Version10(as of 11/2/2015)
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Linux
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Main Features

  • Large variety of default and downloadable, high-quality aircraft models with 3D cockpits
  • Realistic scenery that covers the earth and enables you to land and take off at any airport
  • Customizable and current real-world weather
  • Configurable or randomized system failures
  • Plugin extensibility for additional features

Software Overview

X-Plane is a cross-platform flight simulator. It is not meant to be played as a game, it is designed to be a tool that can be used to predict the flying behavior of rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft.

X-Plane can simulate a large variety of scenarios, whether it be taking off in a commercial airliner to piloting a helicopter in a storm to landing a NASA space shuttle. The program comes with 30 default aircraft to choose from while allowing you to design your own or download aircraft from the Internet. X-Plane also comes with a scenery package that covers the whole earth and allows you to land at any airport, aircraft carrier, frigate, helipad, oil rig, or building rooftop.

The simulator allows users to predict the flight characteristics of the slowest and fastest aircraft with its subsonic and supersonic flight dynamics. You can set your own weather or download current real-world weather. For simulating system failures, you can initiate your own circumstances or have X-Plane completely randomize the emergency.

X-Plane is a world-class tool for professional pilots and home flight sim hobbyists. It provides real-world animation and simulation that will help you learn and train for just about any circumstance you can imagine. And with the option to try the program as a free demo, X-Plane is a great flight simulator that will take you to new heights.

Primary File Type

file  icon.ACFX-Plane Aircraft File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.ACFX-Plane Aircraft File
.ACAC3D 3D Definition File
.DSFX-Plane Distribution Scenery Format
.LINX-Plane Painted Line File
.REPX-Plane Replay File
.STRX-Plane Object String File
Updated 11/2/2015