Adobe Flash Builder

Version4.7 Premium(as of 1/13/2021)
PlatformsWindows, Mac
Rating:1.9  |  30 Votes

Main Features

  • ActionScript and MXML code editors
  • Latest game development tools
  • Helpful coding capabilities such as statement completion and code collapse
  • Professional testing and debugging tools

Software Overview

Adobe Flash Builder is an IDE used to build applications with the ActionScript and MXML languages and open source Flex framework. The IDE allows you to build both cross-platform desktop and rich Internet applications. Flash Builder was previously known as Flex Builder before version 4, and its last stable release was 4.7 on December 7, 2012. Adobe discontinued all support for Flash-related software on December 31, 2020.

The IDE features ActionScript and MXML code editors and a WYSIWYG editor to alter MXML applications. The application comes with the latest game development tools, including improved mobile device workflows and support for ActionScript workers. Flash Builder helps you code faster and gives you helpful coding capabilities, such as statement completion, code templates, refactoring support, code collapse, highlighting of invalid references, and syntax coloring.

Flash Builder provides professional testing tools, such as network monitoring, unit testing support, and profilers, that help you create a fully functional product. You can also debug and test your application on a mobile emulator or a locally connected mobile device.


While it is now discontinued, Flash Builder was mainly used by application developers who use the ActionScript and MXML languages and open source Flex framework. The IDE provided helpful coding capabilities, the latest game development tools, and debugging and testing features. The developers used Adobe Flash Builder to develop rich Internet and desktop applications, especially games, that utilized the ActionScript and MXML languages and Flex framework.

Primary File Type

fxp icon.FXPAdobe Flex Project File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.FXPAdobe Flex Project File
.FXGFlash XML Graphics File
.FXPLAdobe Flash FXP Library
.MXMLFlex MXML Component
.SWCFlex Components Archive
.SWZAdobe Flash Player Cache File
Updated 1/13/2021