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.TD File Extension

File Type 1Thunder Incomplete Download File

DeveloperThunder Network Technologies
3.8 (29 Votes)
CategoryMisc Files

What is a TD file?

A TD file is a partially downloaded file created by Thunder, an Internet download manager localized in Chinese. It stores the contents of a file as it is being received and uses the ".td" extension to mark the download as incomplete until it is finished, at which point the ".td" extension is removed.

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The ".td" file extension is a temporary extension appended to a file being downloaded by Thunder. For example, the file sample.mp4 would have the name sample.mp4.td when it is being downloaded. When the download is complete, the ".td" extension is removed. If the ".td" extension is not removed, your download was most likely interrupted before finishing and the file is incomplete. You must resume the download or re-download the file.

NOTE: Thunder is also called "Xunlei," which is 迅雷 in Chinese. The software is developed by a Chinese company named Thunder Network Technologies.

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Programs that open TD files

Updated 12/14/2017

File Type 2Target Definition File

DeveloperLLVM Developer Group
2.0 (4 Votes)
CategoryDeveloper Files

.TD File Association 2

A TD file is a definition file used by TableGen, a tool included with the LLVM compiler used to write LLVM backends. It contains classes (class) and definitions (def) written in the TableGen language which specify how LLVM translates compiled source code from a program into code that the target device understands.

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Screenshot of a .td file in Apple Xcode 10
TD file open in Apple Xcode 10

LLVM is used to compile developer code, such as Objective-C or C++ code, to code that can be run on a target machine. In order to do this, LLVM first takes developer code and compiles it into its own internal representation (IR), which is an intermediate language that enables the LLVM compiler to be flexible when translating compiled code into code for different target environments.

The LLVM backend translates the IR to the target code, but the LLVM backend requires rules for how to correctly translate the IR to the target code. These rules are defined and stored in the TD file using TableGen, with each TD file storing rules for separate target environments.

Programs that open TD files

Updated 2/8/2019

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