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CAD Files

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) files may contain 2D or 3D designs. They are generated by CAD software programs, which can be used to create models or architecture plans. 2D CAD files are often referred to as drawings, while 3D files are often called models, parts, or assemblies.

Common CAD file extensions include .DWG, .DXF, .DGN, and .STL.

File Extension File Type Popularity
.DWGAutoCAD Drawing Database File
.DXFDrawing Exchange Format File
.CKDKubotek Design Container
.DXEAutoCAD Data Extraction Template
.RTDRobot Structural Analysis Design File
.STLStereolithography File
.A2LASAP2 ECU Description File
.SATACIS SAT 3D Model File
.VWXVectorworks Design File
.IPTInventor Part File
.IAMInventor Assembly File
.LDTEulumdat Formatted Luminaire Data File
.EDRWSolidWorks eDrawings File
.HCPHydroCAD Project File
.NCMastercam Numerical Control File
.DLXDIALux Document
.DSTAutoCAD Sheet Set File
.SHXAutoCAD Compiled Shape File
.DRAOrCAD Drawing File
.JBCJam STAPL Byte-Code File
.NWDNavisworks Document
.NWFNavisworks File Set
.XISEXilinx ISE Project File
.PLNArchiCAD Project File
.PHJPhCNC Project File
.TCPTurboCAD Mac Pro Drawing
.TCDTurboCAD Mac Deluxe Drawing
.IDWInventor Drawing
.SCDOCSpaceClaim Document
.DGNMicroStation Design File
.TCWTurboCAD Drawing File
.TBPTekla BIMsight Project
.SCADOpenSCAD Script
.ISEXilinx ISE Project
.3WXYZprinting Sliced Model File
.WDPAutoCAD Electrical Project File
.PRGPC-DMIS Part Program File
.SYMgEDA Symbol File
.EDNEDIF Implementation Netlist File
.OPJOrCAD Project File
.NGCXilinx Generated Netlist File
.123DAutodesk 123D Drawing
.FZFritzing Project File
.HSFHOOPS Stream Format File
.CGRCATIA Graphical Representation File
.EDFEdificius Project
.SCHgEDA Schematic File
.DSNOrCAD Design File
.NWCNavisworks Cache File
.IDVInventor Design View File
.IDEInventor iFeature File
.TOPVIWTopSolid'Viewer Document
.TOPTopSolid Design Document
.RMLRedline Markup Language File
.ASYLTspice Symbol File
.MP11Multisim 11 Project File
.MS11Multisim 11 Circuit Design File
.DC3DesignCAD 3D ASCII Drawing
.IPJInventor Project File
.LINAutoCAD Linetype File
.ASCLTspice Circuit Schematic File
.MODFEMFemap Model
.CNCPartMaster CNC File
.DRADolphin PartMaster Drawing File
.EASMeDrawings Assembly File
.RIGvRigger Design File
.LOGICLYLogicly Circuit File
.BIMXBIM Explorer File
.DC2DesignCAD 2D ASCII Drawing
.EWDEasyWOOD Design File
.BCDRealView Debugger Board Chip Definition File
.ICDIronCAD 3D Drawing File
.CYPHome Designer Pro Project File
.IC3DIC3D Scene File
.BPMBizagi Process Modeler
.BBCDBobCAD-CAM Document
.RSMRouterSim Network Visualizer File
.BXLAccelerated Designs PCB Library File
.RDFRelux Project File
.G3DGOM 3D File
.123DX123D Design Model File
.HSCAspen HYSYS Simulation File
.PROKiCad Project
.ACTAlma CAD/CAM Document
.DB1Tekla Structures Model File
.CZDCAD Zone Drawing
.CNDMelco Condensed Embroidery File
.LIZDLive Interior 3D Compressed Document
.GINSPECT_PRJGOM Inspect Project File
.BPMCBizagi Process Modeler Collaboration
.FZPFritzing Part File
.FANForm•Z Animation File
.FMZForm•Z Project File
.BRDCadence Allegro PCB Design File
.SDGStrater Project File
.SKFAutoSketch Drawing
.FCSTDFreeCAD Document
.NGDXilinx Netlist File
.BITXilinx Bitstream File
.ISOArbortext IsoDraw Document
.RSRapidSketch Document
.PATAutoCAD Hatch Pattern File
.CRVVCarve Pro Design File
.RSGRaySupreme Graph
.PSVPipe System Viewer File
.PIPDPIPE-FLO Demo Project File
.PIPEPIPE-FLO Project File
.ARTArtCAM Model
.CDDXCircuit Diagram Document
.LI3DLive Interior 3D Document
.ELDEulumdat Formatted Luminaire Data File
.PHOGerber Photoplot File
.IPFiMPACT Project File
.BDLCoCreate Bundle File
.DRWDOTSolidWorks Drawing Template
.PRTUnigraphics Part File
.T3001TARGET 3001! Circuit Design Project File
.PRTSolid Edge Part File
.PSMSolid Edge Sheet Metal File
.ICSIronCAD 3D Drawing File
.GBRL-CAD Geometry File
.SPTSpeedTree Tree Data File
.TCTTurboCAD Drawing Template
.DFXDrafix CAD File
.GXDGeneral CADD Pro Drawing
.GXCGeneral CADD Pro Component
.X_BParasolid Model Part File
.X_TParasolid Model Part File
.DCDDesignCAD Drawing
.KIT20-20 Design File
.123PCB123 Circuit Board Design
.DWFXDesign Web Format XPS File
.JTJT Open CAD File
.GCDGeneric CADD Drawing File
.FCWFastCAD Windows Drawing
.DCDesignCAD Design File
.PLAArchiCAD Project Archive
.DFTSolid Edge Draft Document
.ASMSolid Edge Assembly File
.GBXGerber PCB File
.FNCQuickCAM 3D CNC File
.FPDFront Panel Designer Project
.MHSXilinx XPS Hardware Specification File
.HUSHusqvarna Embroidery File
.DSTTajima Embroidery Format
.IGSIGES Drawing File
.LCFArchiCAD Library Container File
.CAMGerber CAM Job File
.FLXFelixCAD Drawing
.ARDArtiosCAD Workspace File
.TCDTechnobox CAD Drawing
.PC7PowerCADD 7 Drawing File
.PC6PowerCADD 6 Drawing File
.DGBFlashCAD Drawing Database
.MCXMICRO CADAM-X/6000 Model Data File
.MC9Mastercam 9 Geometry File
.SLDDRWSolidWorks Drawing File
.SLDPRTSolidWorks Part File
.SLDASMSolidWorks Assembly File
.GDSGraphic Data System File
.XV3Lattice XVL Geometry File
.DGKDelcam 3D Model File
.DWTAutoCAD Drawing Template
.JVSGVideo Surveillance Project
.LDRLDraw Model File
.TCMTurboCAD Mac Drawing
.TC3TurboCAD 2D/3D Mac Drawing
.TC2TurboCAD 2D Mac Drawing
.IPNInventor Presentation File
.MCDMiniCAD Design File
.AFDAlphacam Flame Drawing
.SBPOpenSBP CNC Program File
.DXXAutoCAD Drawing Interchange Attribute File
.PWTAutoCAD Publish To Web Template
.DLVCATIA 4 Export File
.NEUPro/ENGINEER Neutral File
.BLKAutoCAD Block Template File
.CDLCADKEY Wireframe Design File
.ANYAnyRail Layout Plan
.DWSAutoCAD Drawing Standards File
.DSGControl Studio Document
.TSCTINA Design File
.MP10Multisim 10 Project File
.RRAvRigger Rigging Gear File
.UNTAutoCAD Unit Definition File
.GSMGraphic Description Language File
.TOPPRJTopSolid Project File
.PSSAutoCAD Plot Stamp Settings File
.CIRCUITKTechlab Circuit Design File
.SCHKiCad Schematic File
.PSFAutoCAD PostScript Patterns File
.BRDKiCad PCB Design File
.EWBElectronics Workbench Circuit Design File
.MINOkuma CNC Program File
.MVSMicrochip Verification Specification File
.MP9Multisim 9 Project File
.SEWHome Embroidery Format
.MP7Multisim 7 Project File
.MSMMultisim Circuit Design File
.MODFemap Model
.FZBFritzing Bin File
.L3BLEGO 3D Model File
.2DVersaCAD 2D Drawing File
.MINMAX Interchange Notation File
.CELMicroStation Cell Library
.PWDSolid Edge Weldment Document
.FPPFront Panel Project
.QPMQuick Pallet Maker Input Data
.MS7Multisim 7 Circuit Design File
.CNCCNC Machine Tool Path
.DRUEAGLE Design Rules File
.MS9Multisim 9 Circuit Design File
.ULDUnified Luminaire Data File
.CIBLuminaire Data File
.LTLLuminaire Data File
.NC1Mastercam Numerical Control File
.ATTAlphacam Lathe Tool File
.SVDSolidView Design File
.EQNGAL Equation File
.EZPAutoCAD Ecscad Project Backup File
.AFSSTAAD.foundation Project File
.TSFStrater Template File
.REDCADViewer Redline Markup File
.IBALectra Clothing Design Pieces File
.VETLectra Cutter's Must File
.VNDType3 Design File
.ADTAutoCAD Audit Log
.JOBMetaCAM Nest Job File
.FZZFritzing Shareable Project File
.DC1DevCad Document
.123CAutodesk 123C Drawing
.DC2DevCad Cam Pro Document
.UPFUnified Power Format File
.NPLXilinx ISE 5-6 Project File
.OLBOrCAD Symbol Library File
.ISOZCompressed Arbortext IsoDraw Illustration
.PCSPfaff Embroidery File
.LYCbestIMAGE Compressed Design File
.IFCZIPCompessed IFC File
.BDCWest Point Bridge Designer Design File
.BMFFloorPlan File
.3DCRoboCell Cell Setup File
.IFCXMLIndustry Foundation Classes XML File
.CF2Common File Format File
.DBQAutoCAD Query Set
.LYRbestIMAGE Design File
.DRGAllyCAD Drawing File
.CMPSolid Edge Wire Harness File
.GXHGeneral CADD Pro Hatch Pattern File
.GXMGeneral CADD Pro Macro File
.TCXTurboCAD 3D Model Text File
.CFFCommon File Format
.PSUPSU Designer Document
.MDLLectra Modaris Clothing Design File
.ADIAutoCAD Device-Independent Binary Plotter File
.BPZEasy Blue Print Symbol Library
.CMPGeneric CADD Component File
.PM3Crouzet Logic Software M3 File
.DVGGraphic Works Vector Graphic
.FCDFastCAD DOS Drawing
.TAKTAK 2000 Thermal Model File
.EZCAutoCAD Ecscad Components Backup File
.IFProcedimientos-Uno IFWin Project File
.3DLSierra LandDesigner 3D File
.OPTOpterecenja File
.FZMFritzing Module File