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3D Image Files

3D image files include three-dimensional models, 3D animations, and 3D project files. 3D models are typically comprised of polygons and verticies and that create the model's shape. They may also include textures as well as lighting and shading information.

Common 3D image file extensions include .OBJ, .STP, and .MA files.

Other image file categories include Raster Graphic and Vector Graphic files.

File Extension File Type Popularity
.MESHGodot Engine 3D Mesh File
.CRZCompressed Poser Character Rigging File
.P3LAdobe Photoshop Light Preset File
.E57LIDAR Point Cloud Data File
.PZ2Poser Pose File
.MSHOrbiter 3D Mesh File
.PMXMikuMikuDance Model File
.SMDValve Studiomdl Data File
.BLENDBlender 3D Data File
.MD5ANIMid Tech 4 Model Animation File
.THINGMakerBot Thing File
.HIPNCHoudini Apprentice File
.TRIFaceGen Polygonal Model File
.GMFLeadwerks Game Model File
.MC5Poser 5 Material File
.C4DCinema 4D Model File
.PHY3ds Max Physique File
.LXFLEGO Digital Designer Model File
.FSHFragment Shader File
.V3DVisual3D.NET Data File
.DFFRenderWare Model File
.IVOpen Inventor Scene Graph File
.MIX3ds Max Motion Mixer File
.CCBCopperCube 3D Scene
.ZTMental Ray Image Depth File
.DUFDAZ User File
.M3D3D Model File
.CFGCal3D Model Configuration File
.DAEDigital Asset Exchange File
.MAKERBOTMakerBot Print File
.XDirectX Model File
.BIPCharacter Studio Biped File
.MDLWarcraft 3 3D Model Text File
.OFFObject File Format
.XAF3ds Max XML Animation File
.IGIIndigo Image File
.3DS3D Studio Scene
.NMSpace Engine Nebula Model File
.AN8Anim8or File
.VPDMikuMikuDance Vocaloid Pose Data File
.MDXWarcraft 3 Model File
.CSOCompiled Shader Object File
.MTZCompressed MetaStream Scene File
.OBPBryce Object File
.FXDirect3D Effects File
.3MF3D Manufacturing File
.MUKerbal Space Program Mesh File
.3DA3D Assembly File
.P3DPeak3D 3D Graphics File
.MAMaya Project File
.FLTOpenFlight Scene Description File
.ANIMMaya Animation File
.LXOModo 3D Image
.WFTGTA 4 Car Model File
.PKGMidtown Madness 2 Model File
.MD5MESHid Tech 4 3D Mesh File
.PZZCompressed Poser Scene File
.3DXMLDassault Systemes 3D XML File
.ATMVue Atmospheres File
.LLMLinden Lab Mesh File
.PSAUnreal Engine Skeletal Animation File
.BR7Bryce 7 Scene File
.HDZCompressed Poser Hand Pose File
.DSBDAZ Studio Binary Script
.T3DSwift 3D Document
.IGESIGES Drawing File
.TMEBryce Time File
.M3DDIALux 3D Object File
.3D2Stereo CAD-3D 2.0 Image File
.MSHGodot Engine 3D Mesh File
.PGALPhoto! 3D Album Gallery
.P4DPix4D Project
.DSVDAZ Studio UV Mapping File
.BRGAge of Mythology Model File
.FACEFXFaceFX Actor File
.ANIMSETFaceFX Animation Set File
.X3DXara3D Project
.XSISoftimage XSI 3D Image
.BBMODELBlockbench 3D Model File
.PP2Poser Prop File
.CG3Cabri 3D Document
.FXLCryENGINE Facial Expression Library
.ATLArtlantis 3D Scene File
.CGCg Program
.SH3FSweet Home 3D Model Library
.IRRIrrlicht 3D Scene
.AMFAdditive Manufacturing File
.P5DPlanner 5D Project
.SKPSketchUp Document
.DSDAZ Studio 1/2 Script
.FGFaceGen Project File
.XMFCal3D XML Mesh File
.PSKUnreal Engine Skeletal Mesh File
.FPFIKEA Home Planner File
.SGNSignet Bureau DRM File
.PRMRe-Volt Model File
.3D4Stereo CAD-3D 2.0 Image File
.W3DAdobe Shockwave 3D File
.OBJWavefront 3D Object File
.PKGCoCreate OneSpace Modeling Package File
.Z3DZModeler 3D File
.MESH3D Mesh Model
.RCSRandomControl Scene File
.CCPCopperCube JavaScript File
.ANM3D Animation File
.FCPPhantasy Star Online 2 Female Cast File
.MNMCharacter Studio Marker Name File
.SDBSAP2000 Model File
.VPVertex Program File
.PL03D Home Architect Foundation Floor Plan
.CMFCal3D Binary Mesh File
.MGFMaterials and Geometry Format
.FBXAutodesk FBX Interchange File
.DESCorel Designer File
.PRCProduct Representation Compact File
.PMDPoser Binary Morph File
.CHRCryENGINE Character File
.MDDPoint Oven Deformation Data File
.VOXVoxlap Voxel Model File
.DWFDesign Web Format File
.MBMaya Binary Project File
.3DMRhino 3D Model
.MRML3D Slicer Scene Description File
.A8SAnim8or Script
.P3MAdobe Photoshop Material Preset File
.CPY3ds Max Copy Track File
.MQOMetasequoia Document
.TVMTV3D Model
.IVEOpenSceneGraph Binary File
.MEBPRO100 3D Interior Catalog Element
.GLTFGL Transmission Format File
.TRUCKRigs of Rods Truck Definition File
.SRFLightWave Surface File
.T3DUnreal Engine 3D Object File
.MXSMaxwell Studio Scene File
.SH3DSweet Home 3D Design File
.3DP123D Catch Photo Scene Data File
.A3DAlternativa Player 3D Export File
.A2CAlice Object File
.NIFGamebryo Model File
.B3DBlitz3D Entity Model File
.X3G3D Print File
.VUEVue Scene File
.HLSLHigh Level Shader Language File
.FCZCompressed Poser Face Pose File
.ALBUMGLC_Player Album File
.SC4MODELSimCity 4 Model File
.PROTurboFloorPlan 3D Design File
.HRZCompressed Poser Hair File
.N3DNuclear 3D File
.LND3D Landscape File
.OBZCompressed 3D Object File
.WRPGeomagic 3D Wrap File
.BVHBiovision Hierarchy Animation File
.ANIMUnity Animation File
.HIPHoudini Project File
.TCNTechne Model File
.C3DC3D Model File
.CRFCal3D Binary Materials File
.MCZCompressed Poser Material File
.OLValve Hammer Object Layout File
.FXTFaceFX Actor Template File
.3DLLightConverse 3D Model File
.VSHVertex Shader File
.SMicrosoft Train Simulator Shape File
.PLYPolygon Model File
.CGFXCgFX Shader File
.CHR3ds Max Characters File
.PMDMikuMikuDance Model File
.3DMFQuickDraw 3D Metafile
.GRNGranny 3D File
.KFMGamebryo 3D Model File
.BR4Bryce 4 Scene File
.KTZKahootz Project File
.DSADAZ Studio 3+ Script
.PARSolid Edge Part File
.GMTrFactor Model File
.MXMMaxwell Material File
.SBSARSubstance Archive
.SISarivis ImageCore File
.MS3DMilkShape 3D Model
.EGGPanda3D Model File
.VERTVertex Shader File
.WOWSparkMaker 3D Print File
.CM2Poser Camera Set File
.USDZUniversal Scene Description Zipped Format
.CBDDLPCHITUBOX Sliced 3D Object File
.XRXuver 3D Scene File
.ARMArmorPaint Asset
.BLKBLK360 Data File
.SHPShapes File
.VEGVue Vegetation file
.MTLOBJ Material Template Library File
.MAX3ds Max Scene File
.VVDVivid 3D Scanner Element File
.D3DGame Maker 3D File
.ACTGenesis3D Actor File
.PRVVue Preview File
.UMSRune 3D Mesh File
.YDLPowerFlip YAODL 3D Image File
.GLFSpace Engine Shader File
.MTXMetaStream Scene File
.BROBroadleaf Tree Model
.IFCIndustry Foundation Classes File
.VSVertex Shader File
.FP3FloorPlan 3D Design File
.KMCKinemac Animation File
.KMCOBJKinemac Sprite Object
.AOFArtlantis Object File
.QCHalf-Life Model Compiler Script
.CAL3ds Max Pose Adjustment File
.CMODCelestia Model
.BIOMudbox Bio 3D File
.CR2Poser Character Rigging File
.PL23D Home Architect Second Level Floor Plan
.BLDSkyscraper Simulator Building Script
.F3DFusion 3D Design
.U3DUniversal 3D File
.MAXC3ds Max Container File
.IGSIndigo Renderer Scene File
.CSDManga Studio Scene File
.CSMCharacter Studio Marker File
.DSFDAZ Studio Asset File
.GMMODGame Maker 3D Model File
.GEOVRML Geography File
.FIG3ds Max Figure File
.VISUAL_PROCESSEDWorld of Tanks 3D Model Surface File
.P3RAdobe Photoshop Render Settings Preset File
.C3ZOpenQwaq 3D Model File
.DRFVIZ Render File
.FXMmessiahStudio Motion File
.VOBVue Objects File
.3DF3D Format
.PZ3Poser Scene File
.LWOLightWave 3D Object File
.VMDVocaloid Motion Data File
.XPRPro/ENGINEER Part Instance Accelerator File
.IKCryENGINE IK Animation File
.DAZDAZ Studio 3D Scene
.GLBBinary GL Transmission Format File
.PROProfessional Home Design Project
.DSEDAZ Studio Encrypted Script
.DBMDAZ Brick Material File
.V3VVector Art 3D Model File
.3DC3DCrafter Scene File
.LWSLightWave 3D Scene File
.DNAdobe Dimension Document
.SMCSolibri Model Checker File
.XOFReality Lab 3D Image File
.BR6Bryce 6 Scene File
.USDUniversal Scene Description Format
.VISUALWorld of Tanks 3D Model Surface File
.MUDMudbox 3D Scene File
.FPJCryENGINE Facial Editor Project File
.MD5CAMERAid Tech 4 Model Camera File
.HD2Poser Hand Pose File
.HR2Poser Hair File
.PIGMPackaged Indigo Renderer Material File
.DIFTorque Game Engine Model File
.J3OjMonkeyEngine 3D Scene
.FC2Poser Face Pose File
.3DW3D World Studio File
.CMZCompressed Poser Camera Set File
.FXSmessiahStudio Scene File
.HXNHexagon Model File
.LTZCompressed Poser Light Set File
.FRYfryrender Scene File
.FPFragment Program File
.P2ZCompressed Poser Pose File
.PPZCompressed Poser Prop File
.FXAOC3 Entertainment FaceFX Actor File
.FNCVue Functions File
.MC6Poser Material Collection File
.THLTotal 3D Home Design File
.P21Express STEP Data Model File
.DMCMimic Configuration File
.CMDBAnsys CFD Mesh
.SKLMaya Skeleton File
.IRRMESHIrrlicht Static Mesh File
.SESSIONCATIA 4 Session File
.ATFAlternativa Texture File
.SISoftimage Image File
.MAT3ds Max Materials File
.CASTotal War Model File
.RFTRevit Family Template File
.PAT3D Patch File
.JASCheetah3D Model File
.BR5Bryce 5 Scene File
.PRIMITIVES_PROCESSEDWorld of Tanks 3D Model File
.PREFABUnity Prefab File
.TPSBryce Tree Shape File
.NFFNeutral File Format
.TMDPlayStation Game Model File
.CMSCar Mechanic Simulator 3D Car Model File
.3DC3DCT 3D Image
.VRLVRML Virtual World
.DDDGLBasic 3D Data File
.LPLightscape Preparation File
.N2Nitrous Minecraft GLSL Shader File
.MESHDirectX Mesh File
.M3Blizzard MDX3 Model File
.BSKBryce Skies File
.DFSBrainSuite Surface File
.XMM3ds Max XML Animation Map File
.V3OEmergency 3 and 4 Model File
.TS1VirtualBus Texture Description File
.OGFS.T.A.L.K.E.R. Model File
.VTXAnim8or 3D Model
.3DXRhino 3D Model File
.AOIArt of Illusion 3D Scene
.RADVRAD Lights File
.LDMVolumeViz Multi-Resolution Volume File
.STOPRO100 3D Interior Design Project
.EXPCATIA 4 Export File
.OCTRadiance Octree File
.3DStereo CAD-3D Image File
.S3GMakerBot 3D Print File
.PIGSPackaged Indigo Renderer Scene File
.SMSpace Engine 3D Mesh File
.FSQCryENGINE Facial Editor Sequence File
.DSIDAZ Studio Layered Image Set
.BR3Bryce 3 Scene File
.LPSBryce Leaf Shape File
.PL13D Home Architect Floor Plan
.MPJmessiahStudio Project File
.YAODLPowerFlip 3D Image File
.VSOCompiled Vertex Shader File
.DSODAZ Studio Object File
.XRFCal3D XML Materials File
.3DMK123D Make Project File
.PRIMITIVESWorld of Tanks 3D Model File
.DBLDAZ Brick Light File
.MDGDigital Geometric Model File
.FPEFPS Creator Entity File
.REALITYReality 3D Scene Format
.3DV3D VRML World
.CHRPARAMSCryENGINE Character Parameters File
.DSDDAZ Studio Object Morph File
.DSIDouble-Precision Spectral Image
.CSFCal3D Binary Skeleton File
.XSFCal3D XML Skeleton File
.XAFCal3D XML Animation File
.RADRadiance Scene File
.VACMikuMikuDance Accessory Settings File
.IGMIndigo Renderer Material File
.TRITriangle Mesh File
.STCShade to Manga Studio File
.FUNCubify Invention File
.TMO3DCG Animation and Pose File
.CALCryENGINE Character Animation List
.TGOTerragen Object File
.ASATAssemble SAT 3D Model File
.MOTLightWave Motion File
.3DONScrutinize 3D Mesh File
.CAFCal3D Binary Animation File
.LT2Poser Light Set File
.ANIMSET_INGAMEFaceFX In-Game Animation Set File
.FACEFX_INGAMEFaceFX In-Game Actor File
.R3DRISA-3D Model File
.RDSRay Dream Studio Scene File
.CGACrytek Geometry Animation File
.WRZCompressed VRML World File
.XV0Lattice XVL Structure File
.TDDD3D Data Description File
.BTOBryce Tree File
.MPMaya PLE Project File
.DBCDAZ Brick Camera File
.VMOVirtools Media Object File
.GLMGhoul 2 Model File
.FBMMarine Vessel Model File
.NSBTANintendo DS Texture Animation File
.ANIMAntibody Animation File
.FUSEAdobe Fuse 3D Model
.RAYRayshade Image
.RIGAntibody Model Rig File