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.CAP File Extension

File Type 1Packet Capture File

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CategoryData Files

What is a CAP file?

A CAP file contains packets collected by a packet sniffing program. It saves raw data and metadata captured over a network transmission. CAP files are also called trace files or bone files, and they are used by multiple packet sniffer applications.

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Screenshot of a .cap file in Wireshark
CAP file open in Wireshark

Using a CAP file, you can examine and analyze the data passed between devices on a digital network. Network administrators and other IT professionals use CAP files to:

  • Analyze and diagnose network problems
  • Detect malicious network activity
  • Maintain compliance with certain IT regulations

How do I open a CAP file?

You can open a CAP file using Wireshark, a free-to-download packet sniffing program available for Windows and Mac PCs.

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Programs that open CAP files

Updated 6/30/2020

File Type 2ASUS BIOS Update File

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CategorySystem Files

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A CAP file is a BIOS update file used to "flash" the BIOS to ASUS computers running Windows. It contains settings and instructions for updating the BIOS on an ASUS motherboard.

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BIOS stands for "Basic Input/Output System" and is a type of firmware used by a computer's microprocessor to boot the computer system when it is turned on. It is also used to manage the data flow between a computer's operating system and any attached devices.

NOTE: To update the BIOS on your computer, download the CAP file from the ASUS website and copy it to a USB key (formatted to FAT or FAT 32). Then, connect it to the appropriate ASUS machine, and use the EZ Flash utility (built into the BIOS firmware) to load the update.

Programs that open CAP files

EZ Flash
Updated 2/26/2015

File Type 3Construct Game Development File

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CategoryDeveloper Files

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A CAP file is a project file created by Construct, a game development application used for building DirectX games. It includes game graphics, audio, physics models, and event handlers for actions in the game.

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NOTE: Construct now uses .CAPX and .CAPROJ files for game development projects.

Programs that open CAP files

Updated 8/29/2012

File Type 4PASCO Capstone Experiment File

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CategorySettings Files

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A CAP file contains an experiment created by PASCO Capstone, a scientific program used to collect, display, and analyze data in engineering and physics labs. It stores information about an experiment, which may include one or more pages of analyses and graphs, calculations, collected data, and experiment settings.

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Screenshot of a .cap file in PASCO Capstone 1.13.2
CAP file open in PASCO Capstone 1.13.2

Capstone CAP experiment files are saved in a proprietary format and can only be opened using PASCO Capstone in Windows or macOS. To open a CAP file in Capstone follow these steps:

  1. Select File → Open Experiment....
  2. Navigate to the location of the CAP file and select it.
  3. Click Open.

NOTE: Capstone CAP files are used for storing experiments in various scientific fields, such as thermodynamics, oscillations, mechanics, quantum, electromagnetism, and waves and optics.

Programs that open CAP files

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Free Trial
Updated 5/15/2019

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