Version5(as of 9/7/2022)
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Linux
LicenseOpen Source
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Main Features

  • Convert audio and video at very high speeds
  • Resize video and change sample rates on the fly
  • Work with a large list of codecs

Software Overview

FFmpeg is a suite of libraries and command-line tools that allows users to convert, edit, and play audio and video files. The project is open-source and serves as the backbone of many media players and conversion apps, such as VLC media player.

Most notably, FFmpeg's included ffmpeg command-line tool allows users to quickly convert audio and video files to many multimedia formats. Advanced users can specify the converted file's codec(s), bitrate, and in the case of video, frame rate and resolution. Ffmpeg can also retrieve and save audio and video being streamed online.

FFmpeg's ffplay tool can play most audio and video files, and ffprobe can retrieve and show metadata about a media file. Together, these three tools allow users to examine, manipulate, and play the majority of multimedia files.


If you're comfortable using command-line tools, and you often find yourself wanting to convert or manipulate multimedia files, FFmpeg is right up your alley. If you don't want to go near the command line, a different media converter, like VLC media player or Handbrake, might be what you're looking for.

Primary File Type

file  icon.FFMFFmpeg Stream File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.FFMFFmpeg Stream File
.3GA3GPP Audio File
.4XM4X Movie
.AACAdvanced Audio Coding File
.AEAATRAC1 Audio File
.AMFAsylum Music Format Audio File
.AMRAdaptive Multi-Rate Codec File
.AMVActions Media Video
.ANMDeluxePaint Animation
.APCCRYO Interactive APC Audio
.AV1AV1 Video
.AVIAudio Video Interleave File
.BFIBrute Force & Ignorance Video
.BMVTeeny Weeny Games Video File
.C93Interplay C93 Video
.CAMMSN Messenger Webcam Recording
.CDXLCommodore CDXL Video
.CINDelphine Software CIN Video
.CMVElectronic Arts CMV Video
.DCTElectronic Arts DCT Video
.DFADreamForge Intertainment Video
.DRCBBC Dirac Video
.DUKDuck TrueMotion S Video
.DXAFeeble Files Video
.EAC3Dolby Digital Plus Audio
.FFINDEXFFmpegSource2 Media Index
.G722G.722 ADPCM Audio
.H261H.261 Video
.H262H.262 Video
.H263H.263 Video
.H265H.265 Video
.HTKHidden Markov Model Toolkit Audio
.ISSFunCom ISS Audio File
.JVBitmap Brothers Video File
.KUXYouku KUX Video
.LVFDVR LVF Video File
.LXFHarris/Leitch Video File
.M4BMPEG-4 Audiobook
.M4SMPEG-DASH Video Segment
.MEDIASecurity Camera Video
.MJ2Motion JPEG 2000 Video
.MJPGMotion JPEG Video
.ML20MSN Webcam Recorder Video
.MOVIESGI Movie File
.MTVMTV Video Format File
.MVSGI Video File
.MV8Interplay MVE Video File
.MVEInterplay MVE Video File
.MVIMotion Pixels MVI1 Video File
.NUTNUT Video File
.OPUSOpus Audio
.P64H.261 Video File
.PAFPacked Animation File
.PICPictor Paint Image
.PIXBRender PIX Image
.PMPPlayStation Portable Movie
.PTXV.Flash PTX Image
.RL2Voyeur Game Video File
.RPLEscape Video File
.SECSamsung Security Video File
.SEQTiertex Limited SEQ Video File
.SNSSNS Video Game Audio File
.SOLSierra On-Line Audio File
.SONBeam Software SIFF Audio File
.TGQElectronic Arts TGQ Video File
.TGVElectronic Arts TGV Video File
.TMV8088 Corruption Video
.TSPTrueSpeech Audio File
.TYTiVo Video Recording File
.TY+TiVo Video Recording File
.VBBeam Games SIFF Video
.VIDBethesda Softworks Video
.VMDSierra VMD Video File
.VP5On2 VP5 Video File
.VQAWestwood Studios VQA Video
.WEBAWebM Audio File
.WEBMWebM Video
.WVEElectronic Arts TQI Video File
.XMVXbox Media Video File
.XWMMicrosoft xWMA Compressed Audio
.XWMAMicrosoft xWMA Compressed Audio
.Y4MYUV4MPEG2 Video File
.YOPPsygnosis YOP Video
Updated 9/7/2022