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PenguinMod Project

Developer PenguinMod Team
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What is a PMP file?

A PMP file is a development project created by PenguinMod, a modified version of MIT Scratch. It is a renamed .ZIP file that contains all of the project's assets. Typically, these assets consist of a .JSON file (e.g., project.json), one or more .SVG files, and additional image and audio files.

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Screenshot of a .pmp file in PenguinMod
PMP file open in PenguinMod

PenguinMod is a block-based development tool based on both MIT Scratch and TurboWarp (another modified version of Scratch). Using PenguinMod, developers can create animations, games, and other simple programs by dragging, dropping, and connecting code blocks.

At any time, developers can save their in-process PenguinMod development project as a PMP file. PMP files are similar to Scratch 3.0's .SB3 files, except that they may contain data created and used by custom PenguinMod extensions. For this reason, it's best to open PMP files in PenguinMod, rather than Scratch or TurboWarp.

How to open a PMP file

You can open a PMP file with PenguinMod. To do so, select File → Load from your computer from the program's menu bar. Then, navigate to and open your PMP file.

If you want to view or extract the assets a PMP file contains, you can do so by renaming the file's extension to .zip and opening it as you would any .ZIP file.

How to convert a PMP file

You can use PenguinMod Packager to convert a PMP file to an executable format, so you can run the program the file contains on a PC or in a web browser. PenguinMod Packager can export PMP files in the following formats:

  • .EXE - Windows Application
  • .APP - macOS Application Bundle
  • .ELF - Executable and Linkable Format
  • .HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
  • .ZIP - Zipped File
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Programs that open PMP files

All Platforms
Rename .pmp to .zip; open as you would any ZIP file

AutoCAD Plot Model Parameter File

Developer Autodesk
3.9  |  8 Votes

File used by AutoCAD, a CAD program used for creating designs; contains custom configuration information for a .PC3 file, including plotter calibration data and paper size; used to store common plotter calibration settings for use with multiple PC3 files.

More Information

To create a PMP file in AutoCAD, select File → Plotter Manager, and select a corresponding PC3 file.

Programs that open or reference PMP files


Nintendo Wii Pack Map

Developer Nintendo
2.5  |  2 Votes

A PMP file may also be a Pack MaP used by a Nintendo Wii video game. It contains game data, such as in-game object positions, player and vehicle routes, and object parameters. PMP files are used primarily in sports- and activity-based games, such as Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Fit Plus.

How to open a PMP file

Wii modders can open and edit PMP files in KILL043's PMP Editor. PMP Editor allows modders to change the position, size, and other properties of in-game objects. It also allows them to alter a game's routes.

Programs that open or reference PMP files


PlayStation Portable Movie

Developer Sony
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A PMP file may also be a movie that is meant to be played on the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). It contains video and audio saved in the PlayStation Portable Movie Format. PMP files can be used to share videos among PSP owners.

More Information

In 2005, Sony released the PlayStation Portable, a handheld gaming and entertainment device meant to compete with the Nintendo DS and other mobile entertainment systems. The PSP allowed users to play movies and other videos saved in the PlayStation Portable Movie Format (PSMF), which was designed specifically for the PSP. These videos were saved with the .PMF or .pmp extension.

NOTE: Homebrew PSP media players, such as Cooleyes' PMPlayer Advance, and video streaming servers also used PMP files.

How to open a PMP file

PMP files are meant to be played on the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). However, because the FFmpeg multimedia framework supports decoding PMP movies, you can play PMP files in VLC media player and convert them to a more common video format using FFmpeg.

Programs that open PMP files

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