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.CHR File Extension

File Type 1Doki Doki Literature Club! Character File

DeveloperTeam Salvato
4.2 (97 Votes)
CategoryGame Files

What is a CHR file?

A CHR file is a game file used by Doki Doki Literature Club!, a visual Anime novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It stores "Easter egg" information that is referenced by the game. The name of the file, which may be monika.chr, natsuki.chr, sayori.chr, or yuri.chr (characters in the game) indicates the Easter egg content stored in the file.

More Information

You will most likely only come across the Doki Doki Literature Club! CHR files if you have installed the visual novel. The CHR files are located in the "characters" folder in the game folder.

The game does not actually open the various CHR files stored in the "characters" folder. Instead, it checks if the files are present, which triggers specific events in the visual novel.

Each CHR file stores different information and can be opened with a program that supports the information contained in the file. For example, the monika.chr file is actually a .PNG file that can be opened with an image editor that supports PNG files.

Common CHR Filenames

monika.chr - Name of the Monika character file that is actually a PNG file.

natsuki.chr - Name of the Natsuki character file that is actually a .JPEG file.

sayori.chr - Name of the Sayori character file that is actually an .OGG file.

yuri.chr - Name of the Yuri character file that contains Base64-encoded text that is a short story about a teenage girl.

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Programs that open CHR files

Updated 6/24/2020

File Type 2CryENGINE Character File

3.8 (27 Votes)
Category3D Image Files

.CHR File Association 2

3D model file created by the CryENGINE SDK, a suite of applications used to build cross platform games for PC and console systems; includes the mesh, skeleton position, vertex properties, and morph targets; used for creating human and alien characters, as well as modeled game objects.

Programs that open CHR files

Updated 8/9/2012

File Type 3Borland Character Set File

3.6 (13 Votes)
CategoryFont Files

.CHR File Association 3

Provides style options for different fonts; may include different sizes and styles for a specific typeface; should be stored in the system "Fonts" folder.

Programs that open CHR files

Used by any program that can access system fonts
Updated 2006

File Type 43ds Max Characters File

3.6 (9 Votes)
Category3D Image Files

.CHR File Association 4

Three-dimensional character model created by 3ds Max, an application used for 3D modeling, rendering, and animation; contains the model of a still or animated character, including the geometry, textures, lighting effects, and other 3D model properties; used for developing characters that are published in games, movies, and television.

More Information

3ds Max can save CHR files as .MAX files. It can also export CHR files to several formats, including .DAE, .FXB, .DXF, .IGS, .STL, and many others.

Programs that open CHR files

Updated 8/20/2010

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