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.MDX File Extension

File Type 1Extended Media Descriptor File

DeveloperDT Soft
3.9 (107 Votes)
CategoryDisk Image Files

What is an MDX file?

Disc image file created by DAEMON Tools, a utility used to create CD and DVD disc images and emulate the original discs as virtual drives; contains both the disc volume formatting metadata and the disc data.

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MDX files are designed to replace the combination of .MDS and .MDF files by storing all disc image data in one file.

NOTE: Extended media descriptor files are also referred to as "Media Data eXtended" files.

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Programs that open MDX files

Updated 11/3/2010

File Type 2Warcraft 3 Model File

DeveloperBlizzard Entertainment
4.1 (64 Votes)
Category3D Image Files

.MDX File Association 2

Model file used by Warcraft III, a real-time strategy game where players build bases and control units in the fictional world of Azeroth; stores a 3D game model and includes meshes and textures for units or buildings; used for storing pre-fabricated 3D models or for customizing 3D models using editors.

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MDX files are the binary version of .MDL 3D model text files.

Programs that open MDX files

Updated 4/5/2018

File Type 3MDict Dictionary File

DeveloperOctopus Studio
3.2 (10 Votes)
CategoryData Files

.MDX File Association 3

An MDX file is a dictionary file used by MDict, a multi-language dictionary application for Windows and mobile platforms. It contains a collection of words and definitions. MDX files allow users to create and use custom dictionaries.

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NOTE: The iOS version of MDict provides an embedded web browser that can be used for downloading dictionaries.

Programs that open MDX files

Updated 10/12/2016

File Type 4Multiple Index File

DeveloperdataBased Intelligence
2.9 (7 Votes)
CategoryData Files

.MDX File Association 4

Index associated with a database file; typically created along with a .DBF file; can be opened with dBASE IV or Borland InterBase.

Programs that open MDX files

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Updated 2006

File Type 5Rational XDE Model File

2.8 (4 Votes)
CategoryData Files

.MDX File Association 5

Model created with IBM's Rational XDE (eXtended Development Environment); available in multiple versions, including Java and Visual Studio; saved in XML format and can be navigated using the XDEModelWalker included with Rational XDE software.

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MDX files are similar to .MDL files created by IBM's Rational Rose.

Programs that open MDX files

IBM Rational XDE Developer
Updated 4/24/2007

File Type 6MDX Source Code File

2.0 (1 Vote)
CategoryDeveloper Files

.MDX File Association 6

An MDX file is a Markdown (.MD) file that includes elements of JavaScript XML (.JSX) syntax. It contains source code that is part of a React webpage or application. MDX files can be opened in any text editor, but are meant to be opened in source code editors.

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Markdown is a simple markup language that developers use to format text before converting it to HTML. Markdown is written and saved as plain text but includes inline symbols that define how the text will be formatted after being converted to HTML. Markdown is often used to produce simple websites, webpages, and other online content.

Developers who want to extend their Markdown files to include JavaScript XML syntax and React components can do so using the MDX library. Typically, developers use React and JSX to develop single-page web and mobile applications written entirely in JavaScript. MDX allows developers to include JSX components, including styled backgrounds, interactive charts, and alerts, in Markdown-formatted files, sprucing up their otherwise spartan web content.

How do I open an MDX file?

Because MDX files are plain text files, you can open them in any text editor, such as Microsoft Notepad (Windows) or Apple TextEdit (Mac). However, if you plan to edit an MDX file, you should open it in a source code editor, such as Microsoft Visual Studio Code (cross-platform) or Github Atom (cross-platform). With the MDX library installed, source code editors provide helpful editing tools and highlight Markdown and JSX syntax correctly.

Programs that open MDX files

Updated 2/19/2021

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