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.SHORTCUT File Extension

2 file types use the .shortcut file extension.

File Type 1Asutype Shortcut

DeveloperFanix Software
2.6 (5 Votes)
CategoryMisc Files

What is an SHORTCUT file?

Shortcut used by Asutype (formerly As-U-Type), a real-time spell checking program; speeds up repetitive typing tasks by allowing users to enter words or phrases via custom text shortcuts.

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Programs that open SHORTCUT files

Fanix Software Asutype
Updated 5/15/2009

File Type 2Apple Shortcuts Shortcut

3.0 (2 Votes)
CategoryExecutable Files

.SHORTCUT File Association 2

A SHORTCUT file is an automated action created by Apple Shortcuts, a productivity app for iPhones and iPads. It contains data used to perform a multi-step action, such as getting directions to a pre-set address, playing a specific musical playlist, or uploading a photo to a social media service, with one tap. SHORTCUT files can be shared with others via Apple's iCloud service.

More Information

Apple Shortcuts is an app that allows iPhone and iPad users to automate multi-step actions they perform on their mobile devices, so they can perform those actions with a single button tap. These automated actions are referred to as shortcuts. Each shortcut appears as a separate button in Apple Shortcuts and is saved in its own SHORTCUT file.

If a user wants to share one of their Apple Shortcuts shortcuts with another user, they can tap the app's Share button and create an iCloud link. Other users can enter the link's URL in their web browser to download and install the shortcut. Users cannot manually save and send each other SHORTCUT files to install shortcuts, as Shortcuts does not allow users to import shortcuts from anywhere other than iCloud.

How do I open an SHORTCUT file?

Unfortunately, you cannot manually import and open SHORTCUT files in Apple Shortcuts. The only way to install a SHORTCUT file is by first uploading the file to Apple iCloud (typically from within Apple Shortcuts) and then navigating to the SHORTCUT file's iCloud URL in your web browser. From that webpage, you can download and install the SHORTCUT file in Apple Shortcuts.

Note that, to install shortcuts you receive from other users, you must turn on the Allow Untrusted Shortcuts setting found in Shortcuts' settings menu.


Because SHORTCUT files are used to automatically perform actions on your device, you should install and use only shortcuts you trust. Other users' shortcuts may be malicious, and you should always verify a shortcut's legitimacy before using it.

Programs that open SHORTCUT files

Updated 3/29/2021

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