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Misc Files

The Misc Files category contains miscellaneous file types that do not fit within other categories. Some examples are partially downloaded files, installer files, and renamed files. This category may also include files related to other hardware devices besides computers.

Common misc file extensions include .TORRENT, .PART, and .MSI.

File Extension File Type Popularity
.MSIWindows Installer Package
.ICSCalendar File
.TORRENTBitTorrent File
.PARTPartially Downloaded File
.CRDOWNLOADChrome Partially Downloaded File
.DBXOutlook Express E-mail Folder
.LICSoftware License File
.KEYSoftware License Key File
.SISSymbian Installation File
.MSOInline E-mail Attachment
.PGPPGP Security Key
.CRDWindows CardSpace File
.OPDOWNLOADOpera Partially Downloaded File
.DBWindows Thumbnail Cache
.PLSMultimedia Playlist File
.DATExchange E-mail Attachment
.NWPMagentic Wallpaper File
.MD5MD5 Checksum File
.CTFAVG Update Control File
.TOCEudora Table of Contents
.CSHPhotoshop Custom Shapes File
.MTDMusicnotes Digital Sheet Music File
.VBTSpyware Doctor Temporary Scan File
.AVASTLICAvast License File
.MONTAGEMontage Screenplay File
.STORYMILLStoryMill Project File
.IDXMovie Subtitle File
.MGTMusicnotes Guitar Guru Song File
.!BTBitTorrent Incomplete Download File
.CLSLaTeX Document Class File
.RWZOutlook Rules Wizard File
.PARTIALInternet Explorer Partially Downloaded File
.WLXWindows Live Mesh Sync File
.SIS.DMOvi Store DRM-Protected Application
.SISX.DMNokia Ovi Store DRM-Protected Application
.NOMEDIAAndroid No Media File
.ZZZCCleaner Securely Deleted File
.BUPMcAfee Quarantined File
.EXDControl Information Cache File
.SKBASketchBook Pro Animation File
.OLBOLE Object Library
.QXLQuarkXPress Library
.FRMForm File
.SNFStarry Night Pro Document
.JCLJCloze File
.LDBMicrosoft Access Lock File
.MFILBlizzard Software Update File
.DICDictionary File
.CHKSaved File Fragment
.MDWAccess Workgroup File
.TFILBlizzard Software Update File
.SHSMicrosoft Scrap File
.SFVSimple File Verification File
.TLBOLE Type Library
.RELOCWindows EXE Relocation Section File
.BQYBrio Query File
.ODFOpenDocument Formula
.TPLDocument Template
.SDXKivuto Secure Download Manager File
.CMLCryptoMailer Encrypted File
.P7MDigitally Encrypted Message
.GLINKGoogle Drive External File Shortcut
.ARIA2aria2 Control File
.UPGUpgrade File
._SYS.LFOAdware File
.CERBER3Cerber Ransomware Virus File
.SDRDell Support File
.HMXHelp & Manual 4 Project
.PESBrother Embroidery Format
.CACHECache File
.KWMWebMoney Key File
.MSFMail Summary File
.DSCNikon Disk Identification File
.TDLMathType Translator Definition Language
.HLXATI Radeon Video Driver Support File
.GP4Guitar Pro 4 Tablature
.VPC7Virtual Machine Package
.APPDOWNLOADMac App Store Partially Downloaded App
.CLKKClicker Keyboard
.CLKTClicker Template
.CLKWClicker Word Bank
.CLKXClicker Grid Set
.PTRFlash Intro Project File
.PANDOPando File
.PTH4D Path Document
.BPLAutoCAD Batch Plot File
.BP2AutoCAD Batch Plot File
.BP3AutoCAD Batch Plot File
.ROMRead Only Memory Image
.MNXFoxPro Menu
.DCTDictionary File
.AEPKEYAdvanced Encryption Package Key File
.MABMozilla Address Book
.DCTMPDC++ Partially Downloaded File
.LINKiPod Link File
.LINXiPod Links Folder
.SKINDEXMail Index File
.INETLOCInternet Location
.DRDRM Rights Object
.DRCDRM Rights Object
.SECPGP Secret Key Ring
.SKRPGP Private Keyring
.PDPCOMPPdplayer Composition File
.INGMasterCook Ingredients File
.VIRVirus-Infected File
.FPFVFile Protected From Virus
.WALWinamp Modern Skin
.WSZWinamp Classic Skin
.VOLVolfs File System Directory
.XNKExchange Shortcut
.WRTSWrts File
.SCWScore Writer Document
.BFCWindows Briefcase File
.MDLFlight Simulator Airplane Model
.MSOMicrosoft Office Macro Reference File
.BSTBibTeX Style Document
.XOLPowerDesigner Object Language File
.8XPTI-83 Plus Calculator File
.83PTI-83 Calculator File
.SISXSymbian OS Installation File
.LWTPLimeWire Theme Pack
.PLAiriver iQuickList File
.ACLAutoCorrect List File
.BCBitComet Partially Downloaded File
.NTHNokia Series 40 Theme File
.VORStarOffice Template
.WBAWindowBlinds Compressed Skin
.CHWCompiled Help Index File
.P2PFolderShare Placeholder File
.GAUFlight Simulator Gauge File
.ZTFDVD Label Template File
.ZTRDVD Label Template Media File
.THMSony Ericsson Theme File
.NSSMagentic Screensaver File
.GGGoogle Desktop Gadget File
.CP3Grand Prix 3 Cockpit Shape File
.BC!BitComet Incomplete File
.MLSCrystalPlayer Playlist
.JADJava Application Descriptor File
.PSARPSP Update File
.000Windows CE Installation Data File
.CCH.NET Security Resolution Cache File
.MRKDPOF Auto Print Order File
.TPMTrusted Platform Module Password File
.TPMTransformation Parameters Model File
.MVIAutoCAD Movie Command File
.DISKDEFINESLinux LiveCD Information File
.MCOLive Messenger Winks File
.CTGCanon Digital Camera Catalog File
.MMOMemory Map Overlay File
.INSpyware File
.RJSRealJukebox Skin File
.JCFlashGet Partial Download
.CFLIMVU Product File
.VPAVPchat Chat Gestures File
.!UTuTorrent Incomplete Download
.IMYiMelody Ringtone File
.SHXMotorola Flash Superfile
.HSMotorola Flash Flex File
.NAV2WinAVI Temporary Navigation File
.FDRWindows Error Report File
.XLNKXML Shortcut File
.EBNPhilips Firmware Update File
.ITCiTunes Cover Flow Data File
.HEXHexadecimal Source File
.DESKTOPDesktop Entry File
.LRCLyrics File
.JC!FlashGet Incomplete Download
.FLFMicrosoft Dynamics NAV License File
.IDLotus Notes User ID File
.SVN-WORKSubversion Cache File
.ULSNetMeeting User Location Service File
.LCKProgram Lock File
.NK2Outlook 2002 Nickname File
.NICKOutlook 2000 Nickname File
.IPSWiPod and iPhone Software Update File
.TBSTuneUp Utilities Boot Screen
.BOOTSKINStardock Bootskin File
.ESDWindows Electronic Software Download File
.XWFOmniPage Workflow File
.CLRAnimate Color Set
.LTFFrogans Shortcut File
.AFPLOCApple Filing Protocol Location
.ZM1ZoneAlarm Renamed MDA File
.ZM2ZoneAlarm Renamed MDZ File
.ZM3ZoneAlarm Renamed NCH File
.AIFSymbian Application Information File
.DLMAkamai Download Manager File
.NJBNikon Photo Index File
.VFSVirtual File System Index
.MSUWindows Vista Update Package
.AC$AutoCAD Temporary File
.XMPExtensible Metadata Platform File
.ADDDynamics AX Developer Documentation File
.AHDDynamics AX Online Help Data File
.AHIDynamics AX Online Help Index File
.ALTDynamics AX Temporary File
.AODDynamics AX Object Data File
.KHDDynamics AX Kernel Help Data File
.KHIDynamics AX Kernel Help Index File
.OB!Orbit Downloader Incomplete Download
.ZMLZooming Markup Language File
.PSIPrimalScript Online Help Shortcut
.TSTREAMSwarmPlayer Streaming Torrent
.DAPDownload Accelerator Plus Partial Download
.RNDPGP Random Seed File
.RNDRandom Hash Data File
.ARRAdvanced RAR Password Recovery Project
.VMGNokia Text Message
.ACSAgent Character File
.SR0SecuROM Analysis File
.LYRArcView Layer File
.SSDWindowBlinds Skin File List
.SSLFHLSW Shared Server List File
.DALDownload Accelerator Plus URL List
.IDLKAdobe InDesign Lock File
.DSTUDIODownloadStudio Incomplete Download
.KYRLotus Domino Key Ring File
.STHLotus Domino Stash File
.TTXTrados TagEditor File
.JQZJQuiz File
.JCWJCross File
.MDFTranslation Memory Data Find File
.JMTJMatch File
.MWFTranslation Memory Word Find File
.TEMPTemporary (Temp) File
.JMXJMix File
.JMSMasher Project
.LXAMicrosoft Speech Lexicon File
.SSWSony Ericsson Firmware File
.AAWDEFAd-Aware Definitions File
.PSWWindows Password Reset Disk File
.LOGONVISTALogonStudio Windows Vista Logon Screen
.LOGONXPLogonStudio Windows XP Logon Screen
.PLSKMessenger Plus! Live Skin Pack
.RMHRights-Managed HTML Document
.TLSTuneUp Utilities Logon Screen
.TIPTuneUp Utilities Icon Package
.FILEGeneric Windows File
.WWDWorks Wizard File
.FWFirmware Update File
.ABRAdobe Photoshop Brushes File
.REMBlackBerry Encrypted Data File
.MPCPLMedia Player Classic Playlist
.UNKNOWNUnknown File Type
.EXPMelco Embroidery File
.ICONTAINERCandyBar iContainer File
.APFAdobe Profile File
.CRCTotal Commander Checksum File
.VBTiAntiVirus Temporary Scan File
.SLFSymantec License File
.RTCLive Meeting Connection File
.LOOVSmadav Virus Definitions File
.BPDXAcrobat Batch PDX File
.RFPRoboForm Passcard File
.RFNRoboForm Safenote File
.MC2MasterCook 5 Cookbook File
.LOCKLock File
.LAYDVD Studio Pro Layout File
.INCAInCopy CS3 Assignment File
.ICMAInCopy Assignment File
.EZWeasyOFFER Real Estate Form File
.SBCOffice Accounting Company Shortcut File
.DCOVERDisc Cover File
.XLWExcel Workspace File
.ENCEncore Musical Notation File
.MNLAutoCAD Menu LISP File
.MBSOpera Mailbox File
.CBDSComic Book DS File
.1Unix Section 1 Man Page
.CONTOURContour Screenplay File
.WORDLISTDesktop Poet Word List File
.MJDOCMacJournal Document
.RWLIBRARYPaperless Receipt Library
.DWLIBRARYPaperless Document Library
.MGDATABASEMacGourmet Deluxe Database File
.MGOMacGourmet Recipe File
.WJEWinJournal Entry
.SFTMicrosoft App-V Sequencer File
.PVKPrivate Key File
.CULWindows Cursor Library
.PKPASSPassbook Pass File
.VPC6Virtual Machine Package
.INLKAdobe InDesign Lock File
.CXFPicasa Collage File
.ASSAegisub Advanced Substation Alpha File
.INFOGeneric Information File
.FMELICFME License File
.SEARCH-MSWindows Saved Search File
.PADACT! Database Pointer File
.MSRCINCIDENTWindows Remote Assistance Invitation File
.SLUPKG-MSXrML Digital License Package
.P7RCertificate Request Response File
.P10Certificate Request File
.SWPVi Swap File
.NFSNetwork File System Temporary File
.MOBILEPROVISIONXcode Mobile Provisioning Profile
.BBLBibTeX Generated Bibliography File
.OSTOutlook Offline Data File
.IFL3ds Max Image File List
.CASAutodesk Cascade License File
.SNTSticky Notes File
.3DCRacerMate 3D Course File
.CVRMicrosoft Crash Report File
.FB!FlashGet Incomplete Download File
.NDLLotus Notes Doclink File
.DTAPARTDownThemAll! Partially Downloaded File
.KEYLightWave License File
._EMLWindows Live Mail Email File
.MAILTOLOCMail Internet Location File
.TECTECkit Compiled Mapping File
.MAPTECkit Mapping File
.AVGDXAVG Diagnostics File
.ZVPLVisual Paradigm License File
.AUZAbleton Authorization File
.VNCLOCScreen Sharing VNC Internet Location
.WTCLogitech Webcam File
.CDF-MSClickOnce Compiled Manifest File
.XSLICXenServer License File
.PPKPuTTY Private Key File
.RSARSA Certificate File
.RPMSGOutlook Restricted Permission Message
.DOWNLOADINGPando Incomplete Download File
.SWJSolidWorks Journal File
.Z80TI-83 and 84 Plus Calculator File
.MARMozilla Archive
.FEEDBACKExpression SketchFlow Feedback File
.SPKSynology Package
.RATPICS Rating File
.MTASamsung AllShare Metadata File
.TDThunder Incomplete Download File
.REQSSL Certificate Request File
.LETTERUndeliverable Mail File
.TNSPTI-Nspire PublishView Document
.ENFEndNote Filter File
.PNPowernoodle File (Discontinued)
.APPUPErlang Application Upgrade File
.DWNFirmware Update File
.TMBTimbuktu Pro Connection Document
.YPSYahoo! Messenger Data File
.GTAMicrosoft Groove Tool Archive
.Z1ZoneAlarm Renamed VB File
.BT!BitSpirit Incomplete Download File
.ACBAOL Cab Launcher
.OTFOpenDocument Formula Template
.YBKMicrosoft Encarta Yearbook File
.EYBMicrosoft Encarta Yearbook Update File
.DEKMemorize-It Flashcard Deck
.WCMMicrosoft Works Communications Script
.CALIBRECalibre Device Data File
.MATMicrosoft Access Table Shortcut File
.SCSpace Engine Script
.MAGAccess Diagram Shortcut File
.CBTComputer Based Training File
.TRACEVMware ThinApp Trace Log File
.ISNInstaller Source File
.SNMNetscape Mail Index
.DOC#LibreOffice Document Lock File
.CFSLucene Compound Index File
.DATInno Setup Uninstaller Data File
.CHUNK001File Splitter Split Archive Part 1
.OTCOpenDocument Chart Template
.SXMStarMath Formula
.XENSEARCHXenCenter Saved Search File
.TNEFTransport Neutral Encapsulation Format
.ROVReport Object Variable
.MWLICMoneyWell License File
.PAMPPoweramp Album Art File
.SIDDiTunes Authorization Data File
.LIDKodak EasyShare Album File
.KPFKindle Create Publishable File
.FRZLocked FormFlow File
.IMLACT! Internet Mail Message
.OPFFlipAlbum File
.CRDGuitar Tabs
.RSAMinecraft JAR Codesign File
.PVMHP Photo Album
.MIFManagement Information Format
.MBKodak EasyShare Data File
.GPGGNU Privacy Guard Public Keyring
.STMBSynclavier Timbre File
.SIDNiTunes Authorization Data File
.XPRPressIt Disc Label
.G3ACasio Prizm Add-in File
.NTFMediaFACE II CD Label File
.WDSEMLThunderbird Searchable Email File
.SHORTCUTAsutype Shortcut
.NVINVIDIA Driver File
.CMMCorel Multimedia Manager Album
.PIDProcess ID File
.SHA512SHA 512 Hash File
.EFLExternal Format Language File
.T$MAVG Internet Security Temporary File
.WGoogle Toolbar Search History File
.DWCEmulex DWC Firmware Update File
.RTMLabVIEW Run-Time Menu File
.FNLFScarlett Plug-in Suite License File
.ADIDynamics AX Developer Documentation Index File
.AOIDynamics AX Application Object Index File
.NUPSmart Security Update File
.CTFContent Transformation File
.WZMULWinZip Registration File
.HPSHP Digital Sender Metadata File
.ZM9ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed Zip File
.PSFHP-UX Product Specification File
.FTILe-Hastakshar Contract Note
.BNDDB2 CLI Bind File
.QWQOpenQwaq Auto-Launch File
.JRSExchange Reserve Transaction Log File
.DSKINDockX Skin
.SSTSerialized Certificate Store File
.MCFIMaya Initial Fluid Cache File
.MCFPMaya Fluid Cache Playback File
.SHA1SHA-1 Hash File
.GSPGeometer's Sketchpad File
.XXXCompucon Singer Embroidery File
.RFTRoboForm Identity File
.RFCRoboForm Contact File
.RFBRoboForm Bookmark File
.SLBAutoCAD Slide Library
.MCFMasterCook 2 Cookbook File
.EDCKryptel Lite Encrypted File
.COS2Pinnacle Studio Cache File
.BOXMicrosoft Store Download File
.UNLGarmin Unlock File
.SHVHusqvarna Viking Embroidery File
.DTFDomino Temporary File
.DWLTurboCAD Drawing Lock File
.WJFWinJournal Journal File
.MBBKodak EasyShare Data File
.SC2LOCALEBlizzard StarCraft 2 Localization File
.SSCStellarium Script
.CVFCPU-Z Validation File
.GODGod Configuration File
.ERRAutoCAD Error Log File
.VMF_AUTOSAVEValve Hammer Editor Autosave File
.INDKAdobe Shortcut Set File
.SMRDAdobe InDesign Filter File
.SMWTAdobe InDesign Filter
.HYPDictionary Information File
.AMLMicrosoft Assistance Markup Language File
.DA2Ad-Aware License File
.BMKNokia Device Bookmark File
.CRASHEDAbiWord Crash-Saved Document
.NA2Netscape Address Book File
.INFOTexinfo Document
.RADIUMKEY2Radium 2 License File
.RMFAdobe Rights Management Document
.ADADOWNLOADAdobe Download Assistant Partial Download File
.QDSWindows Directory Query File
.BPSBPS Virus File
.NCWNero CoverDesigner Wizard File
.PLFPapyrus License File
.BLFMasterWorks Working File
.FNDWindows Saved Search
.RMLElixir Report Template File
.TCRTouchMagix Creative Suite Published File
.MERLINLICENSEMerlin License File
.EZLOGSkype Extras Manager Log File
.LRSCheck Point License Request File
._NWSWindows Live Mail Newsgroup Copy File
.CLCursor Library
.MAILPLANELICENSEMailplane License File
.EXTGeneric Email Attachment
.DECRYPTDecrypted Microsoft ESD File
.HDKHotDocs Registration File
.BKMKYummy FTP Bookmark File
.QUAAvira AntiVir Quarantined File
.MXNMiinoto Exchangeable Note File
.RXCRoxio Certificate File
.MANIFESTSteam Manifest File
.MZZMicrosoft .NET Download Package
.ICALiCalendar File
.ICALENDARiCalendar File
.LICENSEKEYiPartition License Key File
.EVENTCorel Cataloged Folder File
.VMHFVMware Hot Fix File
.VMHRVMware Hot Fix Request File
.YBDYobiDrive Link File
.ERLGameGuard Error Log File
.EF2Internet Download Manager Export File
.RASKINLICENSERaskin License File
.SUMGarmin Checksum File
.REQCanon SD Card Version Request File
.VMDK-CONVERTTMPVMWare Fusion Temporary File
.SIDBiTunes Authorization Data File
.TPKEYTexturePacker License Key File
.PEKEYPhysicsEditor License Key File
.SPDFormĀ·Z Suspended Render File
.AZ!Vuze Partial Download File
.DMX-INFODriverMax Driver Information File
.DISABLEDSpybot - Search & Destroy Disabled File
.HXAMicrosoft Help 2 Attribute Definition File
.HXCMicrosoft Help 2 Collection Definition File
.HXEMicrosoft Help 2 Sample Definition File
.HXKMicrosoft Help 2 Index File

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