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.PSV File Extension

File Type 1Pipe System Viewer File

DeveloperEngineered Software
4.3 (26 Votes)
CategoryCAD Files

What is a PSV file?

CAD file created by PIPE-FLO, an application used for designing liquid and gas piping systems; contains a working model of a piping system that can be viewed with the free PIPE-FLO Viewer program; uses a read-only format that cannot be edited with any PIPE-FLO software.

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PSV files can be used for sending design drafts between team members as well as to clients for review. The design itself includes equipment, pipelines, and notes and can be simulated under different sets of conditions to examine the performance of the piping system.

NOTE: PSV files can only be created with the Professional version of PIPE-FLO.

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Programs that open PSV files

Engineered Software PIPE-FLO Viewer
Updated 5/3/2012

File Type 2PlayStation 2 Save File

4.0 (24 Votes)
CategoryGame Files

.PSV File Association 2

PlayStation 2 (PS2) game file created using a PlayStation 3 (PS3); saved when a PS2 game is played on a PS3 system; can be transferred from the PS3's hard drive to a memory card, which can be used to copy the PSV file to a computer's hard drive.

More Information

You can manipulate PSV files using PSV Exporter and PS2 Save Builder. First, you can extract files from a PSV file using PSV Exporter. Then, you can import the extracted files into PS2 Save Builder for conversion into another format, such as the Code Breaker .CBS format.

Programs that open PSV files

Updated 7/13/2011

File Type 3Pipe Separated Values File

3.7 (12 Votes)
CategoryData Files

.PSV File Association 3

File used by various applications for data storage and transfer; separates data fields by the pipe "|" character similarly to how .CSV files use the comma "," character; useful when data fields contain embedded commas or tabs, such as with a text description field.

More Information

PSV files can be imported into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet if you define the data delimiter as the pipe character. Microsoft Access can also import PSV files into data tables. Additionally, programmers sometimes use the sed Unix command line utility to parse PSV files for input data or for scripted data exchange applications.

Programs that open PSV files

Updated 3/18/2014

File Type 4Pluralsight Video File

4.0 (10 Votes)
CategoryVideo Files

.PSV File Association 4

A PSV file is a video used by Pluralsight Offline Player, a video player used to play training videos when offline. It contains a video of a training course downloaded from the Pluralsight website to be viewed offline.

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Pluralsight is a technology learning platform that helps businesses assess the technical abilities of teams and teach business objectives. It provides users with a wide array of educational videos that can be viewed online. However, if a user needs to view the videos offline, they can download the videos stored in PSV files and view them with the Pluralsight Offline Player. Users can view downloaded videos in Windows and macOS using Pluralsight Offline Player and in Android and iOS using the Pluralsight app.

Programs that open PSV files

Updated 1/5/2018

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