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.DSF File Extension

File Type 1Delusion Digital Sound File

3.6 (16 Votes)
CategoryAudio Files

What is a DSF file?

Digital audio sample used to create sounds for .DMF tracker modules.

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Programs that open DSF files

StormSky RainbowPlayer
Updated 2006

File Type 2DAZ Studio Asset File

DeveloperDAZ Productions
3.2 (9 Votes)
Category3D Image Files

.DSF File Association 2

3D modeling file format introduced with DAZ Studio 4 modeling software; may contain character, pose, shaping, shader, materials, or other data for a model created in the software; used for exchanging DAZ model information with other 3D modeling programs that support the DSF format.

More Information

DSF files use JSON formatting so that the files are human readable and easily exchangeable. DSF files may also incorporate .ZIP compression and therefore not be in a plain text JSON format (the compression option is specified by the user in the DAZ Studio save dialog). Compressed DSF files have a significantly reduced file size, since JSON text compresses at high ratios.

NOTE: Compressed DSF files can be decompressed with any Zip-compatible utility.

Programs that open DSF files

Updated 2/23/2012

File Type 3Dramatica Pro Project

DeveloperWrite Brothers
2.8 (4 Votes)
CategorySettings Files

.DSF File Association 3

A DSF file is a document created by Dramatica Pro, a Windows program used by writers to brainstorm and organize stories. It contains a story project, which includes the title, author, plot progression, story theme(s), characters, and character relationships.

More Information
Screenshot of a .dsf file in Write Brothers Dramatica Pro 5
DSF file open in Write Brothers Dramatica Pro 5

The DSF file is the main file type associated with Dramatica Pro. When you start a new story and save it, the program creates the DSF file to save the contents of the story. You can create a DSF file by selecting File → Save.

Dramatica Pro is available only for Windows. However, there is a macOS version called Dramatica Story Expert. Dramatica Pro is designed to help you piece together your story by defining your overall storyline, characters, character relationships, and themes. It also comes with brainstorming tools, a story engine for generating a storyline, and a casting tool to add characters.

Dramatica Story Expert saves projects in the .DR5 file instead of the DSF file. However, if you want to open a DSF file in Dramatica Story Expert you can rename the ".dsf" extension to the ".dr5" extension.

Programs that open DSF files

Updated 3/9/2017

File Type 4Designer File

2.7 (3 Votes)
CategoryVector Image Files

.DSF File Association 4

File created by Corel Designer, a drawing program previously owned by Micrografx; contains a vector graphic, which may include text, raster images, and drawn objects; used to create illustrations, such as company logos, marketing materials, and other print and digital graphics.

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NOTE: Designer files use the .DES extension in newer versions of Corel Designer, which is now offered as an application in Corel DESIGNER Graphics Suite.

Programs that open DSF files

Updated 4/22/2010

File Type 5X-Plane Distribution Scenery Format

DeveloperLaminar Research
1.8 (4 Votes)
CategoryData Files

.DSF File Association 5

A DSF file contains information in the Distribution Scenery Format (DSF) which describes the appearance of scenery in X-Plane, a realistic flight simulator for pilots and simulator hobbyists. It stores scenery data, which includes the longitude and latitude coordinates for each section of Earth that appears in the game and references to graphic resources, like bitmap images and .OBJ 3D object files, used to populate the sections. DSF files may be uncompressed or compressed with .7Z compression.

More Information

You will only encounter Distribution Scenery Format DSF files if you use the X-Plane simulator and navigate to the resource files packaged with the application. The files are not meant to be manually opened by a user. Instead, they are reference by X-Plane to texture scenery featured in gameplay.

However, some gamers enjoy modifying the scenery that appears in the game. These "modders" often use the WorldEditor (WED) to modify 2D scenery and airports in X-Plane. WED is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux for free.

NOTE: DSF files are used by X-Plane 7 and later. However, only X-Plane 10 and later support compressed DSF files.

Programs that open DSF files

Updated 2/13/2020

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