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.PN File Extension

File Type 1Powernoodle File

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CategoryMisc Files

What is a PN file?

File created by Powernoodle, an online collaboration application used for discussing business plans, ideas, and implementations; stores content created through a Powernoodle session, such as diagrams, outlines, debriefings, or other business document content; allows users to template their organization's intellectual property, processes, business rules, and knowledge in order to share with others.

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PN files are saved in a plain text format. They identify the title, author, and date of the content as well as a key code that's used to uniquely identify and load the content in Powernoodle.

NOTE: Powernoodle no longer supports PN files.

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Programs that open PN files
Updated 6/10/2019

File Type 2Pinecone Source Code File

DeveloperWilliam Wold
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CategoryDeveloper Files

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A PN file is a source code file written in the Pinecone programming language, which is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm language. It stores source code, which includes variables, functions, and user-defined structures, that can be compiled to the C++ programming language.

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Screenshot of a .pn file in Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1

PN file open in Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1

You will most likely only encounter a PN file if you are a program developer working with the Pinecone programming language, which is rather obscure. If you need to open a PN file to view or edit its contents, you can use a text editor since the language is stored as plain text.

The Pinecone programming language was developed in 2016 by William Wold. The programming language features a simple, consistent syntax and requires a C++11 compiler to be built.

Some other implemented features include:

  • Constants
  • Data structs
  • Flow control (if, if/else, while loop, for loop)
  • Functions
  • Int arrays
  • Interpreter
  • Operators, including +, *, %, :, =, >, <=, and &&.
  • Primitive data types Bool, Int, and Dub
  • Running system commands
  • Single and multi-line comments
  • Strings and various String operations
  • Transpiler to C++ for max performance
  • Tuples
  • User input

NOTE: Pinecone is no longer developed or maintained.

Programs that open PN files
Updated 8/22/2019

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