DAZ 3D DAZ Studio

Version4(as of 4/17/2014)
PlatformsWindows, Mac
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Main Features

  • Create 3D illustrations using ready-to-use models
  • Support for Poser, Autodesk, and COLLADA graphics formats
  • Large selection of models available in the DAZ 3D Store
  • Helpful video tutorials and user manuals

Software Overview

DAZ 3D DAZ Studio is a free 3D modeling program available for Windows and OS X. The program allows you to create 3D characters, graphic design elements, virtual environments, and illustrations (for books and comics).

DAZ Studio is designed as an alternative to expensive and complex 3D animation programs. The program enables you to create detailed 3D models and scenes by inserting ready-to-use models. You can purchase models through the DAZ 3D Store and insert them into your scene. After insertion, you can customize the appearance of virtual people, props, animals, accessories, environments, and vehicles. You can select different poses for your models and give them unique animations. The program also allows you to select different lighting variations and camera angles to view your 3D creations. Plugins are available to add increased functionality to the program.

DAZ Studio uses a proprietary format to save its contents but can export and import a variety of graphics formats. Some supported formats include Poser, BioVision, Autodesk, and COLLADA. The program also features some basic tools for customizing your models and scenes, such as the joint editor and region navigator. The application provides helpful video tutorials and user manuals to teach you about the tools’ functions and the program’s other features.

DAZ Studio is a 3D modeling application geared towards beginners looking to create 3D illustrations. It allows you to use ready-to-use figures and models and some basic tools to help bring your artwork to life. If you don’t have the time or money to create 3D scene illustrations from scratch, try DAZ 3D DAZ Studio.

Primary File Type

file  icon.DAZDAZ Studio 3D Scene

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.DAZDAZ Studio 3D Scene
.DBCDAZ Brick Camera File
.DBLDAZ Brick Light File
.DBMDAZ Brick Material File
.DSDAZ Studio 1/2 Script
.DSADAZ Studio 3+ Script
.DSBDAZ Studio Binary Script
.DSDDAZ Studio Object Morph File
.DSEDAZ Studio Encrypted Script
.DSFDAZ Studio Asset File
.DSIDAZ Studio Layered Image Set
.DSODAZ Studio Object File
.DSVDAZ Studio UV Mapping File
.DSXDAZ Studio XML File
.DUFDAZ User File

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.BVHBiovision Hierarchy Animation File
.CM2Poser Camera Set File
.CMZCompressed Poser Camera Set File
.CR2Poser Character Rigging File
.CRZCompressed Poser Character Rigging File
.DAEDigital Asset Exchange File
.FBXAutodesk FBX Interchange File
.FC2Poser Face Pose File
.FCZCompressed Poser Face Pose File
.HD2Poser Hand Pose File
.HDZCompressed Poser Hand Pose File
.HR2Poser Hair File
.LT2Poser Light Set File
.LTZCompressed Poser Light Set File
.MC6Poser Material Collection File
.OBJWavefront 3D Object File
.OBZCompressed 3D Object File
.P2ZCompressed Poser Pose File
.PP2Poser Prop File
.PPZCompressed Poser Prop File
.PZ2Poser Pose File
.PZ3Poser Scene File
.PZZCompressed Poser Scene File
.RDSRay Dream Studio Scene File
.U3DUniversal 3D File
Updated 4/17/2014