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Cubify Invention File

Developer Cubify
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What is a FUN file?

3D file created and used by Invent, a tool that allows users to design and create 3D models; contains information, such as points, planes, and axes, that describe a three-dimensional design; allows you to close the design and make changes to the design after opening it again.

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NOTE: The FUN file format is the main format used by Invent. The format can be used to share designs with other Invent uses and can also contain instructions for beginners on how to alter the design.

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Programs that open FUN files

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Supreme Duelist Stickman Map

Developer Neron's Brother
3.0  |  6 Votes

A FUN file may also be a map used by Supreme Duelist Stickman, a fighting game for Android and iOS. It contains a fighting arena, which is comprised of platforms, other structures, and a background. Players can create FUN files in Supreme Duelist Stickman's Map Editor.

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Supreme Duelist Stickman is a fighting game in which players play as stick people that move using ragdoll physics. Each Supreme Duelist Stickman battle takes place in a fighting arena that is saved as a FUN file.

In Supreme Duelist Stickman's Map Editor, players can create and save their own FUN files. Many map creators share their custom FUN files online, allowing other players to download, import, and use them in Supreme Duelist Stickman.

How to open a FUN file

You can open a FUN file with Supreme Duelist Stickman (Android, iOS). To do so, open the game's Map Editor and select load map. Then, navigate to and open your FUN file.

Programs that open FUN files

Jigsaw Ransomware Encrypted File

Developer N/A
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A FUN file may also be a file that has been encrypted by Jigsaw ransomware, which is malware distributed by cybercriminals. It contains a file, such as a .JPG, .DOCX, .XLSX, .MP4, or .CSV file, that has been renamed and encrypted by the virus. FUN files can be decrypted for free using a decryption tool available on BleepingComputer.

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In 2016, some PC users reported that their computers had been infected by a new form of ransomware called Jigsaw. This ransomware showed users a picture of Billy, the puppet from the movie Saw, and told them that they must pay $150 in Bitcoin or watch as, hour by hour, more and more of their files were deleted.

However, the anti-malware community quickly developed a defense against Jigsaw. Users who encounter the malware should first use Task Manager to terminate the firefox.exe and drpbx.exe processes running on their computer. This will prevent Jigsaw from deleting any more files. Users should then run MSConfig and disable the startup entry called firefox.exe, to stop the malware from restarting itself.

Then, users can use the free Jigsaw Decrypter available at BleepingComputer.com to decrypt their FUN files.

NOTE: Jigsaw may also rename files to use the .KKK, .gws, or .btc extensions.

How to open a FUN file

Because FUN files are encrypted with ransomware, they cannot be opened. However, you can decrypt FUN files to restore them to their original state.

To decrypt FUN files, download the free Jigsaw Decrypter available at BleepingComputer.com. Then, open the decrypter, select the directory you want to decrypt, and decrypt your files. Repeat this process until you have decrypted all your files.


FileInfo.com recommends you never pay a ransom to decrypt files encrypted by ransomware. Paying a ransom encourages ransomware distributors to continue their efforts, and there is no guarantee that paying a ransom will give you access to your files. Instead, you should restore your data from a recent backup created before the ransomware infected your computer.

Programs that open FUN files


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