Preseed File
.KIXKiXtart Script File
.IPKwebOS TV Application
.VBSCRIPTVisual Basic Script
.APPFoxPro Generated Application
.EZSEZ-R Stats Batch Script
.THMThermwood Macro File
.LOInterleaf Compiled Lisp File
.VBEVBScript Encoded Script File
.E_ERenamed EXE File
.GSGeosoft Script
.JSEJScript Encoded File
.PXOLG Mobile Phone Executable File
.WPKWordPerfect Macro
.PRGCommander X16 Program
.EXZZipped Executable File
.HPFHP9100A Program File
.RFSReflection FTP Client Script
.S2ASEAL2 Application
.DMCMedical Manager Script
.SCPTDAppleScript Script Bundle
.SCAScala Script File
.MS3ds Max Script
.XYSXYplorer Script File
.PRCPalm Resource Code File
.MHMMicrosoft Hardware Macro
.TIPATrollStore IPA File
.ITAVTech InnoTab Application File
.LSLightWave LScript Source Code
.EHAMExtraHAM Executable File
.WSFWindows Script File
.QITQIT Trojan Horse File
.ARSCRIPTArtRage Script
.ESSageCRM Script File
.RBXRembo-C Compiled Script
.SAPKSICK AppPool Application
.MEMMacro Editor Macro
.EBACMDEBA Command Center Data File
.UPXUltimate Packer for eXecutables File
.MAMMicrosoft Access Macro
.NCLNirCmd Script File
.DXLRational DOORS Script
.KSHUnix Korn Shell Script
.HAMHAM Executable File
.BTM4DOS Batch File
.MIOMioEngine Application File
.GPUGP2X Utility Program
.VDOHeathen Virus File
.IPFSMS Installer Script
.DSTWAIN Data Source
.EXOPCExoPC Application
.MACApplication Macro File
.CFSCFS Console Program
.ASBAlphacam Stone VB Macro File
.STS#TASK Script File
.WPMWordPerfect Macro File
.QPXFoxPro Compiled Query Program
.PVDInstalit Script
.PMATLAB P-Code File
.RPGDTPS Robot Program
.MLAPPINSTALLMATLAB App Installation Package
.SRECS-record File
.UW8MicroW8 Cartridge File
.AFMACROSAffinity Photo Macros File
.AFMACROAffinity Photo Macro File
.OREOre Executable File
.EZTEZT Malicious Worm File
.SMMAmi Pro Macro
.73PTI-73 Program
.MAMCMurgee Auto Mouse Click Script
.BNSCompiled Rabbit Network Script