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.LIN File Extension

File Type 1AutoCAD Linetype File

3.8 (5 Votes)
CategoryCAD Files

What is a LIN file?

Line type definition (also called a "linetype" or "line style") that defines the paths of a vector-based object used by AutoCAD; stores shapes information in a text-based format.

More Information

Linetype files can also be imported into the MicroStation Line Style Editor by selecting "File→Import→AutoCAD Line Style File."

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Programs that open LIN files
Autodesk AutoCAD 2020
Bentley MicroStation
Can be edited with a text editor
Updated 8/22/2007

File Type 2X-Plane Painted Line File

DeveloperLaminar Research
1.8 (4 Votes)
CategoryData Files

.LIN File Association 2

Painted line file used by X-Plane, a professional flight simulator; contains data that defines taxiway markings on the ground.

More Information

The LIN file consists of a header and commands that define different aspects of the lines, such as the texture, size, scale, and direction (rounded or sharp corners).

Programs that open LIN files
Updated 12/12/2014

File Type 3Valve Leak Pointfile

3.5 (2 Votes)
CategoryGame Files

.LIN File Association 3

A LIN file is a data file created by VBSP, a game level map compiling tool included with Valve Hammer Editor (version 4 or later). It contains information about one or more leak(s) in a Valve Map .VMF file detected by VBSP when compiling the VMF file. LIN files are generated in the same directory as the corresponding VMF file.

More Information

You can use Valve Hammer Editor to create custom level maps for various video games, such as Half-Life and Counter-Strike. The maps are saved as VMF files, which are working files that can be closed, re-opened, and edited. The files must be compiled to the Binary Space Partition (BSP) format before they can be loaded into BSP-based game engines.

The VBSP tool included with Valve Hammer Editor is used to compile VMF files. If the tool detects any points (leaks) where the black infinite area around the map makes contact with an entity in the map, it generates a LIN file in the same directory as the VMF file. You can then review the leak(s) in the file, fix them, then re-compile the map so it will work correctly in the game. If the leaks are fixed, the LIN file is deleted the next time VBSP runs.

Common LIN Filenames

[VMF filename].lin - The name of the LIN file is the same as the VMF file for which it contains the detected leaks.

Programs that open LIN files
Updated 8/14/2019

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