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.XBF File Extension

2 file types use the .xbf file extension.

File Type 1XAML Binary File

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CategoryDeveloper Files

What is an XBF file?

File created by Microsoft Visual Studio, A Windows SDK; contains a pre-parsed binary representation of a .XAML file produced by the XamlBinaryWriter class; intended to be write-once.

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By producing the XBF file, loading and parsing performance becomes better, especially when loading XAML files that define large resources.

The XBF file will appear as App.xbf in the subdirectory of its related application.

NOTE: If you compile your XAML file into the XBF format you should still maintain the XAML in its text state so that it remains human-readable.

Common XBF Filenames

App.xbf - Default name given to the binary representation of the XAML file of each app.

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Programs that open XBF files

Updated 11/1/2013

File Type 2XCAF Binary 3D Model

DeveloperOpen CASCADE Technology
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.XBF File Association 2

An XBF file contains a CAD 3D model saved in the eXtended Open Cascade Technology Application Framework (XCAF), an Open Cascade Technology document format. It stores 3D model data, structure information, and attributes in binary format.

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Screenshot of a .xbf file in Open Cascade DMU Reviewer 1
XBF file open in Open Cascade DMU Reviewer 1

Open Cascade developed the XBF file format to allow you to share CAD 3D models between Open Cascade software more easily. The format is lightweight and compact, which reduces the load time of 3D CAD models in the Open Cascade applications.

You can open various 3D model files, such as .STEP or .IGES files in Open Cascade applications, then save them in the native XBF binary format. To create an XBF file in an Open Cascade application, such as CAD Processor or DMU Reviewer, then select Save as or Export from the menu and choose XCAF (.XBF).

XBF supports models saved as BRep (boundary representation) or mesh (poly triangulation). When saving a 3D model in a different format, such as a STEP or IGES, as an XBF file, the data and structure are retained, but application-specific data may be added. XBF also supports attributes, which include names, colors, and materials when it is possible.

How do I open an XBF file?

You can open XBF files with various Open Cascade software, such as CAD Processor, DMU Reviewer, Asset Revamping, CAD Assistant, and CAD Builder.

Programs that open XBF files

Updated 4/29/2021

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