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.VB File Extension

File Type 1Visual Basic Project Item File

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CategoryDeveloper Files

What is a VB file?

A VB file is a project item file written in the Visual Basic language, an object-oriented programming language created by Microsoft for use with the .NET Framework. It contains Visual Basic instructions in ASCII text format.

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A project item can refer to a variety of Visual Basic project components. Each available project item differs based on whether you are working in a local or web project. Examples of project items include a Windows form, Login form, splash screen, dialog, class, interface, code file, custom control, web custom control, or installer class. The "vb" extension is used for all of these items.

Visual Basic is a programming language implemented on the .NET framework. Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) was released in 2002 to replace the original Visual Basic language. The VB.NET language is used to create applications based on .NET, such as web applications and XML web services. ".NET" was eventually dropped by Microsoft in 2005 and the VB file is now used by Microsoft Visual Studio.

NOTE: VB files can also be used to contain viruses or other malware. Therefore, do not open VB files if they are an unknown e-mail attachments.

Open and view .VB files with File Viewer Plus.

Programs that open VB files

Updated 5/24/2016

File Type 2Grand Theft Auto Audio File

DeveloperRockstar Games
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CategoryAudio Files

.VB File Association 2

Audio file used by Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 3 and GTA: Vice City games for PlayStation 2; stores multiple audio clips and includes radio station clips, radio news clips, and cutscene audio; used for audio playback during gameplay.

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VB files can be converted to the .WAV format with MFAudio by setting the following program options:

  • Frequency: 32000Hz, or 16000Hz for the talk stations (e.g., POLICE.VB, KCHAT.VB, and VCPR.VB)
  • Samples: 16 bits
  • Channels: 2
  • Interleave: 2000 Bytes
  • Offset: 0 Bytes
  • Output format: WAVE
VB files are saved in the \AUDIO\ directory on the PlayStation 2 GTA disc.

NOTE: VB audio files may also be used by the Windows versions of GTA3 and GTA: Vice City with the VBDec plugin installed.

Programs that open VB files

Updated 2/25/2020

File Type 3Virtual Boy ROM File

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CategoryGame Files

.VB File Association 3

Game ROM created from a Nintendo Virtual Boy video game; contains data from a Virtual Boy cartridge saved in a read-only file; can be played on a PC using a Virtual Boy emulation program such as Red Dragon.

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Virtual Boy was a portable game console developed by Nintendo and released in 1995. It included a headset that provided a 3D experience for gamers.

Programs that open VB files

Red Dragon
Reality Boy
Updated 3/11/2008

File Type 4Beam Games SIFF Video

DeveloperBeam Software
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CategoryGame Files

.VB File Association 4

A VB file is a video used by a Beam Software video game. It contains a scene played within a game. VB files cannot be played by most popular media players.

More Information
Screenshot of a .vb file in VLC media player
VB file open in VLC media player

Beam Software is an Australian video game developer that was founded in 1978 and acquired by Krome Studios in 2006, at which point Beam was renamed Krome Studios Melbourne. In the 1990s, Beam produced a handful of games that use their proprietary SIFF file format, including KKND2: Krossfire and The Lost Vikings II.

The SIFF file format can be used to create files that contain both audio and video or just audio. When a SIFF format file contains both audio and video, it is saved using the .vb extension. When it contains just audio, it is saved with the .SON extension.

How do I open a VB file?

Because VB files are so uncommon, most popular media players cannot play them. However, you can play VB files in VLC media player, and you can convert them to a more usable video format using FFmpeg.

Programs that open VB files

Updated 9/10/2020

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