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.RUN File Extension

File Type 1Linux Executable File

4.3 (253 Votes)
CategoryExecutable Files

What is a RUN file?

A RUN file is an executable file typically used to install Linux programs. It contains program data and installation instructions. RUN files are often used to distribute device drivers and software among Linux users. You can execute RUN files in the Ubuntu terminal.

How do I open a RUN file?

To execute a RUN file on Linux:

  1. Open the Ubuntu terminal and move to the folder in which you've saved your RUN file.
  2. Use the command chmod +x yourfilename.run to make your RUN file executable.
  3. Use the command ./yourfilename.run to execute your RUN file.

If you receive a "permission denied" error after performing steps 2 or 3, you can try adding sudo to the beginning of the commands referenced in those steps (e.g. sudo ./yourfilename.run). Adding sudo should give you permission to perform those commands.


Because RUN files install software, do not execute a RUN file before verifying its legitmacy and source. Installing an unverified RUN file, especially using the sudo command, could alter or damage your PC.

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Programs that open RUN files
Updated 6/29/2020

File Type 2Runscanner Scan File

3.4 (36 Votes)
CategoryText Files

.RUN File Association 2

A RUN file contains information collected in a system scan performed by Runscanner, a startup and hijack analyzer utility. It lists running programs, autostart locations, drivers, services, and hijack points found during the scan.

More Information

RUN files can be shared among users (via e-mail, online forums, etc.) to help locate malicious processes. An expert can mark items in a RUN file that need to be fixed and send the edited RUN file back to the user.

Programs that open RUN files
Updated 6/20/2008

File Type 3Rune Map File

DeveloperHuman Head Studios
3.9 (30 Votes)
CategoryGame Files

.RUN File Association 3

A RUN file is a level map for Rune, a 3D action game that uses a third-person perspective and is based on Norse mythology and high fantasy. It contains map information but does not include textures or music data.

More Information

Rune map files can be created and edited using RunEd, a map editor based on the UnrealEd editor for Unreal 3D.

Programs that open RUN files
Human Head Studios Rune
Edit with the RuneEd Rune Editor
Human Head Studios Rune
Updated 4/29/2008

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