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.AEA File Extension

File Type 1Ae Timer Alarm Document

DeveloperAe Applications
3.3 (4 Votes)
CategorySettings Files

What is a AEA file?

Contains settings for an alarm created with Ae Timer, an alarm clock and scheduling program; includes the alarm time, alarm text, and the song or video that is played for the alarm; can be edited and saved by the user.

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Programs that open AEA files

Ae Applications Ae Timer
Updated 6/23/2009

File Type 2AdWords Editor Archive

2.0 (2 Votes)
CategoryBackup Files

.AEA File Association 2

Backup archive created by Google AdWords Editor, an application used to manage information for Google AdWords advertising campaigns; contains the advertising data for the campaign; used for creating full or partial backups.

More Information

AEA files may store data for an entire account or select Ad Groups and Campaigns. You can export one of these options by selecting File → Export Backup (AEA) and then choosing one of the submenu items.

NOTE: AEA files are also used by Google Translator Toolkit, a browser-based application that can automatically translate the advertising campaign information into other languages.

Programs that open AEA files

Updated 10/4/2010

File Type 3ATRAC1 Audio File

1.0 (1 Vote)
CategoryAudio Files

.AEA File Association 3

An AEA file contains audio data encoded in the ATRAC1 format, which is a data compression format developed by Sony. It stores audio most likely dumped from a MiniDisc (MD), which is an optical disc similar to a compact disc (CD) that can be played with various MD players.

More Information

AEA files are not common, since MDs were introduced back in 1992 and overshadowed by CDs. You will most likely never encounter an AEA file unless you dump audio from an MD you own. You may also receive an AEA file from a friend sharing music dumped from one of his MDs.

The ATRAC1 format is a variation of the ATRAC format, which stands for Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding. Besides being used in MDs, the format was also utilized in the Sony Dynamic Digital Sound (SDDS) theater sound system in the 1990s.

How do I open a AEA file?

Since AEA files are uncommon, there are few media players that support them. However, you can convert AEA files to a more widely supported audio format with FFmpeg, then play the converted file with a media player, such as Microsoft Windows Media Player or VideoLAN VLC media player.

Unless the AEA file stores audio you cannot get anywhere else, such as a recorded narration or rare music recording, it is most likely easier to re-purchase or stream the audio from a digital music service than to convert it to a more common format that can be played.

Programs that open AEA files

Updated 8/27/2020

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